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Title: Free Car

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a free car?

To be eligible for this Program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Germany, the Philippines, and France.

2. What if I already have a car?

If you receive a Free Car, it must be driven frequently. The Sponsoring Company will provide specific terms and conditions when they offer you a position in the program. You may also choose to accept payment for driving your own car.

3. Who takes care of maintenance and/or repairs?

If you receive a Free Car, if will be under warranty. It will be your responsibility to perform regular maintenance on the car (such as oil changes, tire rotations, etc.). If you are driving your own car, you are 100% responsible for all of your vehicle's maintenance. All drivers in the program are required to have car insurance at their own expense. The responsibility for repairs due to collisions depends on the terms and conditions provided by the Sponsoring Company. Sponsors usually assist in getting a damaged car back on the road as soon as possible.

4. How long does it take to get a car?

If you are accepted into a Free Car Program, you can receive the car within one week, or it may take up to a couple months. This depends on the

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Category: Body, Health, Sports

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Title: The Hard Gainer Report
Author: Greg Sushinsky

This dynamic 68 page ebook, which combines a lifetime of training experience with extensive research from a hard gainer who's been there, will show you how to make the best gains of your life, & how to keep gaining!


You may have tried everything, you think, every routine & diet, but still you have trouble gaining strength & muscle. You work out hard-or try to-work out like everybody else, you struggle & try to lift heavy (but you can't, or you get injured), you follow popular routines & diets, but still you don't gain. And you wonder, what's wrong?

What can you do?

Well, now there is hope for you! You are a HARD GAINER, someone who can't gain muscle & strength as easily as most people who work out-even if they tell you they have a hard time, you have a harder time-maybe you don't gain at all. You can train for months or even years-haven't you? And still you make minimal progress, or the muscle & strength you gain is soon lost. Don't be discouraged...


Don't sit on the sidelines, & let everybody else workout & gain the muscle &
strength you've always wanted. This 68-page power-packed ebook is actually an

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Category: Manuals, Self Defense, Sports

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Title: Aikido Ebooks First Aid Kit
Author: Tony Wilden

"Announcing... The New Aikido Ebooks First Aid Kit. A Powerful Way to Prevent and Treat Aikido Training Injuries!"

Revealing Unique, Easy-To-Apply, Practical Information on How You Can Vastly Improve Your Aikido Ukemi Skills By Drastically Reducing the Fear of Being Hurt!

Here's Just Some of the Fascinating Information You'll Discover in This Fantastic Aikido Ebooks First Aid Kit...

  • Shortly you'll discover Your Ki power and finally achieve your goals.
  • Imagine feeling full of confidence and self belief - Just Incredible!
  • Learn the main reasons why Aikido dojo accidents occur.
  • Best Tips to survive an 'Over-Enthusiastic' training partner.
  • Discover the 2 main principles involved in Your Aikido practise.
  • Learn how You can become far more flexible... Yes, of course you can!
  • The very Best Ways for You to experience deep relaxation.
  • Unique and original info-packed pages... Don't Miss Out!
  • Learn exactly how to stay safe and prevent Aikido injuries.
  • What are the Best products to support Your training?... Find Out Now!
  • Discover simple ways
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fitness, Sports

Soccer Fitness 101 - 10 Ways to Get Fit for Soccer Right Now

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Title: Soccer Fitness 101 - 10 Ways to Get Fit for Soccer Right Now

Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps!

Learn the fitness secrets of the pros!

Dear Friend,

With soccer season looming just around the corner it's never too early to start getting ready. Soccer is an intense game, and it's going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you're ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.

The question is, do you know what it is you have to do to get yourself in fit, fighting form before soccer season starts? Or are you just aimlessly jogging around your block a couple of times a day hoping that it will provide your muscles with the conditioning they need to keep up with ninety minutes of fast paced, non-stop action once you hit that turf?

If you are among the latter group there are two things you should know. One, that isn't going to get you anywhere, and two, you're in good company. Many people do not realize that training for a competitive sport such as soccer which requires you to have high levels of endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Plus the work rate required is much higher than the half hearted effort they make to get in shape every New Year, before eventually deciding to throw in the towel. If you are going to get serious about soccer, you need to get serious about your fitness.

We Can Help Put you On The Right Path!... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Sports

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Title: Small Dojo, BIG Profits

Learn How to Profit $100,000 Per Year in Your Martial Art School... Without Selling Out!

No matter your current situation, the "Small Dojo, Big Profits" Manual will guide you by the hand, step-by-step to show you exactly how to achieve martial arts business success - read on to find out how...

Check out what "Small Dojo, BIG Profits" has to offer:

  • Which consultation companies you should be using and why (and how to use their services - something you won't hear about anywhere else)
  • Whether or not you should use a billing company (our answer might surprise you!)
  • What the big billing companies are not telling you... you'll be shocked when you read this!
  • Understanding the risks that are threatening your martial art school - and how to protect yourself
  • The whys and hows of hiring and training help (shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and make the most of your resources so you keep more of your profits)
  • The secrets to end your student recruitment frustrations for good
  • The easiest methods to increase your retention and attract better students into your martial art school
  • Sure fire methods that will make you the recognized expert on the martial arts in your area
  • Student retention strategies that work for all styles and systems (based on principles, not procedures - this even works for traditional schools as well as mixed martial arts
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Category: Health, Sports

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Title: The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide
Author: Brian Schiff

So, you may still be asking yourself how will I really benefit from buying this ebook. The answer is simple. You can not afford to put off getting this program another day if you want to overcome your stiffness, pain and limited function. Granted, adhesive capsulitis does eventually go away on its own, but even if you have a mild case, it is likely your condition will actually worsen before it resolves. Do you want to suffer even more?

The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide promises to give you all the tools necessary to accelerate your recovery and maximize the function of your shoulder...

  • Understand how often and how long to stretch for the best results
  • The 7 most important stretches for your shoulder
  • Provides a straightforward program for resolving shoulder stiffness
  • Learn the #1 reason why most people never get better with home programs
  • Immediate access to successful therapeutic stretching exercises
  • Harmful daily activities to avoid for pain control
  • Discover specific range of motion exercises to reach overhead again
  • Details over 40 illustrated photos of the exact exercises you need to do
  • Complimentary strengthening exercises to prevent muscle weakness
  • Appropriate strengthening exercises to aid healing & recovery
  • 8 proven range of motion exercises to decrease stiffness

You'll get literally everything you need to successfully

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Category: Health, Manuals, Sports

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Finally after 16 years of training and research, I Discovered a training program that works for every bodybuilder every time! It's called TRULY HUGE and is factually THE MOST POWERFUL MUSCLE BUILDING METHOD KNOWN! This bodybuilding program can boost your recuperation abilities, allowing you to INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH EVERY WORKOUT AND MAKE SIZE GAINS EVERY WEEK. The human body is quite capable of making gains each and every week if it is trained and rested at the proper time within the recuperative cycle. You will also learn the "laws" that guarantee you HUGE MUSCLE GROWTH and how to PREVENT PLATEAUS. (Leveling Off)

Trainees following this program exactly have never failed to make INCREDIBLE GAINS IN SIZE AND STRENGTH. Here's just some of the success stories from people using the Truly Huge bodybuilding Program



This contains the full theory and bodybuilding program proven to build incredible MUSCLE MASS FAST! This ebook covers such things as:

  • The truth concerning genetics.
  • The best exercises to use for mass and strength.
  • Ideal training volume and workout frequency.
  • How to "ride the training wave" to keep those fast gains coming.
  • Advanced bodybuilding training techniques.
  • And much more!


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Category: Games, How To, Sports

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Title: Every Golfers Guide to the Mental Game
Description:'s the first tee, no nerves. You have an 8 footer to win and you calmly drain the putt. Making your best swings when the pressure is greatest...
Every Golfer's Guide Mental Game Program will transform your golf game. From the inside out!
The program contains the most advanced mental game strategies in the game of golf.

315 page ebook and advanced Audio Coaching Sessions combine to give you the most effective mental game training program available anywhere, at any price.

Here's a look at what's inside this mental game program of game improving resources:

  • Transform Putting into Consistent excellence
  • The Power of Your Imagination and How to Use it
  • The Four Stages of Inner Game Mastery
  • PowerHouse Goal Setting Plan
  • Learn how to use a Postshot Routine
  • Identifying Your "Playing Style"
  • How to Eliminate Anger
  • How to Develop a Preshot Routine That's Right for You
  • How To Develop Crystal Clear Focus
  • Guiding Your Attention
  • Finding Your Game
  • Exactly How to Enter Your Unique Zone
  • Dissolve Performance Anxiety
  • Developing the Mindset of a Champion
  • Cure the Yips
  • Beliefs - How They Determine How Low You'll Shoot
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques

Completely tranform your inner and outer game:

  • Learn how to manage your emotions - no
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Category: Sports

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Title: Mind over Matter: Injecting Mental Toughness into Your Volleyball Game!
Author: Hayley Merrett

And in sports, there is no better way to pave the road to success! The player who is best prepared mentally is going to have the most triumph on the playing field.

For Example:

  • Have you ever seen your whole team suddenly lose motivation?
  • Have you ever let a series of bad plays get you down?
  • Have you ever had a strong player "get into your head" ?

I'm going to show you how to pack a punch of mental toughness into your game!

"If you can get an edge mentally over your opponents, you have it in the bag!"

Here's what we've packed inside this powerful special ebook:

  • The important reason "why" mental toughness keeps you at the top of your game!
  • Stop those nerves dead in their tracks before they take over your game - better still, how to eliminate any sign of nerves altogether before the game even starts!
  • Motivation secrets to keeping your Entire team in the game - even when you are down a couple of games!
  • How to prepare before a match, so your mind is strong and totally focused on the task at hand (this can literally turn a whole game around - it's THAT powerful)
  • How to make yourself stand out as a true leader on the court!
  • How to Not let the little things bother you - simple tricks on how to get over it FAST and get on with winning those points!
  • HOW to keep the other team's top player Out Of Your Head
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Manuals, Mind, Sports

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Title: The Mental Manual for Tennis Winners How to finally get the edge in the most difficult tennis matches
Author: Tomaz Mencinger

"Master Your Mind In The Most Difficult Situations In A Tennis Match And Start Winning Even Against Your Toughest Rivals!"

Learn What Goes Through The Mind Of Tennis Winners And Use Their SECRETS To Improve Your Game

The Mental Manual for Tennis Winners explains and shows you:

  • the one crucial factor which you must have in order to gain maximum benefit from visualization (if you don't get this right you'll be wasting a lot of time and losing confidence in your mental abilities)
  • The main part of the ebook consists of 29 potentially stressful situations in matches as well as making you aware of the trap of feeling too confident.
  • how to control your emotions in the short time between points (mastering this ability will elevate you to the top 10% of tennis players - at least in your competitive group)
  • how to concentrate (and do it in a couple of seconds so that you are totally focused for the next point)
  • what acceptance is and why it is so powerful (if you begin to accept things as they are, you will never need any more information about mental toughness - imagine how much frustration and money would that save)


You'll get

... Click here to read the full description!

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