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Reviewed by SANDRA on 2010-01-04
My Rate 5

Reviewed by Linda Adema on 2009-10-29
My Rate 5
Please send me a catalog or list of Books for Home Aaembly I am ordering $9.95

Reviewed by Elvira reyes on 2008-12-01
My Rate 1
How can I be sure this is a legit directory and not out dated

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Title: Home Assembly & Crafts Directory

"Who Else Wants To Pull In A Flow of Extra Cash By Assembling Products At Home - Sewing, Electronics Work, Woodwork, Craft Work or Making Jewelry, Stuffing Envelopes or Mailing Circulars and more!"

Just A Few Brief Descriptions Of The Type Of Work Available

  • This company offers 2 assembly products...greeting cards and designer hair bows. The hair bows are made using simple gluing techniques and the greeting cards are made by using ordinary household scissors.
  • This company needs homeworkers to assemble their fancy frames. You can earn as much as $1,350.00 per month assembling these 4" x 6" frames: Glue gun needed.
  • String art is a unique way of forming small pictures commonly seen in boutiques and gift shops. Earn $430.00 per unit assembling these pictures for this company.
  • Reap the benefits of working at home by assembling beaded bookmarks and earn up to $576.00 per week for these exquisite products.
  • No experience needed to assemble these beautiful pearl party bells. This company pays up to $1,400.00 per month for these easy to assemble items.
  • Men or women will have fun assembling felt game boards and earn $960.00 per month for these hand crafted items.
  • It's fun and easy to earn up to $403.80 decorating canning jar lids.
  • Hand tool genuine leather key chains. This is a fun and relaxing hobby for both men and women and gives you the opportunity to earn extra income of
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Price: $9.95
Date: 2006-12-22
Visits: 1836, Video Included
Rating: (3.66 after 3 votes)
Category: Jobs

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Title: Guerrilla Resume
Author: David Perry

"Throw Away Your Resume!"

"Discover How to Quickly And Easily Get The Job You Want -- Fast -- Without Struggling To Write Another Resume!"

"You WILL Get More Job Interviews, And You WILL Get Hired In 90 Days -- Or Less -- Or You Get DOUBLE Your Money Back ..."

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Get Hired Fast?

  • How the same advertising principles that sell used cars and old refrigerators can make employers call you to interview 
  • Learn the "7 Deadly Things" to leave out of your resume. I'll tell you 2 of them right now: reasons for leaving a job, and troublesome job titles.
  • Discover how the 8 parts of a Guerrilla Resume -- including 3 "miracle" ingredients -- can make your phone ring off the hook with new job offers 
  • Which Guerrilla Resume  is right for you -- Standard or Extreme?
  • How to pull one definition from the dictionary, stick it in your resume -- and let the phone calls roll in from employers. Nobody else is teaching this stuff! 
  • How to ask for the interview in your Guerrilla Cover Letter. Key: you'll learn how to "name drop" in a way that blows employers away ... and turns the tables by making THEM wait by the phone for YOU to call! How much fun would that be? 
  • How to change the rules of the job-search game and put them
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $29.97
Date: 2008-07-11
Visits: 1071, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: How to Write the Ultimate Resume

Your About To Discover Job Getting Resume Secrets That Your Competition Will Never Want You To Have, Employers Are Afraid You Will Have, and Your Friends Only Wish They Had! Never Before Revealed ... Until Now!

This is just the smallest Fraction of what you will discover inside...

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Your Wake-Up Call
Chapter 2: You = Your Brand
Chapter 3: What's Your Brand Message?
Chapter 4: Controlling the Information That Makes Your Brand
Chapter 5: Turn The Bad Publicity Off!
Chapter 6: Let's Build Your "Character"
Chapter 7: How to Build Your "Character"
Chapter 8: Putting Your Story Together With Linking
Chapter 9: Understanding LinkedIn® (Your Partner in Crime)
Chapter 10: The Different Faces of Your Resume (Email, Fax, Internet)
Chapter 11: Designing Your Resumes
Chapter 12: Finding the Jobs
Chapter 13: Making the First Contact Send in the Cover Letter
Chapter 14: The Interview Process
Chapter:15 Interview Do's & Don'ts
Chapter 16: The Job Offer $$$
Chapter 17: Conclusion - The End... or Is It?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll find in my Exclusive Blueprint... There just isn't room or time to show you everything!

But as soon as you download this you will not only have unlocked the

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Price: $14.63
Date: 2009-11-04
Visits: 575, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: Dubai Job Secrets

"Are You Sick and Tired of Trying for Jobs in Dubai? You are Not Alone.. "

Do You Know What's Wrong With John's Approach?
John's approach is OK for most countries, but not for Dubai. You must follow "Dubai specific" strategies to get a job in Dubai faster.

So What are These "Dubai Specific" Strategies?

  • You will get "almost" everything similar to a first world country.
  • Luxury lifestyle that anyone can afford to have.
  • 100% tax free income. There is no income tax in Dubai.
  • Open country. No major restrictions like other Arabic countries.
  • Excellent salary and benefits that you won't find anywhere else.


So How To Get a Job in Dubai Right Now? And Why I am the Right Person to Show You How?
Hey, sometime back I was just like you. Desperately looking for a job in Dubai. Trying harder and harder without a success. Finally, not only head hunted for very good jobs, but learned a lot of "insider secrets". Since then I have helped many job seekers who contacted us through our Dubai Travel website to find jobs in Dubai. We simply gave them the same system and "Dubai specific" strategies that we used to get jobs in Dubai faster.

It has come to a stage that the demand is so high and we do not have capacity

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Price: $29.95
Date: 2009-11-03
Visits: 442, Video Included
Category: Aviation, Hobbies, Jobs

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Title: CompletePilot Groundschool Training
Author: Bruce 'Flybook' Hogan

Now You Can Learn To Fly Easily & Get Your Private Pilot Licence Done In 10 Days Or Less...!

The "CompletePilot" : Flight Training System

  • With the Private Pilot DVD Training Course, you get...
  • "The 10 Day Crash-Course To Attain Your Private Pilot License With The #1 Helicopter & Aircraft Flight Training System"
  • Actual FAA & JAR exam study pack with 26,000 Q&As, private pilot syllabus tests plus free cheat sheets and study guides!
  • Comprehensive fixed-wing, flex-wing and helicopter pilot tutorial training manuals for JAA, FAA, JAR and CAA pilot training.
  • A complete helicopter and fixed wing private pilot course that consists of manuals, handbooks & groundschool training
  • A ground school course with over 2000 illustrated pages of flight training manuals (you will be super-prepared before hitting the skies for your first time!)

This Complete Private Pilot Training Course is for you if...

  • You want to test the waters and see what is involved with getting your pilot's license before taking the plunge and spending thousands on overpriced flying schools!
  • You have always dreamed of learning how to fly but didn't know where to begin (now you do)!
  • You are determined to get your pilot's license and want to
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $37.00
Date: 2011-03-14
Visits: 442, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: OneClick Cover Letter Creator

"Now You Can Instantly Create Brilliantly Crafted and Customized Cover Letters With A Single Mouse Click So Powerful Your Phone Will Ring Off the Hook For Interviews and Soon Have a Flood of Job Offers Pouring In...
No Writing Required!

The new software program that automates your job hunt with the letters that get you interviews - instantly creates powerful cover letters in most any email
or word program!

What we discovered:

  • When using one of my 'cause to action' phrases in the last sentence of a cover letter, response from employers increased by as much as a whopping 1,298% !!!
  • The same resume with a standard cover letter that got no response from any employer when sent again with a OneClick Cover Letter was getting calls for interviews within 24 hours!
  • The Once Click Cover Letters got the same astounding results for new grads as seasoned career professionals.
  • I created specific sentences that attracted employers like ants to a picnic! Conducting controlled studies by changing only one sentence to invoked a dramatic 277% increase in responses from employers.
  • There are cover letter formats that change how employers react!
  • Certain words and sentences increased the response from employers by more than
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $34.95
Date: 2009-11-05
Visits: 431, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: Highest Paid Dental Assistant

Find out what Successful Dentists are Looking for When They Hire Assistants And Give Raises!

Top Cosmetic Dentist Gives You the Secrets of Getting the Job or Raise You Want and Interviews 10 Highly Successful Dentists that Pay Salaries In The Top 1%. They Reveal What It Takes To Earn More And Get The Job!

The Ebook is divided into 4 comprehensive sections:

Section I: How to find your FIRST job

  • Getting together a resume that will actually be read
  • Finding the right office to contact
  • How to get the most out of your externship (versus just standing there for hours watching the office work while you learn NOTHING)
  • Overcoming the "lack of experience" curse when trying to get your first job!
  • Plus more essential information to getting started the right way!

Section II: How to find the IDEAL office to work with

  • How to get an interview even if they are not hiring
  • How to find the office that provides the quality dentistry and work atmosphere that you are looking for
  • Many little things you must know if you are going to have a chance in getting your dream job
  • Getting the staff of your ideal office to work for you, trying to get you the job!

Section III: How to get a

... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $19.95
Date: 2010-05-19
Visits: 391, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: Ocean Conservation Careers

Discover How To Harness the Secrets of Building an Ocean Conservation Career To Get Job Interviews, Build a Professional Network, and Land the Caeer Opportunity of Your Dreams!

Having trouble finding a job in Ocean Conservation? This course and ongoing membership training program will get you closer to getting that first job in the field you want and, more importantly, build a career in Ocean Conservation.

Why You Need to Learn How to Build An Ocean Conservation Career

  • Competition for Ocean Conservation Jobs is fierce! Youneed a strategy to stand out from the rest of the crowd
  • Avoid getting stuck in a career you don't like for the rest of your life
  • Shave off years of learning the hard way and the basics in getting jobs right now
  • Be able to identify the right jobs for the career you want
  • Create high quality and targeted resumes for your dream job

Ocean Conservation Careers will help you take the mystery out of applying for jobs by showing you a system you can implement into your job searching and application strategy right away.


Your complete roadmap to Building a Long and Successful Career in Ocean Conservation!

Inside You’ll Discover…

  • How to use your education to fulfill your goals
  • How to create a resume resulting in interviews!
  • How the job market has changed within the past 25
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $97.00
Date: 2014-12-15
Visits: 1, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: The Flight Attendant's Bible
Author: Daniel Richards

Dream Job, Fat Salary, Full Benefits Package...

And A Free World Tour Waiting For YOU!

Here`s exactly what I`m going to show you:

Things you need to know before you consider applying:

  • Which airlines give you best shots of getting hired. By now, I know exactly which companies hire more (and offer amazing benefits, as well!) … and I`ll show you what you need to do to get a spot on their crew. Step by step.
  • How to stay away from scams. There a lot of scam-sites out there that promise flight attendant jobs, but never deliver. Instead, they claim outrageous fees for services you`ll never receive (I`ll show you which websites to trust, so you don`t waste any time or money).
  • Where to apply to take a tour around the world for free. I`ll show you which airline companies have the most international flights, so you can see the world as part of your job (and you`ll actually get to SEE amazing countries, not airports)
  • Where to test your flight attendant aptitudes before you apply. I`ll show you the test that will instantly tell you how ready you are for this adventure (and don`t worry: no matter the results… by the time I`m done with you… you`ll be the superstar candidate every company dreams of! And that`s a promise!)

How to write the perfect resume:

  • The 7 criteria of the perfect resume photo. Remember: your photo is the FIRST thing they look at! Show them
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $37.00
Date: 2015-03-26
Visits: 1, Video Included
Category: Jobs

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Title: Raise Pro: How to ask for a raise
Author: Jake Bollig

The proven innovative system for drastically raising your value and getting ahead at your job...

Why aren’t you asking for raises and TAKING CONTROL of your career RIGHT NOW?
Because nobody has ever told you these simple tips about...

Receive your Raise Pro, 6 Volume Video collection. Over One Hour of sample letters, negotiating strategies, and psychological strategies to help improve your chances of getting the raise you deserve.

Your Boss NEEDS YOU To Take Control . . .
Employees that take a back seat and let the actions of other people dictate their careers usually end up with less than those that take action. There is a simple human need that is fulfilled when you can satisfy another person’s need.

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Price: $67.00
Date: 2014-07-17
Visits: 0, Video Included
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