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Category: Adventure, Hobbies, How To

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Reviewed by david robert williams on 2010-09-07
My Rate 5
very interesting reading, hard going but good

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Title: The Successful Treasure Hunter's Secret Manual
Author: David Villanueva

There is nothing new about the discovery that buried metals give off an aura that can be captured by certain cameras. Louis J Matacia has been promoting a Polaroid camera for years as a major tool for finding treasure, which was great, The author found treasure himself using just such a tool. The problem now is that the camera is obsolete, although still readily available on the previously enjoyed market and competition from digital cameras forced Polaroid to stop making the film in 2005. The last original film pack the author bought was two years out of date and cost $60.

With the prospects of obtaining Polaroid film apparently worsening the author set about trying to find a solution and came up with two! The first is that there is a suitable Polaroid film readily available.

The second solution that the author describes in great detail is - wait for it - YOU CAN CAPTURE TREASURE AURAS WITH DIGITAL CAMERAS! Not collector's items like the Polaroid, mind you, but recent models that you can buy anywhere tomorrow.

And the digital camera works brilliantly. Auras can be obtained on gold down to a quarter of an ounce or less - that's a single coin or nugget! The camera can even discriminate between different metals- all from a distance and can be used anytime during daylight hours.

By definition, instruments that can reveal hidden treasure from a distance are long-range locators. But the author does not discuss expensive commercial long-range

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Price: $19.97
Date: 2009-10-29
Visits: 699
Ebook Type: PDF, Video Included
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Business, Hobbies

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Reviewed by on 2009-12-17
My Rate 1
feels like a sham

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Title: Jewelry Secrets
Author: Kameron Kay

"Imagine Escaping the Recession by Doing Something You Love."

Inside, you're about to discover...

  • How to position yourself and your jewelry with Hollywood Celebrities, Movie Stars, Sports Icons, and Prestigious Peers that will give you that huge credibility boost, even if you're a totally unknown jewelry designer.
  • How you can make an income by selling jewelry on the Internet. No need wasting hundreds of dollars in gas each week, riding in bumper to bumper traffic and working for someone else everyday in the office. This business is set up to work FOR YOU in every way imaginable.
  • The beautiful joy of working with art, nature and artifacts. This is truly one of the easiest and most gratifying jobs that anyone could have. I'm constantly learning cool new things, and creating innovative new pieces. It's a blast!
  • The sure fire way to selling your pieces in shops, galleries and boutiques with ease. Using these proven methods, you can immediately have your pieces displayed throughout the world, or locally in your own hometown area.
  • How to make simple yet stunning jewelry that any woman would be proud to wear. You'll learn insider secrets on how to make custom jewelry your first day even without a single shred of experience. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!


Not only will you have a fun and

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Price: $47.77
Date: 2009-10-08
Visits: 413, Video Included
Rating: (1 after 1 votes)
Category: Education, Hobbies, Music

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Title: String Theory: Guitar and Piano Chords in Parallel
Author: Scott R. Evans

String Theory: Guitar and Piano Chords in Parallel is an ebook designed to help the beginner musician easily translate chords between the Guitar and Piano. Over 120 standard chords used in popular music and compositions are presented side-by-side for the Guitar and Piano along with music notation. A supplemental section on music theory is also included to enrich and assure the reader's comprehension.

Countless hours of diagrams and background theory are compiled into one clearly formatted ebook. Save time and money by having all the necessary chords and theory from many assorted books in one convenient place. Help is available and you can contact us at any time if there are any questions about the chord sheets or materials covered.

  • By understanding the building blocks of chords, musicians may better grasp the functional arrangement of notes between a "linear" Piano and more "dimensional" Guitar.
  • This collection of over 120 chord shapes and thier diagrams provides it all with an indexed format and quick reference guide.
  • Guitar, Piano and standard notation are presented for each chord along with recommended fingerings and root positioning.
  • Included are sections on music theory and the composition of chords.


Introduction to Basic Piano Theory
How to Read Piano Chord Diagrams
Introduction to Basic Guitar Theory

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Price: $19.95
Date: 2010-01-16
Visits: 808
Ebook Type: PDF, Video Included
Category: Action, Adventure, Hobbies

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Title: Trophy Deer Hunting Secrets

Who Else Wants To Bag A Trophy Buck On Your Next Hunting Trip- Guaranteed?

Have a complete plan for pre-season scouting and preparation, a peak season strategy and a complete post season plan to get you ready for future hunts

Here's what you'll discover in Trophy Deer Hunting Secrets eBook:

  • When to change you hunting location
  • 6 time tested and proven strategies for using trail cameras effectively
  • 3 little known, yet simple ways to use arial photos and topographical maps to prepare for your next hunt...
  • How often to practice with your bow or rifle
  • A pennies on the dollar approach to hunting deer with your bow
  • You'll discover in just a few short minutes how to call a shooter buck into range
  • 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to save your life if you get lost in the woods
  • 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for finding the correct equipment
  • How to exploit deer migration patterns with these 3 simple techniques...
  • Secrets of expert professional hunters that few people ever know about...
  • The once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows you to head into the woods at the right time of the day for the time of the season your hunting...
  • 3 proven steps to properly planning a stress free hunt
  • WARNING: 3
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Price: $19.77
Date: 2010-07-16
Visits: 800, Video Included
Category: Entertainment, Hobbies, Music

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Title: Rap Beats Manual

"Who Else Wants To Unlock The Secrets Of How To Make Your Own Smokin' Rap Beats"

Finally, step by step training VIDEOS and Ebook ebook that lets you discover how to make Hip Hop beats like a Pro!

Inside the Rap Beats Ebook you will discover:

  • The #1 most important factor for creating hot beats
  • A breakdown of music theory (essential for making beats)
  • A step-by-step blueprint for making your beats
  • What software to use to make the best beats possible
  • How to structure your beats (this is crucial for success)
  • What to make sure to check before buying any beat making software
  • What type of microphone is best for recording audio
  • Discover which beat making tools you need and which you do not need
  • How to import custom sounds and samples into your tracks
  • Where to download demo versions of beat making software before you buy
  • How many keys you really need on your keyboard
  • Breakdown of different beat making software programs


And most importantly a Step-By-Step ebook for making your rap beats. We will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of beat making

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Date: 2009-04-14
Visits: 673, Video Included
Category: Green Products, Hobbies, Home

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Title: Energy 2 Green
Author: Tomas Haynes

"Stop Being Held Hostage By The Electric Company and Discover How YOU Can Build Your Own Solar and Wind Power..."

Create a Mini-Power Plant So That the Power Company Actually Sends You a Check Each Month All While Saving The Planet Too!

The Energy 2 Green Manual Has Everything You Need To Build Your Very Own Functional Windmill Or Solar Panel, Including:

  • Detailed Maintenance Instructions and Schedule for Your Windmill or Solar Panel!
  • Where To Find The Materials You Need For Your Solar Panels or Windmill!
  • Detailed Schematics and Diagrams Showing You Precisely How To Build Your Solar Panels (generates up to 200-watts each) or Windmill (generates up to 1000-Watts!) Including the Precise Measurements You Need For Optimum Performance!
  • Energy-Saving Tips to Reduce Electricity and Gas Use by 25% or More (the Energy 2 Green manual is a great investment for these tips alone!)
  • How To Contact Your Power Company to Make Sure You Get Paid Top Dollar for the Electricity you Generate!
  • Legal Information Regarding Your New Solar Power System or Windmill!
  • Complete Background Information on Both Wind and Solar
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Price: $49.00
Date: 2009-08-18
Visits: 673
Ebook Type: PDF, Video Included
Category: Cooking, Hobbies

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Title: Traditional Malay Kuihs Delicacies
Author: Nora M

"Breakthrough Recipe Cookbook Reveals 101 Sinful Recipes of Traditional Malay Kuihs or Sweet Delicacies....Your Family and Friends Will Be Impressed!"

As you read this short page, you won't believe how little effort is needed to learn an entirely new way to make desserts that up until now was known to only a handful of Asian people.

Now that brings us to universal of which is YOU. Which category do you fall into:

  • Category A: You have no ideas what these kuihs are but you want to sink your teeth into them right away and you will kill to find out how.
  • Category B : You know what they are, you just didn't know where to get the mouth-watering recipes and how to make them.

This is going to be what you are looking for.

The great thing is it really doesn't matter which category you fall in, you will easily learn to make these kuihs at your own time, in your own home, from a wide selection of choices. Imagine these:

  • One ecookbook 101 recipes, saves you time hunting
  • Become overnight Asian culinary success!
  • How your life will be enhanced with your new culinary skill and knowledge of exotic and elusive Asian dessert
  • You will satisfy that sweet tooth by biting into those chewy sweet desserts
  • Munching on crispy home made spicy
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Price: $29.95
Date: 2009-04-14
Visits: 602, Video Included
Category: Hobbies

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Title: Practical Pinup Online Workshop

An A to Z Guide to Creating Great Pinup Images

Every model loves pinup photography, learn the skills in this ebook and attract them in droves.

Lots of people - both models and photographers - say they shoot pinup. Then you look at their images and it's a model in a corset in front of a bedsheet. Or since the model has a bow in her hair, she's a pinup model.

The Practical Pinup Online Workshop takes everyone into account. There is video, there's audio and there is a ebook for the readers.

Here's some of the topics covered.

  • What is Pinup?
  • Lighting
  • Props
  • Preproduction
  • Post-Production
  • Sets
  • Models
  • Details
  • The Three Stages of Producing Pinup.


While you can watch it on the web easily, if you want to put it on your iPod and take it with you, it's available for download as well. If you just want to listen, there is an MP3 of the audio.

Heres what you will learn ...

  • Building a flexible lighting set-up and using it to create multiple moods.
  • I even provide a complete set of ready-to-use photo session concepts for you.
  • What the best props are for Pinup and how to use them to create mind- blowing images.
  • Styling for the best
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Price: $37.00
Date: 2009-11-11
Visits: 498, Video Included
Category: Hobbies

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Title: Metal Detecting Secrets
Author: Cody Smith

You're About To Learn Metal Detecting Secrets Most People Will Never Know...

The Fact Is, Professional MDers Don't Want You To Know What They Know, Because They Are Greedy!

In this ebook you'll learn...

  • How to tell the difference between real gold, and fools gold!
  • How to make sure you Never leave an Expedition empty handed!
  • What sorts of items are valuable, and why "gold prospecting" isn't where it's at!
  • How to get permission to treasure hunt on private property.
  • Where to sell your findings for Big Cash.
  • Where you can get all the equipment you need to get started treasure hunting right now!


Are You Sick-And-Tired Of Swinging Your Metal Detector For Hours At A Time, Only To Find Beer Can Pull Tabs, And Rusty Nails?

Give Me Just 5 Minutes, Because You're About To Discover Metal Detecting Secrets Most People Will Never Know...

Here are just a few of the tricks of the trade that you can expect to learn as soon as you become a member...

  • Recovering Your Finds: Once I lead you to the treasure, DONT START DIGGING YET! I'll give you some helpful tips for safely recovering your find, securing it, protecting your
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $37.00
Date: 2009-10-23
Visits: 453, Video Included
Category: Aviation, Hobbies, Jobs

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Title: CompletePilot Groundschool Training
Author: Bruce 'Flybook' Hogan

Now You Can Learn To Fly Easily & Get Your Private Pilot Licence Done In 10 Days Or Less...!

The "CompletePilot" : Flight Training System

  • With the Private Pilot DVD Training Course, you get...
  • "The 10 Day Crash-Course To Attain Your Private Pilot License With The #1 Helicopter & Aircraft Flight Training System"
  • Actual FAA & JAR exam study pack with 26,000 Q&As, private pilot syllabus tests plus free cheat sheets and study guides!
  • Comprehensive fixed-wing, flex-wing and helicopter pilot tutorial training manuals for JAA, FAA, JAR and CAA pilot training.
  • A complete helicopter and fixed wing private pilot course that consists of manuals, handbooks & groundschool training
  • A ground school course with over 2000 illustrated pages of flight training manuals (you will be super-prepared before hitting the skies for your first time!)

This Complete Private Pilot Training Course is for you if...

  • You want to test the waters and see what is involved with getting your pilot's license before taking the plunge and spending thousands on overpriced flying schools!
  • You have always dreamed of learning how to fly but didn't know where to begin (now you do)!
  • You are determined to get your pilot's license and want to
... Click here to read the full description!

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Date: 2011-03-14
Visits: 440, Video Included
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