Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don't know because we don't want to know.
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Category: Christian Books, Religion, Spirituality

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Reviewed by Evo on 2008-06-19
My Rate 5
This book is very comprehensive - It's like a Study Guide. It gives much more information than was expected and could easily have been divided into 3 separate books. It has revelation I've never read anywhere else. An excellent bargain!

Reviewed by keijo leppioja on 2008-03-24
My Rate 4
And the salvation with faith is the gift of God who is good and his love endures for ever,so let us go an and winning the painful men to Christ,pray for those believer who will fight and arr attacted about bad spirit,thanks an dbless and hope,keijo

Reviewed by John on 2008-01-23
My Rate 5
I have been saved for 20 years and have read hundreds of Christian books on many topics but this Ebook gives the best explanation of what becoming born again means and the true nature of the Christian life out of ALL that I have ever read!

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Title: Understanding The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body
Author: Everest John Alexander

A Unique Look at Being Born Again and How it Affects You Spiritually, Mentally and Physically!

You'll Get A Step-by-Step Explanation of:

  • The salvation of your spirit, your soul and your body
  • The offices of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and how they work in unity
  • How your nature is changed from human to divine
  • How the influence of God's word changes the way your mind operates
  • How a simple 4-step faith formula works to get guaranteed results every time
  • How Satan systematically infiltrates the mind of a Christian

After Reading This eBook You'll Be Able To:

  • Properly explain the Salvation Plan and lead anyone to Christ
  • Pray with confidence and power like you never did before
  • Live a guilt-free life full of real joy and peace that passes all understanding
  • Expertly defend basic salvation doctrines to anyone who challenges your faith
  • Experience the true joy and liberty of salvation without the fear of condemnation
  • Daily walk in the power and authority that Jesus died to give you
  • Completely forgive yourself and overcome your past mistakes
  • Better understand the Bible and have a desire to read it more regularly
  • Better resist the temptations the enemy throws at your mind
  • Apply life-changing principles to becoming totally debt-free
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $17.00
Date: 2007-12-23
Visits: 3144, Video Included
Rating: (4.66 after 3 votes)
Category: Spirituality

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Title: Prophecy: A History and How to Guide
Author: Martin K. Ettington

Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or a vision of something that seemed very real and it later came to pass? If so you may already be sensitive to the future.

This ebook covers the History of Prophecy, famous prophets, popular divination methods, then concepts about how Prophecy may work.

The Author has experienced many visions and dreams of the future and uses his experience and insight to help you see yours.

The user is then given concepts and instructions on how to learn to do predictions and prophecies themselves, and how to use this ability in their daily lives.

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Price: $19.95
Date: 2009-06-16
Visits: 497
Ebook Type: PDF, Video Included
Category: Christian Books, Religion, Spirituality

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Title: GIANT KILLERS, MOUNTAIN MOVERS, and grasshoppers

Does the bible support the law of attraction?

A presentation of Abundant Supernatural Living.


The law of attraction is based on scriptural principles.

In this ebook:

  • Realize how much God loves you, and that He really is for you!
  • Discover the hindrances that are keeping you back from God's best for you.
  • You will be able to take your life to the next level by using the law of attraction within the confines of God’s sovereignty.
  • Understand how powerful your thougths and words really are.
  • God only wants the very best for you because He loves you very, very much. If fact He's crazy about you!

Saturate your being with your desire, exercising patience, until your dreams have manifested.

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Price: $4.50
Date: 2014-09-16
Visits: 4
Ebook Type: PDF, Video Included
Category: Psychology, Spirituality

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Title: Manifestation And Healing
Author: Robert Bruce

"Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind-The-Scenes, Fast-Track Education In Manifestation And Healing... COMBINED With An Intensive "$10,000 Value" Training With Step-By-Step Techniques For Overcoming Physical Illness, And Getting Optimal Health And Wellness..."

Here are just a few of the other things you'll learn:

  • Why healing TOO MANY clients is a bad thing... and how to double your chances of success by picking and choosing
  • An awesome way to stimulate your chakras that gets them healing your body FOR you
  • The special signal nearly all chakras give you that tells you exactly when they are in overdrive and kicked into the "next gear".
  • How to completely reprogram your subconscious and turn yourself into a "machine" that manifests healing in any body... anytime... in ANY situation... without even thinking about it
  • How to INSTANTLY have a different affect on you energy body than any other healer ever has... so you're energy body learns to react to your INTENT faster...
  • The real "genetic" reasons almost all practitioners are clueless about energy work (When you know what they are, it is almost too easy to dispel this ignorance FOR EVER.)
  • The "universal signal" ALL Higher Selves give off when they are ready to communicate to their Lower Selves (a surefire way to know when it's "ON")
  • A silly way to "play" with your energy that makes your
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $197.00
Date: 2012-02-25
Visits: 3, Audio Included, Video Included
Category: Spirituality

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Reviewed by kassia harriet yoshida on 2010-11-06
My Rate 5
i believe that i've studying the law of Attaction, Quantum jumping ut to tell the truth is very confusing its not about faith its about 4th dimension and the Guus are writting about faith and i believe that this excellente book already uncovered ever

Reviewed by Thaddeus on 2010-10-19
My Rate 5
This book opened my mind some, but has me on a quest to learn more. It has me asking more questons, which is a good thing. I'll be reading it a few times more. Very informative and enjoyable.

Reviewed by Bunny on 2010-09-24
My Rate 5
The book identifies the missing link in our spiritual lives - The Power Within Us. Many spiritual writers have tried to tape into the inner being but, in my opinion, missed the point. I am thrilled in the way the book is written in simple language.

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Title: Entrance to Power
Author: Philip Smit

What you will learn:

  • How take charge over the influences of chance, preventing disasters in your life
  • See the inflow of abundance and increasing prosperity in your life
  • How to take control over negative and manipulating spirits working against you through worldly people
  • How to exercise the power of faith to heal the sick according to Biblical revelation
  • How to manifested miracles during difficult times and and even during life-threatening circumstances
  • Learn how to get forewarning of disastrous events so that you can be prepared and take authority to change the future and prevent negative outcomes
  • Discover spiritual secrets to divine prosperity and abundant living
  • How to ensure the right partner for life comes to you
  • Create better working conditions
  • Create the right opportunities that are guaranteed to be successful
  • How to practice God's kingdom priciples and faith that will release finances towards your life

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Price: $27.95
Date: 2010-07-29
Visits: 359
Ebook Type: EXE
Rating: (5 after 3 votes)
Category: How To, Spirituality, Women

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Reviewed by Heather on 2011-11-22
My Rate 5
Everything that I read in your book it was like, "Yes, Yes, YES!". I am practicing some of the things in your book and will try some of your other techniques! It's all about the practice! Thanks you so much for writing such a book!!

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Title: How To Give Yourself Psychic Readings In 3 Days
Author: Noelani Rodriguez

What if you could discover your psychic abilities, right now? Psychic Reader and Best-Selling Author Noelani Rodriguez shows you how you can learn to be psychic right away, without years of training.

In this ebook she goes over the 8 keys of psychic awareness and 12 key exercises to get started doing psychic readings for yourself right away.

The result is a comprehensive coverage in a fun breezy style for an increasingly "hot topic," psychic awareness--a must read for psychic enthusiasts.

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Price: $18.95
Date: 2006-11-03
Visits: 1215
Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Spirituality

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Reviewed by Mark on 2010-05-19
My Rate 5
awesome - if you actually do the steps, it works!

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Title: The 6-Week Extreme Life Makeover
Author: Jeff Chambers

"Revealed: An Easy, Step-By-Step System That Teaches You EXACTLY How To Use The Secret Law of Attraction To Get Anything You Desire - With Practically No Effort!"

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Using Your Inner Power to Do the Impossible
  • Using The Power of Your Emotions as an 'Investment'
  • Understanding Your Responsibility with Your Newfound Power
  • Understand Just Who You Are, Where You Are, and How You Got There
  • The Tremendous Power Within You
  • The Secrets of the 'Morning Breeze'
  • The Power of Changing Your Thoughts And Beliefs
  • Learn the Importance of Guiding and Controlling Your Thoughts
  • Learn the 6 Key Steps to Manifesting Your Desires
  • Learn exactly what The Law of Attraction is
  • Learn What Are Positive Beliefs
  • Learn What Are Negative Beliefs
  • Learn The #1 Mistake Most People Make
  • Learn How to Stop Negative Thinking In Its Tracks
  • Learn How Your Beliefs are Controlling Your Life
  • Learn How The Law of Detachment Can Speed Your Progress
  • Learn How Gratitude Can Open the Floodgates to Your Desires
  • How to Use Your 'Peripheral' Vision To Create What You Desire
  • How to Maintain Laser-Like Focus While Letting Go
  • How To Put Your Subconcious Mind To Work For You, Rather Than Against You
  • How To Listen to The Clues Provided By Your 'Inner
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $47.00
Date: 2008-04-15
Visits: 808
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Spirituality

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Reviewed by Sukruti on 2009-12-06
My Rate 5
Very good

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Title: A Compendium of Metaphysics and How to Manuals
Author: Martin K. Ettington

When dealing with Metaphysics and the Paranormal, there are no degrees or certified experts. Each person writing on these subjects has developed their expertise through their experiences, personal research, and learning over many years. I've put my knowledge gained from life experience in the volumes bundled together in this Compendium

This compilation combines four books of Martin's into one Volume:

Removing Illusions to find true Happiness

Immortality: A History and How to Guide

Prophecy: A History and How to Guide

Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal

The overall approach is to introduce each subject, provide some background and history, and then to provide specific ideas, recommendations, and advice on how to achieve the theme of the ebook.

This compilation is designed to show his overall beliefs and recommendations on several subjects.

One of these core beliefs is that we all have a core of the univeral spirit inside each of us. That by learning to be centered in this spirit we improve our happiness, health, and ability to do things which might be considered supernatural or impossible.

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Price: $50.00
Date: 2009-06-16
Visits: 574
Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Spirituality

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Reviewed by Geoff on 2011-11-28
My Rate 5
easy to read and cut out

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Title: Toon Reading Cards
Author: Robin G Howard

Cartoon reading cards based on the Tarot but much easier to interpret containing 20 major cards and 36 minors.
Short instructions on each card that shows informative pictures to allow your mind to tell the story. All contained in an ebook for immediate download and print off.

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Price: $5.00
Date: 2009-05-13
Visits: 556
Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Spirituality

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Title: The Secret Behind The Secret
Author: Dr. Eric Amidi

"First Time I Used This Method, It Changed My Life Forever"

Quantum Physicist reveals how to master "The Secret"!!

Be sure to read every word of this because the secret ingredient for getting everything you desire is hidden here.

If you think what you have seen in "The Secret" DVD or book was interesting, wait 'til you see what I have to show you..."The Secret Behind The Secret". This is for those who want to Master The Secret.

In "The Secret Behind The Secret", I show you:

  • Why prayers go unanswered, and what you can do to fix the problem
  • Why most manifestations fail....and what you can do to ensure that they work.
  • The three things that make the difference in your manifestation process
  • The steps you can take on a daily basis to remove past programming, and finally see change in your life.
  • The scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction...and how you can really put it to work for you.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to consciously create their dreams....and what you can do to avoid it.
  • How to open up the floodgates of abundance in your life

"Here's What You Experience Soon After You Use This Method..."

  • Your Reality starts shifting, even though you may be around the same place and people that you were before.
  • You will start experiencing Synchronicities - Meaningful coincidences related to what you want to
... Click here to read the full description!

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Price: $37.00
Date: 2008-05-13
Visits: 3511
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