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Category: Beauty, Women

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Title: The Makeup Course

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Want your makeup to go on flawless? Well, the canvas has to be prepared then. And that means moisturizer. The easiest way to get just the right amount on, is by applying it with a makeup sponge. The perfect amount will be evenly applied over the entire face.

Define your features:

Soften the harshness of a sharp cheekbone, by applying blush in circular motions on the apples of the cheeks. Make eyes sharper by straightening a round eye by applying liner only on the top eyelashes to give the appearance of a more horizontal line.

The eyes have it.

Want eye shadow to be picture perfect all day? Get in the habit of applying foundation on your eyelids only first. Then apply your eye shadows. When done, lightly mist water or your Evian bottle mister over eyes to set. Let dry. Then apply the rest of your foundation and makeup as usual. By doing eyes first, you save precious minutes by not having to clean up your fly away eye shadow powders.

Let's Cover Up.

Want perfect coverage? Apply foundation first and then your concealer. Foundation will hide about 75% of all the discolorations you see on a bare face. Then just go in with concealers on the most obvious. You save time and product this way.


Blush is a sure fire way to look 5 years younger, instantly. How? With the right color. Look for the most natural flush color you can find. Trick: Apply blush on the inside of your wrist. If it looks natural here, it will look

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Category: Crafts, Women

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Title: One Hour Dress


When announcement was first made in 1923 that Mary Brooks Picken of the Woman's Institute had developed a new plan by which an attractive dress could be made in an hour, it aroused tremendous interest among women everywhere.

At left - Mary Brooks Picken wearing a One Hour Dress, sketched by the Woman's Institute Fashion Artist, Alice Seipp.

The method developed by Mary Picken is just as relevant today as it was in 1924. Whether you are trying to create a 1920's dress, learn dressmaking, looking for inspiration, or a fashion student you will get something from this ebook.


  • Introduction - Making a Dress in an Hour
  • Variations of the One Hour Dress
  • Take Your Measurements
  • Other Variations Shown in This Book
  • Complete the Skirt
  • Bind Neck and Sleeves
  • Make the Belt
  • Join the Blouse and Skirt
  • Finish the Dress
  • Divide the Material
  • Cut Out the Blouse
  • Cut Out Belt and Skirt
  • Complete the Blouse

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Category: Parenting, Women

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Title: So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant
Author: Angie Greenish

"Put an end to the Frustration, Stress and Annoyance
... And learn all the little known secrets, hints and tricks of how to get pregnant now"

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn:

  • Female Infertility
    Did you know? Infertility affects approximately 10% of people of reproductive age and 15% of couples. Roughly 40% of cases involve a male contribution or factor, 40% involve a female factor, and the remainder involve both sexes. As everyone is different in my ebook 'So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant' I go over many of the well known problems and even some surprising issues all to help you get pregnant fast
  • Peak fertility
    If your objective is to immediately conceive, you can increase your chances if you take into consideration several factors affecting the likelihood of getting pregnant, finding the right combination of these techniques, and following them to the letter. One of these aspects is aiming for the period during your cycle when you are most fertile. With my simple step by step instructions I will help you pin point exactly when you are about to ovulate so you never miss the fertility window again
  • The benefits of exercise at preconception:
    To make it easy for you I have listed some easy exercises to keep you in shape and which exercises to avoid at all cost. I have even added some great routines that I reccomend to get you in shape safely.
  • Effects of
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Category: Body, Health, Women

Perfume, Soap and Candle Making - The Beginners Guide

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Title: Perfume, Soap and Candle Making - The Beginners Guide
Author: Irene Palmer
Discover Secret Formulas, Tips and Techniques to Creating Your Own Hallmark Scents, Soaps and Candles!

A 100% complete package that empowers ANYONE to design their own signature fragrances in just a few days!

Are you paying too much for gourmet perfumes, soaps and candles? What if you could create your own designer fragrances that suit your persona? Sound difficult? It's easier than you think.

As you carefully scan each and every word of this page, you will begin to discover a new revolutionary method of designing your own, personal perfumes. Then, learn how to incorporate that scent into personalized soaps and candles!

At this very moment you are bombarded with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of fragrances all fighting to get your attention and your money. These fragrances are created by multi-billion dollar companies all designed to appeal to "the masses." These companies have millions of dollars to create commercials with the sole intent of convincing you that all you need to be sexy, wealthy and happy is to buy their product.

Isn't it about time you took control and created your very own scents? You can do it quickly and easily with The Beginners Guide to Perfume, Soap and Candle Making. Despite what you may have heard, it isn't that hard especially when the information is provided in such an easy to read guide.

Part One Teaches You How to Create Your Very Own Scent Including:

  • What resources you require to get started AND where to find
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Relationships, Women

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Title: Starting your family after 30
Author: Judy Ford

Most women are aware that there are some problems ahead if they decide to start their families later. Even doctors rarely know all the facts and surprisingly enough there has been little written about this important subject.

This 60-page ebook is written for couples who want to know the facts. It is packed with useful information. The material is based on the very latest published medical and scientific literature and is referenced. Information about all the problems that are increased by delaying reproduction are included as well as age-specific data. The very latest information (some from Dr Ford's own, soon to be published research) about lifestyle and dietary modifications that are likely to reduce some of the effects of ageing, is outlined. Bad habits that can be tolerated in younger women must be changed when the critical datelines are crossed!

This ebook is a must-read for anyone who is thirty something and wishes to have normal, healthy babies.



1 What every man and woman over 30 needs to know

about reproduction and ageing

  • Twins and multiple births
  • Prenatal testing
  • Options for technical intervention to achieve a normal pregnancy
  • Obstetric issues
  • Increased risks of miscarriage
  • Increased risks of having a baby with abnormalities
  • Decline in fertility

2 Ageing and general health -

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Category: Relationships, Women

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Title: Seduction Genie
Author: Amy Waterman

You're About to Discover How YOU can be the Woman Every Guy Wants... the Woman who gets MORE dates, MORE attention, and MORE fantastic compliments!

The Dating World Won't Ever Look the Same Again...

If you want to know who is the right man for you, and how to attract and keep him, what you really need is a ebook that will teach you:

  • That you can get more mileage out of playing up your best features than by disguising or hiding your less attractive features.
  • That it is usually best if you can make a man feel as if he was the one responsible for approaching you. Discover the easiest way to do this!
  • That certain colors make you more appealing to men. Sounds odd, but it's true! There really are colors that you can wear that are going to draw men to you.
  • Reasons a guy will want to see you again. Find out what the factor is that is going to lead him to ask you on a second date.
  • How to keep the relationship you've got. Yes girls, there are lots of things you can do to keep your relationship hot and spicy!
  • How to keep the relationship you've got. Yes girls, there are lots of things you can do to keep your relationship hot and spicy!
  • How to keep him interested by using something he told you in the conversation a few minutes later. Guys LOVE to know that you are listening and taking an interest in what they are saying.
  • How to deal with rejection and use it as a learning experience.
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Category: Psychology, Women

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Title: Personal Power for Women
Author: Katrina Wilton, Sabrina Holmes

How did two young women from a small Australian town overcome Bulimia & Depression to lead lives that most people only dream of?

Release your emotional baggage, improve your self esteem, and seize the happy, fulfilled life you deserve with...

Personal Power for Women

A six-week online course for personal transformation

Dear friend,

What does your life look like right now? Are you bouncing out of bed every day feeling amazing, looking healthy and fabulous, and financially abundant? Or, like so many women who lead busy, stressful lives, are you perhaps...

  • Overwrought - because the passion has gone out of your relationship?
  • Overwhelmed - because you're taking care of everyone but you?
  • Overweight - because you're trying to fill an emotional hole with food?
  • Overruled - by the demands of your spouse, children, family, or "society?"
  • Overdrawn - because you're living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Overcome - because, yet again, you've put yourself last?
  • Overburdened - by a heavy load of self-inflicted guilt, resentment or low self esteem?

We know. We've been there.

And we're never going back, thanks to the powerful self esteem

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Category: Health, Women

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Title: Combating Your Endometriosis Naturally
Author: Shelley Ross

"Give Me 13 1/4 Minutes & You Will Discover Practical Methods To Effectively Control & Overcome The Symptoms Of Your Endometriosis Once & For All - Guaranteed..."

Finally! Simple, Safe And Effective Steps For Relieving Endometriosis Symptoms Naturally...

Read this ebook and you'll learn:

  • What nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbs to take to reduce your endometriosis symptoms - follow this advice and you'll be feeling better in no time!
  • What foods to eat to feel better - as well as what foods to avoid at all costs!
  • Treatment options if you are trying to get pregnant - as well as how your statistical chances for getting pregnant vary by what stage of endometriosis you have.
  • Tips for coping with painful intercourse - you'll be amazed at how quickly you are able to eliminate the pain associated with intercourse when you follow these simple tips!
  • The safe, all-natural treatment alternatives that will dramatically reduce and even eliminate your painful endometriosis symptoms and have you feeling better in no time - if you read nothing else, you absolutely must read this information!
  • The four ways doctors diagnose endometriosis - nervous about going to the doctor? Put your mind at ease by learning here exactly what to expect during your visit!
  • The four stages of endometriosis - and how to tell which stage you are in as well as how to
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Category: Relationships, Women

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Title: Create Your Own Wedding Flowers
Author: Paul Ajao

How to Create Your Own Stunning Wedding Flower Bouquets and Arrangements - Without Paying Expensive Florist Fees

This is your chance to get hold of a brand new tutorial that shows you exactly how to create wonderful floral arrangements - complete with step-by-step photographs of what to do.

Preparing For the Big Day Will be Fun

But it's more than just about saving money. Have a bit of fun in the build up to your wedding day by creating your flowers. Include some of your friends, family or bridesmaids in making the arrangements and make it a 'team effort'.

Once you've learnt the skill of creating eye-catching arrangements, you will be able to make the flowers arrangements for friends' weddings, christenings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

Now, for the first time, there is an ebook resource called "Create Your Own Wedding Flowers" that will show you exactly how to produce fantastic wedding flower arrangements but at a fraction of the price a florist would charge.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • The easy way to produce perfect orchid and rose wedding boutonnieres (buttonholes) for the groom and the groomsmen.
  • Six simple designs for wedding table centrepieces - these are quick and easy to assemble but look stunning - Just learning how to do this could save you hundreds.
  • Professional tips for transforming ordinary arrangements into
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Category: Women

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Title: It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today
Author: Judy Ford

Table of Contents:

1 The essential ingredients

  • What goes wrong?
  • What can go wrong?
  • The Biological and Behavioural Bases of Reproduction are Genetic
  • Multiple Risk Factors
  • High Technology Solutions
  • Emotions and Reproduction
  • Behaviour and Reproduction
  • A New Life

2 Physical and Sexual Difficulties

  • Taking Action
  • Shapes of Bodies and other Physical Disabilities
  • Sexual Problems that prevent Reproduction
  • Health Problems that prevent successf Intercourse
  • "Doing what comes naturally......."

3 Messages of Childhood and Past Experiences

  • Where to Now?
  • The Time is not Right
  • Psychogenic Factors
  • Previous Emotional Traumas and Recurrent Miscarriage
  • Life's Script
  • Fear of a Partner as a Parent
  • Contemplate your own Life Experiences

4 Taking a Look at Body Messages

  • What is too much Stress?
  • What can we learn from our Body Messages?
  • Temperature Regulation and Male Fertility
  • Tackling Problem Areas
  • Shiftwork
  • Optimal Reproductive Function
  • Ideal Body Weights for Reproduction
  • Drinking Habits and Dehydration
  • Breathing
  • Age in Men and
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