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What Did Mama Forget to Teach You? Ebook

What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?
Ebook cover: What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?


Title: What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?
What if You Could Suddenly Take Control of YOUR Life?

Can You Really Improve the QUALITY of Your Life, Simply by Having Access to the "Right Information"?

This e-book will reveal the Secrets to you!

Success Secrets - Discover How To:

  • Control a job interview - and land your dream job!
  • Get what you really want out of life!
  • Define Etiquette and use it to your advantage!
  • See a person like a ebook - Master the secrets of body language!
  • Shake Hands. . .yup. . .there's rules!

For Men Only- Discover How To:

  • Communicate with women!
  • Find out what you must know about women!
  • Meet women!
  • Watch Sports in Peace

Health & Beauty Secrets - Discover how to:

  • How to lose weight the right way - without spending a fortune!
  • Enhance the natural beauty within you!
  • What food you must add to your diet for ultimate health?
  • Dress for Success - Hide whatever you want to hide and still look good!

Relationship Secrets! - Discover How to:

  • Parenting secrets that few people know! A very important subject!
  • Make a house a home! Discover from those who know how!
  • Bring back the romance into your life using a few simple tips!
  • Conquer In-law problems (well almost. . . nobody's perfect)!
  • Cope with Unexpected company? Why me? What'd I do?
  • Serious discussions on psychology - Very serious stuff.

For Women: Discover How to:

  • Defend Yourself against Rapists - Your safety is in your hands.
  • Be a lady and still hold the upper hand!
  • Apply Household Secrets to make your life easier

Other Tips You Shouldn't Be Without

  • Dancing Tips from an Expert! Easy-to-follow tips!
  • Don't end up with a lemon! Tips on buying a used car!
  • Secrets of the Rich
  • And much more!

"Teresa King is that rare breed of individual who can genuinely help others get more out of life. She does this through being able to translate her exceptional experiences into philosophies and practical tips with honesty and humour. I defy anyone who is a student of life, not to receive more value from this e-book than they ever expected. I sincerely cannot recommend it highly enough."

Andy Frain - England

"Never have I laughed so hard while reading an e-Book. Teresa King's newest creation is slap full of helpful information and will have you laughing a lot. Down to earth, to the point, and one of the best investments a person could ever make. I give it 5 thumbs WAY up!! You will definitely save a lot of money by applying her very helpful tips. (So that's how you get the felt ink off your hands!!)"

Maria Vowell - Georgia Southern USA

What if you could have your hands on this e-Book within 5 minutes?
Improve Your Life TODAY! only live once! You deserve to live it to the fullest! Don't waste more of your life learning by trial-and-error!

What if ......

  • You could simply take what's useful from experience
  • Someone else could make all the mistakes for you?
  • You could see a ebook that is fun to see and discover?
  • You could cut your grocery budget and eat healthy?
  • You could just make your life so much easier?


That's what this e-book will offer you! It will save you . . .

and a whole lot of headaches!

And best of all, it will improve the quality of your life! Isn't that what you and your loved ones deserve?

You will not regret this warm, and lively ebook, in fact, you will most definitely want to tell your friends to get a copy of "What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?"

This E-book is written for general knowledge by Teresa King who grew up in what she calls, 'the life of hard knocks.'
"Oh, if only I knew then, what I know now..... life could have been so much easier."

This ebook is intended to make your life easier. And it will!

A mother of three children and a recent grandmother of two, she takes her life experiences and those of others using humor and forthright no nonsense down to earth "tell you like it is" about life, its problems and how to solve them.

What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?

This is a warm, helpful and very candid e-book that will make you laugh and might even shock you!
It is also very serious. If you are having problems in your marriage and with raising your children or even having trouble with your in-laws, Teresa has the solution for you.

It will save you time, save you money, and may even save your life.

"Wow Teresa! I was amazed with the overall content of your e-Book. Your helpful tips are no-holds barred - "tell it like it is" with a humorous twist. I cannot say enough good things about your insightful e-Book. An overall joy to see, beginning to end. I highly recommend this e-Book to anyone - there is something useful for everyone!

Michele R. Watson -From Eastern USA


Ebook cover: What Did Mama Forget to Teach You?
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"In between two holidays I had only one day to manage an enormous mountain of work on my website, answer a lot of mails, unpack and than pack again when I came across your book. I began to read and couldn't stop anymore. Nice, nice, nice. Write more ...

(I almost missed my plane, as I didn't want to put the book down!)"

Eliska Went - Netherlands

"In between two holidays I had only one day to manage an enormous mountain of work on my website, answer a lot of mails, unpack and than pack again when I came across your book. I began to read and couldn't stop anymore. Nice, nice, nice. Write more ...

(I almost missed my plane, as I didn't want to put the book down!)"

Eliska Went - Netherlands

Price: $7.00
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