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The Ebay Guru Speaks Out Ebook

The Ebay Guru Speaks Out
Ebook cover: The Ebay Guru Speaks Out


Title: The Ebay Guru Speaks Out

Solved - Where to Get All Of The Ebay Inventory You Could Possibly Want...from other Ebay sellers!!
...and no possibility of running out!

Here are a few examples of what you will find in The Ebay Guru Speaks Out:

  • How to creatively find inventory in ways that other buyers almost never think of.
  • How to easily find inexperienced amateur sellers using certain keywords
  • Forget amateur sellers for a second. How to find just lazy sellers unwilling to learn the value of their own merchandise
  • Learn when to sell using auctions and when to use the "Buy it now." This will really surprise you.
  • How to choose categories to find inventory
  • How to find sellers who have little money invested in their own merchandise - thus, low starting bids and your chance to steal a bargain.
  • How to set up and get regular email alerts that just scream "deal!" when they show up in your inbox.
  • Learn to avoid the main mistake huge numbers of Ebay amateurs and professionals are making every day on their listings.  Avoiding this mistake is the key to finding merchandise before you plan to sell it.
  • How to utilize Ebay's search features in ways you never imagined! Find things that no one else can find...
  • How to save tons of time finding inventory. Otherwise, you will be clicking buttons until your fingers fall off! Time is money.
  • How to buy merchandise up for auction with no other competition from other buyers (Works about 50% of the time but oh, when it does!!)
  • How to educate yourself about someone else's inventory. Find out if they are pricing it wisely, whether a starting bid or a buy it now.
  • Learn to make money from sellers who do not understand how to properly list items in the right format.
Ebook cover: The Ebay Guru Speaks Out
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