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The Bible, Sex, And This Generation Ebook

The Bible and Sex
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Ebook cover: The Bible, Sex, And This Generation


Title: The Bible, Sex, And This Generation

How God's Word Applies Today

Learn What The Bible Really Says About Sex!

  • How should Christians view and treat those living in defacto relationships?
  • Do men and women today really have to wait until they are married before having sex? And what happens if they don't?
  • Have you ever wondered why Jesus gives an 'exception' for divorce in only one gospel?
  • Or why men described as 'righteous' in the Old Testament were allowed more than one wife?
  • And have you ever pondered how these and other biblical teachings on sex can be translated into your life today?

This website promotes a fantastic Christian book that uses Scripture after Scripture to establish a harmonic picture of the biblical teaching on sex. It answers the above questions - and many more - in a unique and challenging way.

Don't allow yourself or those in your influence to continue hurtful sexual patterns. Discover freedom through understanding, and guidance for the future in the sexual area of life!

As well as being a must read for parents, counselors, church leaders and scholars, this resource will be valuable for anyone who has ever or will ever have sex.

This website and the book does NOT promote sexual promiscuity, or a lowering in moral standards. It does NOT contain erotica. However, it does include some very thought provoking ideas and interesting reading. Every point put forward in the book is backed up by Scripture.

"I didn't realize that sex meant so much. Now that I know I won't think of it so lightly. Thank you so much, I will be forever grateful."

Angel Hall, Arizona

"Excellent reference book, very interesting and well researched!"

O.W. Michigan

"...your first ebook and web site have been such a blessing to me - I always enjoy finding new truths in the scriptures"

J. Larvenz, Il

"It's so refreshing to see a potentially confusing and volatile subject matter dealt with in such a clear, concise, easy-to-understand, non-judgemental manner. Thank you for teaching me exactly why sex is so important and sacred..."

C. Gaylor, NY, USA.

"So far, I haven't seen anything that I disagree with... I'd like to finish reading this ebook..."

Jimmy D. Brown, Christian webmaster.

"WOW! I never knew this... I'm learning a lot. Thank you."

B. Williamson, Il, USA.

"This book is very liberating ... by reading this book, people might have a better respect for the meaning & purpose of sex."

Sean, MI, USA

"You've truly been doing a lot of study and listening to the Spirit! Super job!"

H. Elliott, TX, USA.


The Bible, Sex, And This Generation (free version)

Contents of the ebook:

The introduction to the book sets out some of the questions that it aims to answer. It explains why this book is necessary, and why it will be of interest to readers.

This chapter looks primarily at the book of Genesis, and its teachings on sex. It finds that when a couple has sex, they are expected to remain married companions for life. It also finds that people were meant to be sexually faithful to their one partner for life.

Are couples joined in marriage by God even when they don't have a church wedding ceremony? If so, then how does God do this?

In this chapter, we look at many biblical covenants - their outward signs, their requirements, and the blood sacrifices that seal them. We compare the covenantal relationship of marriage to other forms of covenants.

Following on from Genesis we look at how men had a responsibility to keep every woman that they had had sex with as their wife. We also look at different classes of wives such as concubines and queens.

This chapter teaches that biblically, adultery is sex with a married woman - not a married man. It shows this from the perspectives of both the Old and New Testaments.

Ebook cover: The Bible, Sex, And This Generation
Open ebook.
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Reviewed by Surapon Kaewta on
My Rate 4
Very good program thank you for each price of products. I present the products on the website.
https://www. ktcshop. tk/

Reviewed by Elizabeth on
My Rate 5
A lot of Christians have so many questions around sex and this book will help you understand clearly.

Reviewed by jane jorton on
My Rate 4
good ebook and will help that people who has ever or will ever have six

Reviewed by Om Nikam on
My Rate 5
it feels really amazing while reading this books. . . very simple language to understand. . awesome book

Reviewed by Jaya Chahal on
My Rate 5
Very nice book to read explained by the God himself. I felt very much full of knowledge after reading this.

Reviewed by Luningning on
My Rate 5
very nice explination im getting to start loving this

Reviewed by Luningning on
My Rate 5
very inspiring i dont know what to say more i learn so much

Reviewed by Zavier on
My Rate 5
This book is an interesting read for me. I love how you can always be able to see the other side of things.

Reviewed by Naga Raju on
My Rate 4
very nice book and clearly explained the sex and attraction

Reviewed by Milly on
My Rate 2
It does promote fornication . . when you have sex outside of marriage you are creating an ungodly soultie with the person you are having sex with and that is not marriage in Gods eyes

Reviewed by Arman Golosino on
My Rate 5
Every christian should read this book. Everyone must be aware that relationship must be guided with principles and Biblical foundation. This book provides comprehensive view that deals with sex in this generation.

Reviewed by Rudolph Misquith on
My Rate 5
Good back and real insights written by the Author

Reviewed by Richard Shekari on
My Rate 5
Beautiful, a great insight. Really made my day.
Please if you have produced more books do share the link with us, you are a great writer

Reviewed by Tom Williams on
My Rate 5
The author has some very good ideas, explaining the history of marriage and sex, but does nothing to clarify what the Lord God wants us to be doing today.

Reviewed by Angelina Hull on
My Rate 4
Very informative. Answers a lot of questions. Glad I am married and do right

Reviewed by Jeffrey Guballo on
My Rate 4
i think its good to us learn lesson to teach each other how to respect to other and your love onces and god knows how to guide to us to were we going in this future

Reviewed by Daisy Arie on
My Rate 4
best read by adults.
all described and fantastic book.

Reviewed by Eric Ashford Gumbie on
My Rate 5
it is a very informative, enlightening and educative books that will go a long way in bringing the much desired solutions pertaining to sex in the marriage institution.

Reviewed by Jessica on
My Rate 5
Thank you very much for this.

I do recommend this to all our younger generation youths out there and even us married couples plus those looking to get married in the near future as this will really help us all.

Five Stars!

Reviewed by Alex the PSLman on
My Rate 3
Very Interesting read! Give it a try. . . . . . .
It is important to have an open mind and logically place what is said in perspective.

Reviewed by John Atiemo-Ofori on
My Rate 4
This book gives enlightenment which other books lack. i would recommended it to the youth of this generation

Reviewed by mark on
My Rate 5
awesome truth

Reviewed by prakash on
My Rate 5
I like this book

Reviewed by Idris on
My Rate 4
Based on the topic

Reviewed by philip on
My Rate 5
very interesting reading

Reviewed by austin on
My Rate 4

Reviewed by esa, on
My Rate 5
very good

Reviewed by mustafa on
My Rate 4
i like it

Reviewed by mousumi on
My Rate 5
really nice. youngster should know this.

Reviewed by Nisit on
My Rate 5

Reviewed by zweni on
My Rate 4
It is for this generation

Reviewed by peters on
My Rate 5
the best in which one get learned

Reviewed by peters on
My Rate 5
the best in which one get learned

Reviewed by Yemi Olakitan on
My Rate 5
It is an eye opener.It is very revealing

Reviewed by omid on
My Rate 1
i want to discover that myth

Reviewed by Gordon on
My Rate 1
I always find it unreal when people claim to know God's mind. And given that the bible is a catholic "creation" I can't understand why any serious research would ever use such an altered and re-written source.

Reviewed by yonasteshome on
My Rate 4
nariated book

Reviewed by G on
My Rate 4
Interesting, causes you to think about what the Bible actually says.

Reviewed by bhupendra on
My Rate 1
good one

Reviewed by Maunang on
My Rate 4
how to develop mental power?

Reviewed by Joy on
My Rate 4
its very concise and bluntly truthful

Reviewed by Teresa on
My Rate 5
I have read only parts of the free download (1st 5 chapters), but this appears to be a well-researched, well-organized, and informative book. The author spells out, based on the BIBLE) how God feels about sex and marriage. I'm now tempted to buy it!

Reviewed by ando on
My Rate 4
i like the write up

Reviewed by elgin on
My Rate 5
it is a need for our time

Reviewed by Awojobi on
My Rate 5
it is well distnted that God has aplace for sex but not the way this generation took it

Reviewed by Awojobi on
My Rate 5
it is well distnted that God has aplace for sex but not the way this generation took it

Reviewed by raymond on
My Rate 3
content itself good

Reviewed by Juquatta on
My Rate 5
This makes so much sense...God Bless You...I have realized so much..Thank You!

Reviewed by Chris on
My Rate 5
Very enlightening regarding Biblical stance on "Pre-Marital" sex

Reviewed by Alan Liefting on
My Rate 1
Fallacious arguments, simplistic thinking.

Reviewed by Star on
My Rate 5

Reviewed by Lee Walters on
My Rate 5
clear and consise

Reviewed by satya on
My Rate 1

Reviewed by JONAS on
My Rate 4
this is among good books on religion and sex ideals

Reviewed by vijay on
My Rate 1

Reviewed by mgyaykhae on
My Rate 4
this book is good for me

Reviewed by Alex on
My Rate 5
Bible written for real life and relationships. Very good ebook.

Reviewed by Dennis Morrison on
My Rate 4
It covers the topic well.

Reviewed by KC on
My Rate 4
very good information

Reviewed by khas on
My Rate 4
it is good

Reviewed by Arden on
My Rate 1
Here's some good advice: NEVER mix the bible with real, current day relationships. Big mistake. I cant believe people would ever turn to such a book for advice on relationships, it was written mostly by a bunch of sexist, patriarchal dimwits.

Reviewed by merajul on
My Rate 5
Very good

Reviewed by george on
My Rate 5
it is cry good nd i want to read it

Reviewed by hichem on
My Rate 5
a deep analysis, indeed.

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