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Title: 101 Habits for Success
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones

101 Habits for Daily Success is an audio program that you can listen to at home, in the office or when you’re just relaxing at the back of a car. You can listen to it from your computer, Zune, iPod, iPhone, Mac or Android device. And best of all, you can listen to it again and again at your own pace. Zero pressure and only pure love of success will help you absorb all of the precious nuggets you need to become the NEXT BEST VERSION of you!

  • Learn how to maximize your success potential by using the power of creative visualization and your imagination
  • Create the best positive affirmations that will help you focus on the solution and not the problems that you are trying to solve. Stay goal-oriented by conditioning your subconscious mind.
  • Tired of always falling behind? Let me teach you a four-step step method that will eliminate 100% of your time-related troubles for good.
  • Discover a fast way to bring yourself back on track if you lose sight of your long term goals and short term goals
  • How motivated are you? Discover how to check your measure of motivation to boost your success rate on a daily basis.
  • How to use meditation to clear mental fog, stress and to improve your problem-solving abilities. After clearing the mental fog, let me show you how to use meditation to tap into an unlimited resource that has been with you since the beginning – your higher consciousness!
  • Uncover the steps
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Self Help

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Title: 8 Days to End Procrastination
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones

I distilled and crystallized everything that I had learned into a special system that I could easily remember and follow for years to come… And it actually helped!

  • How to identify the habits and beliefs that lead to even more procrastination
  • How to hold procrastination firmly by the horns so you can grasp exactly how big a problem it is in your life
  • How to create the perfect environment that will allow you to be relaxed and 110% more productive than before
  • How to create your unique system of accomplishing tasks based on their size, scope, difficulty and benefits
  • How to maximize your natural talent at focusing intently on something while you are working on it

Believe me when I tell you this, because with this system I have been able to…

  • Establish a well-loved hypnotherapy practice where I am able to meet and interact with countless individuals seeking help on different aspects of their life
  • Create thousands of unique and powerful hypnosis recordings that have set the standard for quality hypnotherapy on the World Wide Web
  • Establish the American Alliance of Hypnotists and become an active member of many organizations that uphold hypnosis as a progressive method of psychotherapy
  • In my personal life: I was able to finish my studies at no less than one of the most well-known institutions in the country – Harvard University. It
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Category: Self Help

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Title: Success Mastery X
Author: Greg Frost

Controversial, Shocking Underground Secrets To Success Finally Revealed To The Masses...

Success Mastery X will help you in the following 3 powerful ways:

  1. Empowering your mind to become more receptive to the Universal forces that control your destiny
  2. Eliminating your limiting beliefs hindering you from change
  3. Endowing you with the ability to manipulate these Universal forces into your favor

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the secrets you’ll discover within the pages of Success Mastery X:

  • You have within you the innate power to control the forces responsible for your destiny. Learn the secret to harnessing this power, a power so compelling that you can use it to shape your reality as you see fit!
  • 90% of success seekers fail because they don’t have this one essential quality. Find out why you MUST have this quality in you before you can even think of achieving your desires
  • Discover the source of all your limitations and the one technique that completely obliterates everything that is holding you back from achieving massive life success!
  • The Psychology of Success. Delve into some of the world’s most brilliant minds and learn what makes them tick (and how you can apply their psychology to ensure massive success in your life)
  • The #1 technique to smashing
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Category: Self Help, Women

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Title: Essentials for Starting a Women’s Group
Author: Karen Fusco, Pat Brill

Learn How to Start – and Build – Your Own Strong, Positive, Supporting Women’s Group That Is Guaranteed To Last For Years To Come

My women’s group has allowed me to:

  • Open my horizons and savor new, enriching experiences
  • Develop life-long friendships that are built on trust, love and understanding
  • Grow as a person and improve my own life
  • Give more back to my family and even to my community
  • Provide me with more “self-help” than I ever found in any book!
  • Find the support and guidance I needed to believe in myself and follow my dreams
  • Solve and effectively deal with the problems that life has thrown my way
  • Network, find more opportunities and meet new people
  • Celebrate life’s happy occasions
  • Enjoy myself, enjoy my friends and laugh… a lot!

And now I want to give back.

I want other women to build their own women’s groups. I want you to take your idea for a women’s group… and make it a reality.

Starting a women’s group can help to improve your life – and the lives of other women – in many, many different ways:

  • You can learn more, expand your horizons and open yourself up to new experiences.
  • You can build a bond with like-minded women and form lasting friendships.
  • You can network, brainstorm problems and discover
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Category: Green Products, Self Help

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Title: Sustainable Lifestyle Design


If you’re struggling with feeling out of control, lacking vitality, disconnected from the world, unmotivated and outright confused about where to start in your journey to lead a rich life…

It’s time to jam the wheel of your mindless consumption and turn soul-crushing lifestyle choices into a modern sustainable life.

Too many people attempt to feel self-worth, freedom, and happiness in pursuit of financial wealth. The elusive pursuit of a ‘rich life’ is crushing the planet in unimaginable ways.

Imagine a life where you thrive in good health, have the time to do what you love and contribute to a better world. Sustainable Lifestyle Design reveals a step-by-step plan you can use today to save money, lower your carbon footprint, reclaim your health and live a truly richer lifestyle. It feels good to help the planet and as you’ll come to discover, it feels incredible to take back control of your own life.

In this ebook, you will:

  • Shake your self-destructive habits that leave you drained of energy and feeling miserable facing each day
  • Find peace with what and how you eat so you don’t feel the guilt every time you pick up that fork
  • Connect the dots between how you can help the world by helping yourself first
  • Start making positive changes in your lifestyle from Day 1
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Self Defense, Self Help

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Title: The Family Survival Blueprints
Author: Dan Sullivan

After 6 months of sleepless nights, I came up with what I believe to be the most complete survival course on the planet. It's the only family survival plan out there that's truly focused around group survival in addition to all the prepping tips, tricks, tactics and techniques you could possibly need.

Here's what you're goning to learn...

  • Advanced survival tactics that cover every possible scenario. From the obvious hurricanes, tornadoes and floods to the ones many choose to ignore such as heat waves, nothing will ever take you by surprise.
  • How to get your loved ones to do more and know more about survival than 99% of the population. Persuasion secrets that will get your loved ones to finally see what you're doing and join your cause, tell you how sorry they were for not taking you seriously and listen to every word you say, participate in every drill you set up with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Stealth survival secrets on keeping a low profile and out of trouble. When food and water run out, people will do anything to quench their thirst and fill their bellies... even if it means invading your home and your privacy.
  • The easiest way to build up your food stockpile from the ground up while saving your money. Plus, how to maximize the storage life of all your foods even if you live in a hot climate and even if you run out of electricity.
  • I'll tell you exactly when to bug in and when to run for the hills. This is a life
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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Surviving Life Dramas
Author: Karen Gosling

12 Lessons On How To Manage Crises In Your Life (And In Your Relationships!)

Here’s just a sneak preview of what you’ll discover…

  • What never to tell yourself if you want to start growing your confidence
  • Little known secrets to deal with stress, understand your feelings and sensitivity that most experts keep hush
  • How to stop feeling frustrated and disconnected in your relationship and start getting results
  • PLUS – Loads more proven hints, tips and ideas for you to manage stress and negative emotion…
  • Are you sick of being worried and fearful about making mistakes? Follow our suggestions to discover solutions for your problems
  • Quick & easy solutions to staying well emotionally, which can lead to having a healthy relationship
  • 12 proven lessons to FINALLY put an end to feeling stressed, making mistakes and having low self-esteem
  • Be in control and deal with what life throws at you
  • Sneaky tricks to start building your communication skills, improving your relationships (and even getting your passion back!)
  • Plus loads more targeted info to help you stay well, manage stress and reduce negative emotion – always!
  • What NEVER to tell yourself if you want to have good self-esteem
  • Warning: If you’re feeling frustrated or worried about feeling not in control of your life and your relationships, then you
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Category: Self Help

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Title: The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Manual

"Who Else Wants to Be Prepared for Every Common Disaster in the World - Both Natural and Man-Made?"

Everything you ever wanted to know about surviving deadly disasters -revealed!

Dear Friend,

  • Are you ready to be in the position to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from man-made and natural disasters?
  • Do you want to be prepared for instances where Mother Nature suddenly lashes out at mankind?
  • Did you ever have to deal with hurricanes, heat waves, floods and other natural disasters?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you've read all day.

Here'sjust a tasteof what you'll discover...

  • The 5 things you urgently have to know about natural and man-made disasters.
  • A complete guide to disaster preparedness that can be used by anyone immediately.
  • When and when not to leave your home when there is a natural disaster or emergency.
  • The importance of understanding what happens exactly when there are calamities.
  • How to prepare emergency supplies and equipment
  • How to survive earthquakes and sudden floods!
  • An entire chapter devoted to understanding the might of Mother Nature.
  • The 6 surefire ways to improve your survival capacity in emergencies.
  • Why many people are often caught off-guard by natural disasters
  • Which supplies and gear are
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Category: Self Defense, Self Help

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Title: Run, Prepper, Run!
Author: Dan F. Sullivan

What ONE thing is more important than all your preps, stockpile, guns and gear?


Dan F. Sullivan here and I want to let you about the ONE simple thing you can do, before you take ANY other prepping action... that COULD mean the difference between life and death for you when disaster strikes.

Run, Prepper, Run! is a tactical fitness workout program specifically created for preppers of any age who want to learn simple strength and endurance tactical exercises they can do at home.

This ebook comes with explanations of why we're doing these exercises and how to do them correctly so you can get the most benefit and eliminate chances of injury. Doing this system on a regular basis will help you get fit and in shape in less time than you ever thought possible.

When bugging out, even a long walk can exhaust some of the preppers that aren’t even overweight, just not in shape. That's why this program will help improve all areas of your life:

  • bugging out into the woods at a medium-paced walk
  • running from a disaster
  • pulling yourself out of the water with a string/cord
  • fighting or out running one or multiple attackers
  • climbing over rocks, trees, or other objects
  • working in the garden; digging a well
  • hunting and fishing

and many more

Hiking, climbing, walking, swimming, FIGHTING… you name it, when you use this

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Category: Mind, Psychology, Self Help

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Reviewed by Sam Sad on 2016-08-28
My Rate 4
Personnaly, this never works for me. The only way how I get things is when I convince myself my brain that i will never happen.

Reviewed by shaik Basha on 2015-12-31
My Rate 3
Yes its true. if any one saying to himself i can do it means self hypnotism and automatically gets changes in him/her.

Reviewed by Allen on 2011-11-29
My Rate 5
I wish I read this 40 years ago!

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Title: Greatest Human Secret of All Time
Author: Bill Long

The most powerful human secret that can change your life forever.

Everyone has the golden key to attaining whatever it is you desire. It requires no special skills or level of intellegence.

The mastery of this one human mind science can literally create miracles in your life and those of the people you love.

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