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Seduce With Personality Ebook

The Four-Step-System to success with women
Ebook cover: Seduce With Personality


Title: Seduce With Personality

Learn in four simple steps how to approach women, flirt and communicate with them and how to turn them into your girlfriend even if you are shy and not good looking

These are just a few things you are going to learn in my Four-Step-System …

Step 1: The Psychology of Attraction and the Comprehension of Women

  • The 4 phases of attraction and what you need to do in each of those in order to trigger attraction in a woman.
  • The 6 ways to arouse a woman’s interest in you and how you do each of those.
  • The most important difference between men and women, which most men don’t know and which is the reason for them running into a wall. Women use this as a reference when deciding to start something with you.
  • The difference between what women like and what they feel attracted to. Note that most men do things in order to be liked by a woman; however, they don’t understand that a woman needs to feel attracted to them in order to start something. In chapter three I will show you what things trigger attraction in her and which make her like you.
  • The ONE thing you need so that you will never end up in the friendship zone but appear on the list of her potential lovers.
  • The three traits in a man NO women can resist by nature. If you possess one of them a woman will think of you as attractive, but if you possess all three of them every man will perceive you as the JACKPOT.
  • The truth about bad boys and nice guys and how you outclass any bad boy without being one yourself.
  • Why women are many times looking for a major purpose in their lives and how to make her see it in you.
  • Why romance can be your best friend and biggest enemy at the same time, and how you use it the right way so that a woman wants you and doesn’t perceive you as needy or weird.
  • How you don’t have to be good looking, but women still call you good looking and chase you.
  • The ONE thing every man needs in order to trigger attraction in a woman. Note that there are several traits women feel attracted to, but there is one thing that is the major trigger of attraction.

Step 2: Overcoming anxieties, inner obstacles and self-doubts

  • The reason for your anxieties, anger and inner obstacles and how to bring them under your control.
  • How you need to develop yourself in order to unleash your potential with unique methods and deep insights into personality and behavioral psychology.
  • How you develop a solid and mature identity and how you protect yourself from negative influences of others who try to harm you. Women recognize by a man’s identity what he is like, and every woman wants a man with solid and mature identity.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate your approach anxiety and other psychological issues.
  • Instructions for how to realize yourself and become a satisfied man using scientific psychological tested models.
  • An in-depth plan, which will teach you in 10 steps how to become a mature, in-control and confident man overcoming all your inner obstacles and unleashing all your potential. This in-depth plan will teach you all the relevant steps in your personality development in order to become the amazing guy you always wanted to be, and to whom women naturally feel attracted.
  • A simple trick you can always use in order to approach women without triggering the approach anxiety.
  • Explanations of female behavior using psychological models so you understand why women behave a specific way and what they really try to communicate.
  • The four mistakes nice guys make when interested in a woman. I will teach you a simple trick to avoid all these four mistakes at once.

Step 3: Skills for the key situations with women

  • Methods including word-for-word scripts for how to flirt with a woman so that she will perceive you as the most interesting guy in the room and which mistakes you should avoid when flirting with women.
  • 11 guidelines in order to trigger the “I must have him” feeling in a woman. These guidelines are the divine chapter of attraction, which will teach you my entire skillset in order to make a woman feel attraction for you.
  • Step-by-step instructions for how you approach a woman without being rejected, but instead having a woman keep the conversation with you going.
  • My three favorite ways to turn any conversation into a flirt.
  • A simple and safe way to start a conversation with a woman without overwhelming her or seeming to hit on her.
  • How you approach women in nightclubs and why this essentially varies from approaching women by day.
  • The six most common glances women give and what they try to express with them.
  • The two kinds of signals women give and which she uses to communicate her interest in you. Note that most guys focus on the wrong kind of signal and don’t realize when a woman is into them.
  • How you can read interest in a woman’s body language. I will show you the three most common ways.
  • The eight most common actions of women when interested in you. Note: You are going to slap yourself when I tell you how women communicate their interest in you as you will remember several times where a woman communicated interest and you just didn’t realize it.
  • The five facial expressions which tell you whether a woman is into you or she is annoyed by you.
  • A simple method you can ALWAYS use in order to figure out if a woman is into you. Moreover I will show you how to use this method in order to seduce or kiss women easily. Note that every successful seducer uses this one approach.
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to ask a woman out for a date, which you can always use from the moment on you have got her phone number. I will show you the six criteria which determine whether the date is going to take place and how to regard these in your behavior.
  • My best five ways in order to get a woman’s phone number. I will show you exactly what to say and do. You can simply copy and paste this approach in almost any situation.
  • The 11 rules of a date which you need to obey to in order to have a successful date.
  • In which cases you should pay for a woman. Note: In all others it’s a bad thing and will make you unattractive to her.
  • The three things you need to do after the first date in order to ensure there is going to be second one. I will also show you what you need to do in order to turn a date into a girlfriend and what you should NOT do if you just want to have an affair.
  • How you seduce a woman to sex within six steps. You can use these instructions basically everywhere no matter if you are trying to hook up with a girl from a nightclub or if you are already at home with her and you now want to get physical.
  • The two most important criteria at the first sexual encounter, which count for more than 95% of how she perceives it. If you internalize these two criteria she will think of you as a great lover, but if you go against them, there will essentially be nothing you can do in order to get a second adventure with her.

Step 4: How to become the right one for a woman and how to keep up the fire in a relationship

  • 10 guidelines which make you the One for a woman and how you use them in order to keep up the fire in a relationship.
  • The principle successful couples follow within a relationship. Note that most people follow this principle for a while, but after all forget it and fail.
  • An effective way to save your relationship from a breakup and how to bring it back to life.
  • The two most common myths about successful relationships and why these lead to failure in a relationship. Note that most people believe in those and wonder why they eventually fail or find themselves in an unhappy relationship.
  • A tested strategy to win your ex-partner back. Note that unfortunately you can never guarantee that; however, from past cases this strategy works in two out of three times, so that the woman wants a restart.
  • Personality traits that naturally attract each other and make the perfect couple.
  • Why partners many times deceive themselves when being in a relationship and why this is many times the end for their relationship.
Ebook cover: Seduce With Personality
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