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Partner In Profits Ebook

Partner In Profits

Ebook cover: Partner In Profits


Title: Partner In Profits

You'll discover things like:

  • Why outsourcing could be your most profitable strategy
  • How to combine different marketing channels
  • Sources of FREE or dirt-cheap advertising and website traffic
  • How to start a community website within minutes with only $100
  • Advanced tips on finding a mentoring program
  • Expanding your business using gadget marketing
  • A list of thousands of resources for you to use
  • Why joint ventures are all the rage in the marketing world
  • Where and when to use a social bookmarking strategy
  • The biggest and most profitable JV opportunities
  • Tips on how and where to host you community website
  • Dominating ANY market using promotional videos
  • How to write an email proposal that gets read and responded to
  • How to write a highly effective profile
  • How to market your JV deal using offline methods
  • How social media works and help you
  • How to start your joint venture business right now
  • How to spend less than 20 minutes a day running your business



... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Chapter #1

"Discover the outrageous power of a Joint Venture Deal...


  • My amazing "Offer Twist": How to make your JV offer... or ANY offer... simply IRRESISTIBLE! (This one can send your sales through the roof - yet it won't cost you a cent!)
  • Avoid this COSTLY mistake: One "dumb" (but common) JV mistake when closing a deal that you never... EVER... want to make! (You'll crack up when you'll hear this.)
  • 9 killer strategies you can use right NOW and put yourself in the JV winners' circle. (It also works when you make a BIG mistake!)
  • The single joint venture skill absolutely critical to your success... online or offline (If you don't perfect this, making money will be like running uphill).
  • The Unfair Advantage: 50 rarely seen strategies for profiting from JV marketing techniques. Use these to the hilt before your competitors catch on!
  • How to spice up the "sex appeal" of your proposal! (Depending on who reads the copy, different *arrangements* on your letter will determine the final outcome.)
  • 99% of marketers "FORGET" to do this after closing a new joint venture deal. Do it... and generate a tantalizing pitch for a NEW, can't-do-without offer that can pile on more cash!
  • Never Revealed Before: My proprietary "8-Step Joint Venture System Formula" to make CASH so FAST you'll giggle like a school kid. (Not using this formula can cost you dearly!)


Chapter #2

"Open the flood gates and unleash the power of Social Marketing Websites...

...And DRAMATICALLY increase the number of Partners and Super Affiliates who will *work* for you!"

Once you're on the inside you will learn...

  • How to attract joint venture partners and super affiliates to your Squidoo lenses like a thirsty man to an oasis! This will make your name spread automatically online, and people will flock to you website first!
  • What NOT to include in your social profile and how to avoid getting trapped by unscrupulous people who want to take control of your website, profits... and life!
  • Why social marketing websites are so popular nowadays - and how this information will multiply your joint venture deals for a piece of the action.
  • 10 EZ steps to find joint venture partners and super affiliates using ONLY major social marketing sites.
  • Facebook versus LinkedIn debate - who sholds the crown of the Best Social Networking Website and WHY!


Chapter #3

"Learn how to use Social Bookmarking Services like Digg, Technorati, and others...

...Then apply these strategies to capture FREE or dirt-cheap swarms of targeted traffic!" 

There are dozens of other things that are critical to make your social bookmarking a smashing success, including:

  • What social bookmarking service urgency and inspire immediate response from your potential JV partners!
  • WHY some businesses are skipping the "classic" website model, and running their entire JV business from a simple blog!
  • Revealed: Attract hundreds of partners dying to promote your offer... for FREE... and a list of places to find them. Add each one to the bottom of your business and watch your income explode!
  • How to capitalize on the greatest opportunity ever - blogging software solutions that are hitting gold on the Internet right now!
  • The quickest, easiest ways to get maximum exposure and traffic from social network websites.
  • How to avoid the social bookmarking "kiss of death" that will get you banned - do you bookmark other websites besides of your own?
  • How your partners might help you to bookmark your site - and WHY this step is so important to your whole bookmarking strategy.




Chapter #4

"Why Video Sharing Websites are HOT on the Internet...

...And how these *explosive opportunities* will become the KEY to your NEW business partnership fortune!"

  • 3 video resources I highly recommend - they're low cost, simple to use and will make life MUCH easier for you!
  • Five video *golden rules* to dominate your competition. If you don't implement these rules, people will head over to your competition.
  • The number one critical element of any video presentation that virtually forces people to watch your material from start to the end!
  • Step-by-step guideline to add a video marketing strategy to your website. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this process. Skip this step and you'll get smoked by your competition.
  • Discover covert tactics to hunt down JV partners and super affiliates: How to wine and dine them (in a virtual way) to have them join to your online or offline business!
  • How to get in the top 10 in Google, Yahoo, and MSN with your video. What you MUST do and what you MUST avoid. Doing this WILL boost the number or your JV deals, sales and... profits!
  • How to create an online "video buzz" among your partners that'll get them revved up. Learn what to do now!
  • Don't re-invent the wheel. Here's how to use video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video to attract more JV partners.


Chapter #5

"How to build YOUR own Community Site for less than $100...

...Then get rid yourself of the unbearable anxiety and pressure caused by building your online *MASTER* reputation."

  • Web 2.0 in full force - are Wikis ideal places to group people who share the same common interest or bonds?
  • Maximize your profits by training your JV partners and super affiliates using community websites!
  • What is a Content Management System (CMS), how is it classified and what skills do you need in order to maintain a strong and pro-active partnership community!
  • How an "affiliate" community site can persuade a potential partner to do MORE business with you.
  • Discover the 7 commandments of building a powerful and responsive community website!
  • How to easily handle the "ugly stuff" like creating a community website for your JV partners and super affiliates from scratch, using a CMS. It's actually brain-dead simple!
  • 9 out of 10 online marketers fail to take full advantage of the Internet... and they lose big bucks because of it. (Almost no one will tell you about this... but it's the plain truth.)
  • How to create a MORE dynamic and flexible community website using dozens or even hundreds of CMS extensions available. (Priceless advice for mom and pop and corporate businesses alike.)
  • How to integrate YOUR personality into a community website so your partners and super affiliates will want more, and more... and more! (Powerful stuff you can easily implement.)
  • The key to endless targeted traffic: Folksonomy... What it is and how to use it with very little effort.

Chapter #6

"The 3 BIG obstacles to overcome to succeed with your Web 2.0 Joint Venture success:

Outsourcing, Mentoring and Business Mindset!"

  • 6 questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE joining a mentoring program. (Especially useful if you want to save your money!)
  • 10 action-steps that could determine your success or failure in business. (With little or no additional work...)
  • Get the best ROI... save time, and save money: How to design a smart outsourcing budget!
  • Tips for 'hiring' someone to manage your daily boring tasks (when you're ready), and how to avoid getting TRAPPED by 'fake' webmasters. (It's happened before and it could happen to you!)
  • The only program that will motivate you to skyrocket sales to new heights. (It's actually much easier than you think to create a business that runs itself, and that's exactly what you're going to discover!)
  • Why you should NEVER try to run your online business by yourself - and what to do for the growth potential of your business!
Ebook cover: Partner In Profits
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