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Title: Pasha Group Income Program Report
Author: Pasha Rana

Pasha Group Income Program Free Report. Your complete step by step guide to make money from the internet.

You will find out how easy it is to make real passive income from the internet after reading my complele report.

 inside the report, you will discover,

How to make passive income from the internet

The real secret to make money online

101 ways to promote your business

10 way to blogging cash

done for you system

the secrets of smart affiliates

and much more. 

I am sure this ebook will help you make passive income online in no time. 

No special skill requried to do this. that's Ok even if you are a newbie. 

You will find out how easy it is to get started if you are take action type of person.

To your massive success,

Pasha Rana

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Marketing, Business, Arts

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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Logo – How to Prepare & Print It Perfectly

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Logo - How to Prepare & Print It Perfectly is a eBook that breaks down the fundamentals of what and how your logo should be and look. It describes everything from the acutal font you should use, to the size it should be, to the colors it should be, all the way to what format it should be created and saved in.

All of these play an immense role in creating the PERFECT brand logo. Fonts that are too big or squished together will be harder to read and might turn someone seeing it for the first off immediately. Colors are EXTREMELY important in not only your logo, but anything to do with your brand. There are countless studies on colors and how they affect the human thought process; some signal negative effects and others positive ones, so this is one of the most important parts of your logo creation process.

The format part of it is for when you are trying to enhance or enlarge your logo, which could be the case for various reasons. Using the wrong format will cause your logo to appear pixilated and blurry when trying to increase the size of it. You may not think that's a major concern becuase when would you need to make it bigger, right? Well one example would be when printing it, or having it printed, for promotional or marketing events, maybe like a booth at a trade show.

These are just some of the items touched on in this eBook. There are plenty of other things that go into

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Marketing, SEO and Promotion, Business

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Title: Statistics that will make you think again over your social media strategy
Author: by the experts.

Costumers nowadays have adopted the technology in their buying process as well. Everybody reserch online about the thing they are looking for before going in to the physical market. That Creates a great oportunity for the online marketers like us to identify the perspective online customer.  

Every user research ina different way but there are some common factor affecting every online user's mindset. That is "Social Media" Today we are going to talk about the biggest community and how it can help you to skyrocket your business outcomes.

Social Media community is made of the different online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and many more. We have conducted the market research to find out how these different platforms affect the online marketing strategy from the beginning of ear 2014. Here is the result of the research as an ebook evolving some of the social media facts that might surprise you. You can also find some quick tips to boost your marketing campaing from the industry experts at the end of each segment. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed by the facts revealed and the tips by the experts. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Computers, Marketing

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Title: The Top 34 Tools for Managing Your Virtual Team
Author: My Virtual Workforce

Lets say for instance that you already hired your chosen virtual team for your expanding business operations. Imagine shelling out your money on these people along with your frustrations of not having any idea of what they're actually doing from afar. The Dreadful curiosity shakes you every time. Its exactly the last thing you want to think about in this harrowing situation.

I can hear your distress. The fact that you're reading this suggests that you're in luck. I've compiled the most commendable, if not the best tools in communicating and managing your virtual team. Plus, I've also provided the tools to use during the implementation stage of your projects.

These tools are software, hardware, and processes that the pros are already using in the trade and of which made management easier for employers who outsource. The tools are categorized in 3 types: tools to communicate, tools to manage, and tools to implement.

The importance of communication dates back to the time when the Tower of Babel failed to read the tip of the sky.



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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Body, Holidays, Marketing

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Title: Holiday Proof Your Website
Author: Advice Interactive Group

Download our Holiday e-book that will give you hints and tricks on how to promote your website during the holiday months. Brought to you by the team at Advice Interactive Group, a digital agency located in Dallas Texas. Find out what your viewers are looking for during the holidays.

The ultimate holiday guide to promoting your site during the season. Get Social campaign and coupon ideas, Learn tricks and treats to attract shoppers looking for specials to your site, decorating inspiration, email marketing tips ...and much more

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Home Business, Marketing

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Title: The Fastest Way
Author: Bacak

How To Get Big Results Online Fast.

The Fastest Way - Secrets Of Warp Speed Internet Income Revealed!
This ebook reveals step by step how to get big results online fast. If you haven’t started taking notes or highlighting text, this is where you start.
Bacak is going to share with you a formula and this exact formula is what he used to make $2.1
million dollars online in one year.

This ebook reveals the best method for internet marketing.

  • Subscribers + Clicks + EPC = $$$
  • If it does not have to do with subscribers, clicks and EPC, then do not worry
    about it.
  • The formula will not work if any of the X’s in the equation equal 0.
  • You must follow the equation in the direction that it’s going to make money, i.e. you cannot start at EPC and work your way backwards. You must start with subscribers, then go to clicks, and then go to EPC.

Grab your copy now.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Marketing

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Title: Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Seven Sound Strategies for Your Business
Author: Jon J. Cardwell

Discover some helpful marketing strategies for cultivating customer loyalty in order to be the business in your local area when your field of expertise comes to mind. By cultivating customer loyalty, you not only retain a valued client, you instill in their hearts and minds the trust they have already gained from you after having made a purchase, whether it is a product or service. Thus, you promote more than just a word-of-mouth campaign; you create a team of eager evangelists who laud your business to others. 

Customer retention is the goal of every business. Your current clientele are your recurring profit base. They also provide the greatest ROI for your advertising dollar. If you're not aiming toward customer loyalty and client retention as your endgame, you'll lose at least 20 percent of your business and have to work 80 percent harder while spending much, much more than you'd have to in order to produce new customers.

The tips and tactics contained in this eBook are proven marketing strategies you can apply immediately to your business.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Marketing, Management

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Title: Comunicação orgânica na sociedade
Author: Elizabeth Moraes Gonçalves; Gino Giacomini Filho
Language: Other

A comunicação orgânica é um termo recente e que veio agregado à comunicação organizacional. Seu intento é criticar a comunicação funcional, setorizada, hierarquizada e, a partir de uma visâo mais ampla, encarar a comunicação como algo interativo, coletivo e valorativo.

Ao se transportar esse conceito para a comunicação na sociedade como um todo, a expressão passa a contar com uma abordagem enquanto comunicação orgânica social.

A comunicação é um organismo vivo, em que as relações entre seus atores e os processos de mediação oferecem uma rede de fenômenos e experiências que fazem a comunicação ganhar sentidos vitais, algo que este livro, de forma parcial e indicial, pretende oferecer.

Cabe destacar que todos os trabalhos aqui apresentados são produções de dois grupos de pesquisa certificados pelo CNPq: Estudos de Comunicação e Linguagem - COLING vinculado ao POSCOM/UMESP e Novas Responsabilidades Sociais da Comunicação pertencente ao PPGCOM/USCS, cada qual sob a liderança de um dos organizacores desta obra.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Management, Marketing

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Title: Comunicação organizacional: externa, responsável, multidisciplinar.
Author: Gino Giacomini-Filho; Elizabeth Moraes Gonçalves
Language: Other

Este livro, editado pela Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul (Brasil) discute a comunicação organizacional focando seus aspectos externos, responsáveis e multidisciplinares.

Os aspectos externos são dedicados aos públicos ou stakeholders externos à organização e que impactam ou são impactados por essa comunicação.

A obra contém diversos textos que mostram ser a comunicação organizacional algo atrelado, atualmente, a uma atuação responsável, ética.

A multidisciplinaridade é também algo típico da comunicação organizacional, pois como mostram os textos da obra, há interfaces importantes com outras áreas do conhecimento como informação, psicologia, sociologia, direito, meio ambiente.

São 13 textos que conferem uma ampla abordagem da comunicação organizacional priorizando a realidade brasileira e atual.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, E-Marketing, Marketing

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Title: How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Money Making PlayBook for Success
Author: Adella Pasos

Are you looking to Make Money Online? Tired of getting sucked into "Get-Rich-Quick Schemes"? This book is a strategic guide that explains multiple ways to start making money online today. It explains in detail the same exact strategies million dollar companies use to generate revenue. The book provides you with a complete resource list that is guaranteed to boost your sales and drive cash into your pocket. No matter if you are a college student, a small business or large enterprise, this book will help you exceed your goals fast. 

Chapter 1: Learn how to make money by promoting others products

Chapter 2: Learn how to earn royalties from selling your own merchandise and starting your own brand

Chapter 3: Learn how to sell digital products and make instant cash flow

Chapter 4: Learn how to get paid for content you create

Chapter 5: Learn how to get paid for skills you already have and sell your services online

Chapter 6: Learn how to buy and sell advertisements through online marketplaces

Chapter 7: Learn how to monetize your videos

Chapter 8: Learn how to setup subscription payment models and membership services


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