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Mailing List Gold Ebook

Mailing List Gold
Ebook cover: Mailing List Gold
Mailing List Gold

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Title: Mailing List Gold
Discover How YOU Can Profit From Your Mailing List With Every Way Possible - From The Moment Your Subscriber Visits Your Lead Capture Page Until He Receives E-mails From You - At Cult Status!


YOU Can Now Create Your Own Personal Mailing List Fan Club And Make Money From It With Every E-zine Issues And E-mail Messages You Sent Out To Your Subscribers - And They Have Every Reason NOT To Ignore Your E-mails!

Dear Internet Business Friend,

Are you currently facing any of the following scenarios? (Please check the boxes as you read.)

I don't have a mailing list. I know nuts about having my own mailing list let alone how to set one up! I already have a mailing list but somehow it's not making me any decent money. I must have done something wrong in the process but I could only wish I knew where the mistake was. I am tired of guessing and beginning to wonder how other Top Internet Marketers make a living solely from their own mailing list. The size of my mailing list is no bigger than a peanut. I want to multiply the size of my subscriber list manifold! I don't think that anyone in my mailing list actually listens to me or even my recommendations for that matter. I believe that when they see my mail, they would delete it before reading it! I'm beginning to feel it's absurd that they chose to opt into my E-zine or mailing list in the first place when that is what they do the moment they see my mail - delete. I'm beginning to wonder if other Top Internet Entrepreneurs actually get the same treatment... or is it just me?

If you have checked one or more of the boxes above, then this is certainly one of the MOST important letters you will ever read.

My name is David Zohar, and I understand your frustrations. I faced the same challenges you are facing now when I first started my Internet Business.

A lot of my precious time were wasted on guessing, shooting in the dark, spending a lot of unnecessary money, and worst still, making myself broke. After years of discovering what work and what does not, I now have a mailing list I can confidently call my own money making machine.

But I learned how to build my profitable mailing list - the hard way. Whoever said that building your own mailing list is going to be an easy task! But then, having your own mailing list is one of the most important assets you MUST, MUST (and really MUST) have in your Internet Business because...

Your Mailing List = Your Asset = Your Money Machine

If you have been in touch with the Internet Business and Marketing world for some time, I am sure that you have heard of the overused saying "the money is in the list" being quoted by many Internet Marketers.

Of course, that is often true only if you harness your mailing list well enough and that your subscribers are responsive that they DO bother reading your mails every time you send a broadcast to your mailing list.

But if you are to have an Internet Business, you must have your own mailing list. No other exceptions. If you don't own a mailing list, that could only mean that you don't own a business in the first place.

Before anything else, it is important for you to have good reasons to have your own responsive mailing list (and not just any kind of mailing list) in the first place. Consider the following:

  • If you own a Conventional B2B Business, your target prospects are other businesses, and their information and contact details are likely to be found in the Yellow Pages or telephone directories. Thus the information found in Yellow Pages and the telephone directories are your list of prospects.
  • If you join a Network Marketing company, your upline would require you to write a list of 100 names of people whom you know. The people you know are your prospects because they might be interested in becoming a consumer or starting their own Network Marketing business like you.
  • If you play and sell Magic: The Gathering collectible cards, your list of prospects consists of those who play the same card game, too. Would a Pokemon player be interested in buying your Magic: The Gathering game cards? Only if he is a Magic: The Gathering player, too!

So, why have your own mailing list? Because that is where your potential customers are!

Now That We Have Established That Having Your Own Mailing List Is Mandatory...
(That Is If You Want To Make Money)

You are still faced with some or all of the following challenges to profiting from your mailing list:

  • How to develop trust and relationship between you and your subscribers.
  • How to get targeted subscribers into your mailing list with minimum effort, maximum results.
  • How to get your subscribers to give you a chance by opening your E-mails.
  • How to create a mailing list system that works without any guesswork and little testing on your part.
  • How to get your subscribers to buy from you instead of from other people they are subscribed to.
  • How to understand your subscribers' needs and interest so you know what product or service to endorse to them!

With so many challenges standing in between you and profiting from your mailing list, you must think it is a wonder how Top Internet Entrepreneurs make their money by the truckloads from their mailing list, even though in some cases, their mailing lists are not as huge as you thought they were.

But that is going to be a thing of the past because now, I am going to hand my mailing list gold wisdom and knowledge to YOU- all in one book!



Here's A Sneak Peak At Mailing List Gold:

In Mailing List Gold, you will discover:

  • How you can build your mailing list system from scratch! Learn what it takes to build your mailing list asset from scratch and get all the things you need to get started so that it will work hard to make money for you!
  • 6 Ultimate Profit Centers you can build into your mailing list system! Find out the 6 (SIX) Profit Centers you can build into your mailing system so that you can make your money with each and every way possible from your subscribers - from the moment they visit your Lead Capture Page until they read your E-mails!
  • How your subscribers will not only read your E-mail, but also chose to buy from you over other E-mails they receive from other E-zine publishers! A subscriber can be subscribed to an average of 8-20 E-zines. Discover how YOU can win your subscriber's attention over other E-zine publishers who may send a similar endorsement as yours! No, it has nothing to do with offering additional bonuses, though that is one good edge!
  • The 3 E-zine formats you can use for your own. Discover the pros and cons of each E-zine format and decide what is best for you!
  • The best effective methods you can use to draw in targeted traffic to your Lead Capture Page and squeeze in targeted subscribers into your Opt-In Form! I describe to you how you can drive targeted traffic (and not just any kind of traffic) to your Mini Site or Lead Capture Page. Any other methods besides the ones I describe to you within my guide are NOT working!
  • How you can gain an insight into your subscriber's background, problems and needs without having to carry out a paid survey that burns a hole in your pocket unnecessarily! I am going to show you how you can learn whether your subscriber is even your prospect in the first place and find out what they need so that you know what product or service to endorse to them! I am also going to show you how can get your subscribers to cooperate with you on this for free!
  • How to grow your mailing list exponentially without exerting too much effort on your part! I will reveal to you some of the few ways which you might have not even thought of that can be responsible for the healthy growth of your mailing list!
  • How to get content for your E-zine. f you are poor at writing or just don't have the time to write and compile content for your E-zine, this will naturally appeal to you. Find out how you can still get the content you want to share with your subscribers without having to write a single word, if you wish to, and still make money!
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, I am going to hand to you practically ALL of what you need to know and do in order to make your profits manifold from your mailing list - even if you don't have one just yet! That means:

  • You don't have to be a guru in order to gain some attention from your subscribers. Being a guru isn't everything. By definition, a guru is an expert, and we all know that experts don't necessarily equate to riches. If that is ever true, the world's richest people should be dominated by academic smarts and not street smarts! Back to you and your mailing list, all it takes is some knowledge and ingenious concepts and action to implement them - and you will be on your way to mailing list riches!
  • You get to save your time, money, and effort discovering what works for you - because I have discovered them for you!
  • You can now easily dodge some of the common mistakes made by budding Internet Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketing novices as you start to create your own mailing list comprising real people with real demand for your product or service which you have to offer! It never is fun being a beginner so why not be a pro right now?

It's Achievable, And They Are Now Making Money From Their Mailing List... Without Making Anywhere Near Half As Many Silly Mistakes As I Did When I Started Out!

Get Your Copy Of Mailing List Gold Now!

I understand that you need some kind of assurance to tap onto this offer. After all, buying online is risky. Therefore, I have decided to conclude this entire offer with a guarantee you simply can't resist!

Table of Contents


  • The Concept
  • Why Have Your Own Mailing List?
  • Count Your Profit Centers
  • What You Will Need

Creating Your Own E-zine

  • Decide on the Theme of Your E-zine
  • Your Mailing List Profits Plan
  • Formatting and Writing Your E-zine Issues

Step-by-Step to Building Your Mailing List System

  • Getting an Auto Responder
  • Create a Free Report
  • Creating Your Lead Capture Page
  • Your Thank You Page
  • One Time Offer

Getting Targeted Subscribers

  • Participate in Give Away Ventures
  • Advertisement Swapping
  • Blogging
  • Buy Subscribers from List Sellers
  • Buy E-zine Advertising Space
  • Writing Articles
  • Pop-ups
  • Use Traffic Exchange Programs
  • Forums
  • List Your E-zine in E-zine Directories

In Closing


Ebook cover: Mailing List Gold
Mailing List Gold

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P.S. Finally, with all of my mailing list wisdom and knowledge packed in one ebook, you can now create your own responsive mailing list where your subscribers really care about what you have to say and buy what you recommend - it's like your own personal fan club!

P.P.S. Mailing List Gold contains insights, tactics and strategies that you have probably never thought of that can be responsible for your next Internet Business income. I describe to you how you can build your mailing list system following a proven blueprint other Top Internet Entrepreneurs and I have used and get targeted subscribers by the masses.

P.P.P.S. We have already established that creating your own mailing list is an asset worth your time, effort and dedication to build, isn't about time you take your mailing list seriously?

Editor: Alex Smit
Price: $24.95
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