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Acquire An Honest Attorney!

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Title: Acquire An Honest Attorney!

How To Recruit An Honest Attorney And Protect Your Intellectual and Financial Property

How To Find A "Pit-bull" Attorney That Will Fight Like An Animal For Anyone Trying To Go Up Against Your Business!

Discover How To Find The Most Reputable, Honest & Brutal Attorney To Fight On The Good Side: Yours!

  • Have you ever thought of the fact that you may need an attorney in the future for a business situation?
  • Have you ever considered the fact that most last minute attorney choices are always bad ones?
  • What would you do if someone sued you and you had absolutely no idea what to do next?


If you've ever had one of these questions race through your head along with visions of losing everything you've worked for, this letter will help you gain "peace of mind"...

Take Back Your Business & Asset Security And Protect Yourself From A Business Disaster!

Dear Friend,

This letter is going to go over an often neglected and always underestimated tool that you need to have in your business no matter how big or small.

Did you know that business disasters happen every day to good people just like me and you?

This doesn't make us a bad person

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Law and Legal

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Title: Put it To Rest
Author: Chris Attig

Its taken me 9 months to Put this Veterans Law Guidebook together.

  • I talked to hundreds of Veterans about their Sleep Apnea Claims.
  • I talked to several doctors and Sleep Specialists about Sleep Apnea
  • I read countless BVA and Veterans Court Decisions
  • I compiled all of that information into ONE VA Sleep Apnea Guidebook.
  • I reviewed every sleep apnea claim my Firm had in the last 7 years.

Here's What I Will Teach You about VA Sleep Apnea Claims:

  • The 3 different types of Sleep Apnea - and what conditions and situations cause it
  • What Sleep Apnea is, and why so many Veterans are being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea
  • How to Prove Sleep Apnea Claims using my "4 Pillars Method"
  • Common Veteran Errors in Veterans VA Sleep Apnea Appeals and Claims
  • What Lay and Medical Evidence to get in a VA Sleep Apnea Claim or Appeal
  • How to Put it All Together - the 5 Most Common Sleep Apnea Service-Connection Scenarios.

Much, much more!

This Veterans Law Guidebook is over 165 pages of information designed to teach you how to better understand how the VA and the BVA view Sleep Apnea service connection claims.

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Category: Jobs, Law and Legal

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Author: Detective TJ Howe

Discover The Secrets To Propel You To The Top Of the Hiring List With... The CAREER COP System

If You've Been Looking Into Law Enforcement As A Career For Any Amount Of Time, Then You've Probably Seen Some Of My Articles Within The Law Enforcement World.

I Promise I Can Help You Do Just That!

I Started My Law Enforcement At 19 Years Old...Yes I Was 19 With A Gun And A Badge! Pretty Crazy...In Fact It Boggles My Mind.

Yet, The 19 Years Old Fact Isn't Important...

What Is Important?

The Fact That I Beat Out Over 600 Other Applicants, For 1 Of 7 Positions


  • I Had No Work Experience
  • I Was Not A Police Academy Graduate (They Paid Me To Go To The Academy)
  • I Had No Life Experience
  • I Had No Family Ties To Law Enforcement
  • I Had No Credit
  • And I Even Had A Suspended Driver's License On My Record

So How Did A 19 Year Old Kid That Had No Business Enforcing Any Laws...Beat Out Over 600 Applicants Who Were Most Likely Much More Qualified?

Through This Deep Desire To Join The Law Enforcement Family, I Left Nothing To Chance...I Actually Made It Impossible For The Agency Not To Hire Me!

Sure I Studied For Each Phase Of The Hiring Process, And There Are 9 Phases You Need To Prepare For:

  • Physical Agility
  • The Application
  • Written Test
  • Background... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Law and Legal

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Title: ABCs To Skip Tracing Manual

Mr. Kevin R. McLeish has used his 10 years in the collection industry to develope the Skip Tracing Institute.

With The ABCs to Skip Tracing guide you are offered basic knowledge on locating anyone. Included in the 43 page guide are sample scripts for telephone conversations, which assist the beginner in gaining confidence.

The guide includes a Tracing Quick List for reference while working files.

The information and procedures described in The ABCs to Skip Tracing have been used in professional skip tracing office environments and we are sure you will find its content useful and informative.

Skip tracers are primarily associated with collection agencies but are also a vital part of some credit granters recovery teams.

The following subjects are covered in The ABCs to Skip Tracing guide:

Qualities of Skip Tracing

  • Explanation of Sources of Information
  • Qualifications For A Successful Skip Tracer
  • Steps To Tracing
  • Importance Of Recording Full Information
  • Methods Of Obtaining Information
  • Employed Or Unemployed Skips
  • Tracing A Company
  • Is Subterfuge Necessary?
  • Companies & Proprietorships
  • Commercial Accounts
  • Effective Skip Tracing Is An Art

Phone Scripts & Form Letters

  • Calling Property Tax Offices
  • Employee Verification
  • Former Employee
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Law and Legal

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Title: How to Win the Diversity Visa Lottery

Increase Your Chances of Winning A Green Card

A detailed step by step guide to the Green Card lottery program, full of tips & advice.

Did you know that every year 50,000 people from around the world win the diversity visa lottery which allows them to live and work in the U.S. permanently?

Unfortunately, out of the millions of people applying for a green card, a large number get rejected even before the lottery takes place.

This Ebook will teach you:

  • How to submit a 100% correct green card lottery application.
  • How to find out if you can apply for the green card lottery. (even if your birth country is not eligible)
  • How to legally increase your chances of winning the lottery.
  • How to successfully prepare and pass the important green card interview.
  • What to do and NOT to do if you win the lottery.

Discover How To Legally Increase Your Chance Of Winning

Learn from an experienced green card expert how to use every trick in the book to submit a legal & correct green card lottery application that increases your chances of winning.

  • Cross charge your application with your spouse to effectively double your chances of winning
  • If you have multiple native country options, find out how this can increase your chances of winning.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents in advance so you don’t miss out because of bureaucratic
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Law and Legal

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Reviewed by Luningning on 2017-08-31
My Rate 3
this book is interesting good job ebook very clean information,,,,,,

Reviewed by Alex66 on 2015-08-22
My Rate 2
very good book you get pretty good information on exporting

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Title: The Exporter's Handbook
Author: Sam Vaknin

It is difficult to export post the September 11 attacks. Stringent security and port inspections, strict money laundering regulations, and other hindrances crop daily.

A tutorial for export transactions - from financing to shipping, INCOTERMS and contracts.

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Category: Law and Legal

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Title: Class Conscious
Author: Andy Carloff

An examination of the Capitalist system, analyzing unemployment, poverty, technology, wage slavery/subsistence wages, among many other issues. It is thoroughly researched, relying on both older evidence as well as newly published information.

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Category: Business, Home Business, Law and Legal

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Title: Small Business Manual
Author: Sam Vaknin

Issues in owning and managing a small business - the Small Business Afministration, bureaucracy, taxation, financing and banking, credit card chargebacks, and other issues facing the undercapitalized, inexperienced, small entrepreneur in countries in transition and developing countries.

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Category: Education, Law and Legal, Medicine

Open ebook.

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Title: How to Figure Out if a Doctor Caused a Family Member's Death
Author: Richard P. Console

MyInjuryAttorney presents a free eBook on how to figure out if a doctor caused a family member's death. This guide is for all the grieving family members and friends that don't know where to turn after losing a loved one to an overdose.

When death was preventable - like an overdose is - it's natural  to wonder what could have stopped it. Family members may blame their loved one for taking the medications, or they may even blame themselves for allowing it to happen.

What few people realize is that the cause of an opioid death sometimes happens years before the overdose. Often, this tragic path starts with a negligent doctor. When physicians inappropriately prescribe powerful opioid painkillers, they can trigger an addiction that changes the patient's life forever.

For many families, one of the biggest obstacles to finding closure is the sense of blame.  My hope is that this content will help answer some of your questions about blame after an overdose and about your family's legal rights. Given that we are in the midst of an opioid crisis this content is worth a read. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Law and Legal

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Title: Estate Planning Explained - Wills & Trusts, Elder Law, Estate Tax, Probate And Special Needs Planning
Author: Kevin O'Flaherty

Kevin O'Flaherty of O'Flaherty Law explains everything you need to know about estate planning, including wills and trusts, special needs planning, estate tax avoidance, elder law and medicaid planning, and creditor avoidance. 

In Illinois, a probate case is required if you pass away owning any real estate (even if there is a mortgage on your home or condo) or more than one-hundred thousand dollars of non-real estate assets outside of a trust.  

One of the primary goals of a good estate plan is to avoid the necessity of a probate case.  We want to avoid probate because probate can cost five to ten percent of the value of your estate in attorney fees and court costs; because probate cases take approximately one year, during which time your loved-ones will not have access to your assets; and because probate is extremely stressful for your loved ones.  

In Estate Planning Explained, Illinois estate planning attorney will teach you how to avoid probate by transferring your major assets to a revocable living trust, which makes probate unnecessary. 

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Ebook Type: Kindle
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