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Title: Free Backstage Passes... Any Show... Anywhere!
Author: Ryan Even

"Discover how you can get the best tickets in the house and hangout backstage with unprecedented access to your favorite artists!".

Dear Die Hard Music Lover,

Are over inflated ticket prices stopping you from seeing your favorite artists or bands?

  • Would you leap at the chance to get special access, backstage passes or even a 'meet n greet' pass to that sold out concert in your area?
  • How would you like to get into the hottest concerts for free?
  • Do want access to the best seats in the house?
  • Are you ready to be among the select few gets those prestigious backstage passes?


"Industry Insider Reveals How To Secure Your Ticket To Music Heaven"

Hi, My name is Ryan Even and I'm here to share how you can get those exclusive backstage passes to the hottest concerts and event in your area.... After years spent working in the radio industry I have found the secrets of how even the average person can secure the best tickets and more!

Paying those inflated ticket prices for seats so far from the stage you wonder why you bothered will be a thing of the past - because I'm going to share my hard one insider knowledge...

"Here's Exactly What You Will Discover From My System... "

  • Why this proven method works in any country and why there are no barriers on genre of music
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Category: Children, How To

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Title: How to Write a GREAT Children's Book

This comprehensive resource will show you my secrets when it comes to:

  • Why children's fiction is different from other fiction
  • What you need to consider before you start writing your book
  • What is important in children's fiction
  • The most common problems novice writers face
  • Plotting and creating your book
  • How to write realistic dialogue
  • How to show your reader instead of telling them
  • How to ensure your reader is "hooked" after the first page
  • How to create believable characters
  • Editing and polishing your work to a professional standard
  • All the different types of children's books

Here's what else you'll learn:

  • Why logic is vital to all stories, even fantasy
  • What are the most important aspects of a children's book
  • The straight-forward definition of children's fiction
  • The difference between trade and educational publishers
  • How to write what children want to read
  • How to think your way to success
  • How to incorporate research material into your plot
  • How to find the time to write every day
  • How much description is necessary in a children's book

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Category: Games, How To, Sports

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Title: Every Golfers Guide to the Mental Game
Description:'s the first tee, no nerves. You have an 8 footer to win and you calmly drain the putt. Making your best swings when the pressure is greatest...
Every Golfer's Guide Mental Game Program will transform your golf game. From the inside out!
The program contains the most advanced mental game strategies in the game of golf.

315 page ebook and advanced Audio Coaching Sessions combine to give you the most effective mental game training program available anywhere, at any price.

Here's a look at what's inside this mental game program of game improving resources:

  • Transform Putting into Consistent excellence
  • The Power of Your Imagination and How to Use it
  • The Four Stages of Inner Game Mastery
  • PowerHouse Goal Setting Plan
  • Learn how to use a Postshot Routine
  • Identifying Your "Playing Style"
  • How to Eliminate Anger
  • How to Develop a Preshot Routine That's Right for You
  • How To Develop Crystal Clear Focus
  • Guiding Your Attention
  • Finding Your Game
  • Exactly How to Enter Your Unique Zone
  • Dissolve Performance Anxiety
  • Developing the Mindset of a Champion
  • Cure the Yips
  • Beliefs - How They Determine How Low You'll Shoot
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques

Completely tranform your inner and outer game:

  • Learn how to manage your emotions - no
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Category: How To, Manuals

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Title: How to Build A Projector Screen
Author: Richard Shepard

"STOP! Don't Buy An Ugly Pre-Made Projector Screen!

I Guarantee You Can Build Your Own Professinal Quality Home Theatre Projection Screen! Have the Biggest and Best Screen Anywhere!"

"How an Everyday Person Built the Biggest and Best Looking Projector Screen! You can learn how to make your own screen it is fun, fast and easy! No special tools or skills are required and all the parts can be found at your local hardware store! We Have Built Many Screens And Are Willing To Share Our Secrets For A Limited Time!"

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

  1. Have the biggest screen in your block.
    Be the envy of your friends.
  2. Build it for about $50.
    Save thousands over retail units.
  3. We will tell you the secret to screen material that the big companies don't want you to know about!
    This secret alone will save you hundereds or thousands of dollars!
  4. Use it at your parties and boardrooms.
    Impress your guests and customers.
  5. No expensive tools required.
    All you really need is a screwdriver!
  6. Easy to find parts.
    Everything is available at your local hardware store.
  7. The screen is going to be beautiful.
    It will look like a piece of art in your home.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

  • You will not find another book like this ANYWHERE,
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Category: How To

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Title: Hot wire foam cutter project

The hot wire foam cutter project will show you how to build your own professional style foam cutter. The foam cutter will enable high quality styrene foam patterns to be made in the home hobby foundry. You will surprise yourself at just how quick and easy it is to cut and assemble foam patterns. This ebook is supplied as a bonus along with the others described above. You would be hard pressed to find another package like it anywhere on the Internet. And every ebook customer is eligible for our evaluable free online help for any questions or help you may need. We want to see you succeed, just like the hundreds of other people we have helped.

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Category: How To

How to stop SPAM

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Title: How to stop SPAM
Author: Liz Tomey
"Who Else Wants To Rid Their Computer of Unwanted Junk Mail Without Falling For Traps That Will Actually Make The Problem Worse!"

Warning: Spam emails are not just annoying - they are a main distributor of viruses that can wipe out your computer.

I've got something to tell you that you probably already know!


What did you do to deserver this invasion of offensive, unethical, dangerous, criminal emails that you get on a daily basis? Probably NOTHING!

We all want to be rid of the daily chore of sorting through scams and filth to find emails from friends, family, and coworkers... are definitely NOT asking for too much. There is a way to stop greedy Spammers from finding their way to your inbox. There is a way to stop SPAM dead in its tracks.

All you need to do is educate yourself on the dangers of Spam - followed up by some real solutions to the problem. All of which can be found within...

Did you know that SPAM emails, aren't just annoying, but can be downright dangerous? SPAM is a major carrier and distributor of viruses!

When viruses and SPAM team up, they can be devastating. Viruses are so smart, that they can actually find email address on your computer of friends, family, and coworkers - and send themselves over to infect their computers too! Imagine the embarrassment when they find out the virus came from YOUR computer!

One of your friends or family members could get infected at anytime - and may through no action of their own, send you a virus through email! Do you know how to protect

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Category: Home, How To

The Miracle Of Vinegar

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Title: The Miracle Of Vinegar

Dear Friend,

You may be forgiven for thinking that these passed down secrets had gone for good, washed away with time and the modern age. . . . But they're not.

You can now own three of the best traditional / did you know style reports that were much loved by our parents and grandparents. And they were pretty smart too because not only will these reports save you time and money but they'll also help you eliminate some of the scourges of modern day living such as harmful chemical usage in the home.

This kind of information is what the big industrial giants don't want you to know. . . Why for instance would you want to spend extra money on your grocery bill buying caustic and harmful cleaners to remove pipe blockages when simply using vinegar works equally well.

In fact vinegar can be used for hundreds of alternative uses, from preventing burn blisters to cleaning your windows.

You'll find sixty plus more great ideas in our report - The Miracle of Vinegar.

But There's more . . .

Rather than charge you extra for more reports we've decided to include them all together for just one low price. So in addition to The Miracle of Vinegar you'll also receive another old time classic report - The Benefits Of Baking Soda'

You'll get an additional sixty quick household tips and ideas including . . .

  • How to easily and quickly remove soap scum and limescale build up from showers, tiles and
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Category: How To, Self Help


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Title: Real Life NEGOTIATING
Author: Arnold Butler

How to Become a Real Life NEGOTIATOR!

Have you ever given any thought to how often you negotiate a tough situation? Without realizing it we negotiate every day of our lives. Just imagine what it would be like if you were to negotiate intentionally and skillfully.

That's exactly what we are here to discuss today. Negotiation is an art form when used correctly. And that's the key. Yes, everyone does inherently negotiate one thing or another throughout their daily lives. But, how successful are they?

Negotiation is a powerful tool when used properly. The problem is that most people haven't got a clue that they ARE negotiating, let alone how to do it successfully. The outcome of a negotiation should provide a "win-win" for all parties concerned.

All to often someone walks away feeling like a winner while the other party feels demeaned and disappointed. Learn how to empower your negotiating and you will have the key to lifelong success no matter where your interests fall.

Sound impossible? It really isn't. You just need the right tools and training which is why you are here. Everything you need to master the art of negotiation is contained in "Real Life NEGOTIATING."

This is a very powerful training guide and you should be absolutely prepared for what you will learn. The techniques described inside are so effective that they could be used in a negative manner. You must

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: How To

So You Wanna Buy A Car

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Title: So You Wanna Buy A Car
"Who Else Wants To Know Every Dollar Saving Trick, Every Scam-Stopping Tip, And Every Must-Know Bit Of Information You Need When Buying A Car!"

Things that you should know when buying a Car

Things that you should know when buying a Car

Do you think you could beat a professional basketball player at his own game?

For most of us, the answer is no. Think about that the next time you go to a car dealership... where you are dealing with a professional seller.

From the moment you step out on the lot you are behind in experience... behind in industry knowledge... behind in salesmanship... to whom else but someone who sells for a living?

The professional athlete of his field. The salesman. The person who makes his living by commission - and therefore tries to squeeze every dollar possible out of his victims.

But now you can be prepared. Don't fall for his traps.

Don't fall for his schemes. Make sure you spend the least money possible when purchasing your car. And do it with confidence.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present to you...

"...How To Buy A Car Without Getting Ripped Off!"

Greetings Friend,

Are you looking to buy a car but don't want to pay more money then you have to?

Then I am your ticket.

The first thing you need to realize when going to a dealership to buy a car is this. The salesman's agenda is to make the best commission possible. Your agenda is to get the best deal possible. You must understand this mindset.

In the lot of

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: How To

Credit Cards The Lowdown

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Title: Credit Cards The Lowdown


  • Introduction
  • You And The Credit Card
  • Increase Your Credit Limit
  • Apply For A Credit Card Easily
  • Business And Credit Cards
  • Get The Right Credit Score
  • Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
  • Accepting Credit Cards on your Website
  • Beware of Pay Day Loans
  • Get Out Of Debt - Fast!
  • Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt


Ever wondered just how is it possible for you to get out of debt?
Are you thinking about accepting credit cards on your website?
Would you like to know how you can increase your credit card limit?
Have you ever thought how to protect yourself against identity theft?
The answers to these questions and many more are revealed in this very informative information guide.
The content in this ebook was derived from experts in their fields and basically, people who know what they are talking about!
This ebook is sold with resale rights - that means you may sell this ebook to anyone you like as long as it is not modified in any way.
You may also grant resale rights along with it.

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