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Category: Business, Finance, How To

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Title: The KANJItrader Method

The Fibonacci Sequence is an ancient pattern that occurs naturally throughout the natural world!

This powerful new manual shows step-by-step the PROPER application of this ancient strategy to financial markets.  

Easily the greatest path for low risk and massive profits.

You will see:

  • How to determine the direction SHIFTS in markets
  • When to apply the Fibonacci Sequences, and to which charts
  • Why trailing stops are a LOSING proposition
  • How to ride a trade wave to the maximum profit


Conventional wisdom has much to say about the business of trading.  You have probably heard things like:

  • Trading is difficult
  • Trading requires a large capital
  • Trading takes years to master

The KANJItrader Method will show you that this is not necessarily so!  You will find out what really works year after year, decade after decade.  While this book introduces the KANJItrader BASIC Method, it is NOT  basic manual about the FOREX or financial markets.  This is probably the most valuable e-book you will find in your lifetime!


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Computers, Entertainment, How To

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Title: Under $500 Gaming PC Setup - Step by Step
Author: antonio patrick

We dealt with everyone burning questions, about what the best PC at $499.

We talked throught the part told you our reasoning and sent it to the wilds of the internet.

However we are not done yet, we just dont recommend the part and call it a day.

Pretty excited we are not, we just dont recommend a full PC of a parts and call it a day.

Just like i expecting that its not that easy to choose the best part for $499 PC.

We share our idea to our comrade, and we dont expected how much ideas we got from.

Because i have my own reasoning and so it not just about rehasing.

Its also about building it getting it up and running and playing some games to see this little beast.

Regardless of how it look and im throwing some cables extensions to make it look b-roll.

Because even through is, its even i saying that CPU and GPU were the most critical here with the GPU being most important.

A lot of the parts had quickly gone out of stock now, i've added additionals link in the stock.

But these are volatiles time.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: How To, Relationships

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Title: Cracking OkCupid
Author: Kyle Trouble

Cracking OkCupid is the modern's man's guide to dating. 

It goes into great detail to explain the ins and outs of online dating tailored to a male audience. Whilst the book has a focus on OkCupid, which is one of the most popular dating sites on the market, it's overall core concepts can be applied to almost any dating website or application - Tinder,, eHarmony, etc.

Included in the book is:

  • How to select the best photos for your individual self.
  • How to best craft a profile that is engaging and clever, but doesn't come across as try hard.
  • How to develop a "system" to message other people, which will cut down on your time spent in front of a computer and give you more time where you want to be - out on dates.
  • Actionable advice on continuing conversation, moving the conversation offline, and finally - asking her out on a date.
  • General date advice - going to dinner is not always the best option.

There is of course, much more! Cracking OkCupid also contains plenty of information for the modern on general self-improvement - enabling everyone to be the best they can be.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Crafts, How To, Sports

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Title: Cheap Canoe Plans

This is a set (1) of free boat plans to build a 13'5" cheap canoe.
more plans are available at The materials to build this canoe can also be found on
These plans were designed by yacht designer Jaques Mertens, The plans are very simple; involving simple stitch and glue construction, no advanced carpentry skills necessary. Materials include plywood, fiberglass tape, and epoxy resin. this is the perfect plan to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts needed-to build all of our boats.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, E-Business, How To

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Title: How To Write Blog Comments That Affects The Success Of Your Blog
Author: Andrew M. Warner

In blogging, people put a lot of emphasis on blog comments .. for good reason. WHen a person leaves a comment on your blog post, it symbolizes that (1) they have an opinion of what they just read and (2) opens up the possibility for conversation.

The only thing you hate to see, as a blog owner, is when someone has no opinions and leave a generic comment. Those type of commenters are usually not welcomed and if you're the type of person that leaves those type of comments, you need to stop immediately. 

Do you know that the way you choose to write comments on someone elses blog posts can ultimately affect the success of your own blog?

That's why, in this post, I do over the very reasons that you should comment on other people's blog, how to do it and why it's just so important. 

If your ultimate goal is to build a blogging community, then the first thing you need to start working on is how you choose to comment on other blogs. It very well could affect your success.



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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: How To, Law and Legal, Nonfiction

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Title: Dealing With Allegations of Sexual Assault
Author: Bill Doogue

How should you deal with allegations of sexual assault? If you have been accused of rape, indecent act, child pornography, or other crimes of sexual nature, it is best that you have an understanding of the criminal laws surrounding sexual crimes. This ebook provides comprehensive information on various sexual offences as they are handled by criminal courts in Victoria, Australia. Know the various court and police procedures involved when dealing with sexual crimes.

This ebook also features actual case studies and an in-depth discussion of different investigative techniques prior to and during an interview related to a sexual offending. It covers rights of witnesses, sexual offence implications, matters related to sex offender registration, and issues arising from a plea of guilty. No one is exempt from justice and every accused deserves a fair trial. Further, any accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This ebook will help you prepare for effective criminal defence against sexual assault allegations.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: How To, Romance, Manuals

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Title: Manuale del perfetto seduttore
Language: Italian

Scopri come conquistare la donna dei tuoi sogni!

Leggi il Manuale della Seduzione, scritto dalla redazione tutta femminile di

Seduttori si diventa! L'universo femminile non è impossibie da conquistare... basta usare la testa e vedrai che (quasi) ogni donna cadrà ai tuoi piedi... non ci credi? Scarica la nostra guida e prova!

Quanto sono diverse le donne dagli uomini? Di cosa hanno bisogno? Il segreto è rassicurarle! Come? Scoprilo con noi!

Nel manuale vengono descritte tutte le situazioni che potrebbero capitarti, dal massaggino all'incontri tet a tet, dalla situazione romantica a quella imbarazzante.

Non sei curioso?

Il manuale contiene i capitoli:

- Seduttori di diventa

- Conosci l'universo femminile?

- Qualcosa di più sull'universo femminile

- Che cosa cercano le donne in un uomo?

- AAA cercasi donna dei sogni

- Le regole dell'attrazione: imparare a piacersi per piacere

- 4 segreti per sedurre

- La conversazione: seduci con la parola

- La seduzione passa attraverso un messaggio

- 5 regole d'oro per non combinare guai con i tuoi incontri sui social

- Come districarsi dalle situazioni imbarazzanti


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Finance, Investing, How To

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Title: Guida giocare in borsa
Language: Italian

Vuoi diventare trader? Per te è online la guida gratis che spiega come iniziare a giocare in borsa da casa propria. Investire in borsa è difficile e rischioso ma grazie a questo manuale pratico giocare in borsa per principianti e negati diventerà possibile.

Redatta dallo staff del sito web ufficiale questa guida fa capire, passo per passo, come si fa trading online tramite lo strumento finanziario derivato delle opzioni binarie.

Se vuoi imparare a guadagnare soldi veri in borsa online qui troverai la spiegazione su come fare. Scopri la definizione di "giocare in borsa", approfondisci le strategie per fare soldi con trading system che funzionano davvero, leggi i consigli dei migliori traders che fanno soldi con la borsa tramite tecniche di trading binario avanzate.

Perchè avere paura di giocare in borsa da soli ed investire "fai da te" se si può usufruire delle istruzioni che guidano punto dopo punto all'apertura di un conto trading sui broker, al deposito minimo, alle tecniche da utilizzare per minimizzare i rischi?

Se proprio non si vuole correre il pericolo di perdere denaso si può sempre scegliere di iniziare a giocare in borsa gratis facendo investimenti simulati (per finta). Sarà divertente anche se si investiranno solo soldi online finti.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cooking, Food, How To

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Title: Historic Cocktails: Pre-Prohibition Recipes for Crafting an Excellent Drink
Author: Dawn Irion

Discover 174 pre-Prohibition cocktail recipes for all occasions! How much do you know about the glory days of the cocktail, before Prohibition, and the rich history of alcohol in America? Historic Cocktails uncovers secrets from our colorful past that were almost lost to us due to the "Noble Experiment."

This picture packed book shares over 170 historic cocktail recipes favored by bartenders excellent at their craft. All of the recipes were perfected before Prohibition and may have a few surprises. In fact, some aren't even alcoholic! Learn the secret tricks of an ancient trade and be known as the best host in town. Historic Cocktails includes history, photos, terms and definitions, and instructions for both individual cocktails and party sized punches.

Be part of restoring cocktails to the prominence they once held by learning the old techniques along with some fascinating history that will take you all over the world. With Historic Cocktails on your bar (or in your kitchen) you'll impress your guests with your knowledge of classic liqueurs and these amazing pre-Prohibition cocktails.

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Category: Entertainment, Music, How To

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Title: How To Be A Mobile DJ In 30 Days Or Less
Author: DJ Jake Barton

Welcome to DJ Jake Barton's Special Report:

How To Become A Mobile DJ In 30 Days Or Less!

The following guide is designed to help beginners take the first step towards becoming a DJ. This guide will emphasize the critically required steps you need to achieve your dream to become a DJ.

This guide is broken down into an easy to read Question and Answer format. It reflects the most pressing questions aspiring DJs have in getting started.

This guide will answer questions such as:

1 - What qualifications do I need to get into the Mobile DJ business?

2 - How much does it cost to get started as a Mobile DJ?

3 - What to do with $1,000?

4 - What is the bare minimum equipment needed to get started as a Mobile DJ?

5 - Do you need to know everything about music before you begin? Or can you learn as you go?

6 - Should you buy the best of everything in the beginning? Or start slowly and upgrade?

7 - Should you focus your money on buying light or sound equipment?

8 - Should you use your real name or create a unique DJ name?

And much, much more.

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