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Flower Arrangements Made Simple Ebook

Flower Arrangements Made Simple
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Ebook cover: Flower Arrangements Made Simple


Title: Flower Arrangements Made Simple

Discover how YOU can become a flower arrangement specialist and save up to $800 a year or more over the cost of a florist while creating beautiful and unique flower arrangements for yourself, family and friends!

By using my quick step-by-step method of flower arranging, you can become your own floral arrangement specialist.

This Flower Arranging Guide is Guaranteed to Do the Following for You:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Flower Arrangements Made Simple - written in plain easy to understand language making floral design simple to learn.

Chapter 2: Flower Arranging Must Haves (from Floral Foam to Vases, everything you will need to get started).

Chapter 3: What Makes a Beautiful Arrangement (the meaning of line, form and color in a floral arrangement).

Chapter 4: Types of Flower Arrangements - Learn the three basic floral designs needed to create any flower arrangement.

  • Swags
  • Mass
  • Line


Chapter 5: Vases Are Everywhere - Learn how to use containers already found in your own home.

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Metal Containers
  • Glass and Ceramic Vases
  • Baskets
  • Floral Foam Forms
  • Bowls
  • Terra Cotta Pots


Chapter 6: Using Size and Texture in Your Flower Arrangement - Learn how to give your floral arrangement character.

Chapter 7: Letting Color Create the Mood - Learn why color is such an important part of a flower arrangement.

Chapter 8: Making Flower Arrangements: Step-by-Step, dozens and dozens of photographs, including step-by-step photo instructions with easy to learn floral arrangement assembly.

  • Materials Needed
  • Centerpiece
  • Flower Arrangement Directions
  • Bountiful Bouquet
  • Standard Flower Arrangement
  • Corsage


Chapter 9: Wedding Bouquets: AN ENTIRE SECTION ON WEDDING BOUQUETS! - so you could build Wedding Bouquets that others are paying $1000's for! Step-by-step instruction for making the following type of bouquets:

  • Flower Girl Bouquet
  • Cascade Wedding Bouquet
  • Simple Round Bridal Bouquet


Chapter 10: Buying and Caring for Your Flowers

  • What to do at Home - How to care for your flowers once you get them home.
  • Homemade Floral Food - every flower needs food.
  • Caring for Your Flower Arrangement - Now that the flower arrangement is done learn how to keep it longer.
  • Tips on where to go on and off-line to buy flowers - Advice on cost saving reduction, with an average of 55% savings over the cost of using a florist by using local retail shops.



  • Have that feeling of self pride for a job well-done!
  • Create your own beautiful, unique fresh floral arrangements.
  • Have the skills to make your creative juices bloom.
  • Be able to turn your newly acquired floral arranging skills into a stream of income, so you could do this for a living.
Ebook cover: Flower Arrangements Made Simple
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Editor: Judy Babb

Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (4.22 after 18 votes)
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My Rate 5
This is good Book helping people and giving knowledge to people how they can arrange flowers themselves when any Flower Arrangement issues arises and no one is there to help him and then this book help a lot to resolve this type of issue teaches flower arrangement,as per my views Books are the good teacher no one can teach better than books ,I do same . I will give 5stars to it.

Reviewed by Cheryl sembrano on
My Rate 5
Very helpful.

Reviewed by marissa wage on
My Rate 5
it's really great information

Reviewed by on
My Rate 5
so nice to be simple but elegant....

Reviewed by edward ruby on
My Rate 5
i like the way the flowers are arranged. the colour combination is good. tasteful heart

Reviewed by patricia atkinson on
My Rate 5
i find it very inspiring,it easy and simple to follow,so i'll say wondewrfully done,keep it up. highly recommended

Reviewed by pamela Farris on
My Rate 5
i like this because it provides great instruction on how to make many different types of floral arrangements .they are not only quick and easy they are beautiful .

Reviewed by Cynthia on
My Rate 4
It's good for someone just.

Reviewed by gayathri on
My Rate 3
all this ideas are good but u may give nice ideas for children below 14 years.

Reviewed by Adriana Santos Lundy on
My Rate 1

Reviewed by rhodora on
My Rate 4
informative and ready to follow guide in making flower arrangements

Reviewed by jhen on
My Rate 3
it gives me informstion

Reviewed by beth capio on
My Rate 1
Today is February 20 and I haven't received the book since I paid it last January 31, very poor customer service.

I still wish you can send it to me so i can rate the book as well.

Reviewed by Erlinda L. Gaboy on
My Rate 5
The book is interesting . It can really develop one 's skill in dealing and managing flower arrangement and related facts about flowers. It is also a skill for investment or bussiness,

Reviewed by dARLENE jANE aLVARICO on
My Rate 5

Reviewed by Rajesh Vinaykyaa on
My Rate 5
this is fabolous...very informational. I never though flowers really means this much to our life cycle. Thanks to Judy to come up with such a great informational ebook and site.

Reviewed by Karen Svatos on
My Rate 5
Wonderfully done!

Reviewed by Sanchan on
My Rate 5
I have read this eBook and found it very informative. Judy writing style is extremely clear and he genuine desire to help transpire in each page.

I learned an incredible amount of information for a very small price.

Highly recommended.

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