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Reviewed by James Eaton on 2015-04-30
My Rate 5
The book helped me a lot, I learned a variety of things about saving money and making money.

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Title: How To Save Money Through College: How To Work, Save And Still Pass Finals
Author: James Eaton

How To Save Money Through College: How To Work Save And Still Pass Finals is an information packed ebook. It focuses on inspiring readers to save money through college, by being frugal. you will learn how to cook your own food, use credit cards wisely, eat healthy food, use all the free entertainment that the college offers, live healthy to prevent medical expenses from occuring. You will learn how to stay positive,no matter what happens in order to stay focused on the goal at hand. We all understand that college is not a walk in the park, and that you are going to deal with obstacles along the way. When in college you must believe in yourself, most of all. Everything starts with a dream, also staying in contact with your parents or loved ones is of vital importance, this you will learn. you will also aquire the knowledge to become a student worker,even though working and studying at the same time may not seem simplistic. This fantastic work will help you yield results for your efforts in lesser time.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
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Category: Real Estate, Finance, Nonfiction

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Title: How to Get a Mortgage Home Loan Online
Author: R. Smirh

Thinking about buying a home or refinancing a mortgage? This ebook provides easy to understand, yet detailed FAQs and information about how to get a mortgage to buy a home or refinance an exisitng home loan. Learn about the mortgage loan process and get answers to specific questions about real estate financing.

Regarding a home purchase, there are many online calculator tools that can give you a general idea of the home price range that you can afford, but did you know that real estate agents and home sellers place more value on a pre-approved buyer's purchase offer when compared to the same price offer from a buyer who has not been pre-approved by a mortgage lender?

Before you refinance your home, it is important to know how the home refinancing process works, what questions to ask mortgage lenders, how to research the available loan options, and determine whether or not mortgage refinancing will provide a financial benefit to justify the time, effort and expense involved in the process.



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Ebook Type: MS Word
Category: Finance

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Title: Payday Loans Ebook
Author: Solution Loans

Payday can't come soon enough in some instances especially when there is an emergency or unexpected expenses. When you need money quickly Payday Loans could be an option to see you through. They are short-terms and low value loans meaning they can be taken out for a very short period of time, weeks rather than months.

This ebook will take you through how payday loans work, how you can apply for a payday loan, what the downsides are and more. If you are considering a payday loan or you want to know what options are avalaible to you if an emergency situation arises than this is the ebook for you, to help and guide you through some of the most important questions. 

Whenever you take out a loan make sure you know your options and what is going to suit you better. There are many resources avalaible to guide you in the right direction, and this ebook is one of them! Don't approach getting a loan with no knowledge on the matter. Make sure you get all the information before you make a commitment to a creditor. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Finance, Investing, How To

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Title: Guida giocare in borsa
Language: Italian

Vuoi diventare trader? Per te è online la guida gratis che spiega come iniziare a giocare in borsa da casa propria. Investire in borsa è difficile e rischioso ma grazie a questo manuale pratico giocare in borsa per principianti e negati diventerà possibile.

Redatta dallo staff del sito web ufficiale questa guida fa capire, passo per passo, come si fa trading online tramite lo strumento finanziario derivato delle opzioni binarie.

Se vuoi imparare a guadagnare soldi veri in borsa online qui troverai la spiegazione su come fare. Scopri la definizione di "giocare in borsa", approfondisci le strategie per fare soldi con trading system che funzionano davvero, leggi i consigli dei migliori traders che fanno soldi con la borsa tramite tecniche di trading binario avanzate.

Perchè avere paura di giocare in borsa da soli ed investire "fai da te" se si può usufruire delle istruzioni che guidano punto dopo punto all'apertura di un conto trading sui broker, al deposito minimo, alle tecniche da utilizzare per minimizzare i rischi?

Se proprio non si vuole correre il pericolo di perdere denaso si può sempre scegliere di iniziare a giocare in borsa gratis facendo investimenti simulati (per finta). Sarà divertente anche se si investiranno solo soldi online finti.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Finance

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Title: Personal Loans Ebook

Did you know a personal loan is unsecured meaning that it does not require the borrower to put up a form of security as a guarantee for the lender. The lender bases a decision on whether the borrower will be able to repay the loan. Personal loans are available from a wide range of lenders, applicants are not restricted to the traditional High Street banks. 

So how do personal loans work, should you apply for a personal loan, what are the downsides? These are all questions that we look into and more from the Payday Loans Ebook. This is a perfect guide for those looking to take out their first personal loan or for someone that may need more information on the subject of personal loans. 

This Ebook also lets you know how much you could get for a personal loan and what the rules are from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and what the pay back scales are and how these work. 

In any money borrowing circumstance make sure you understand the rules and the implications this may have on you and your credit rating. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
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