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Category: Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Title: Quest for Knowledge (Volume 1 of the FirstWorld Saga)
Author: Christopher Jackson-Ash

FirstWorld is at the centre of the multiverse. It is the dimension that existed as the universe before The Sundering ripped apart Time and created a myriad of new dimensions. Now FirstWorld is under threat together with the entire multiverse. A Hero is needed to wield a great Sword, perhaps the most powerful weapon ever created.

Simon Redhead is a medical student in the near future of a dimension not unlike our own. He is shy and mild-mannered but by chance carries the genes that could make him a great manifestation of the Everlasting Hero. He is snatched from his dimension and taken to FirstWorld where he learns about the threat and is pressed into service.

How will someone who has sworn to do no harm reconcile with the opportunity to take up a terrible weapon and butcher people? Simon will struggle to understand the cosmic battle between Law and Chaos, and the role that The Balance plays. He will try to understand where good and evil fit in.

His travels in time will inadvertently contribute to The Sundering. Will he choose to stay in the past with a primitive Paleolithic tribe, where he finds happiness, or will he return to the present and help his new friends defeat the enemy at the gates of the Wizards' Keep?

This is epic fantasy inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and Michael Moorcock. It is elves & dwarves meets sword & sorcery with a few time travel paradoxes thrown in for good measure.

There's lots more free stuff, Kris the

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Category: Romance, Fiction, Action

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Title: Onto the Stage
Author: BS Murthy

"Slighted Souls" is a poignant love story set in rural Telangana, beset with feudal exploitation of the downtrodden dalits. Besides forcing the dalits to toil in the fields as bonded labor without impunity, the land owning doras had no qualms in reducing the womenfolk of this ilk as sex slaves in the gadis.

And this unabated exploitative social order of the Nizam era left the dalits economically depressed, socially degraded and morally debased that was until the changing times in the independent India led to their armed rebellion against their oppressors that ironically pitted them against the State power and it is in this backdrop that Slighted souls takes one Onto the Stage.

"Men at work on Women at work" is a tragic-comic episode depicting the fallout of sexual harassment at the workplace in the Indian urban setting with its traditional cultural underpinnings.

"Castle of Despair", built on the slippery ground of man's innate urge for one-upmanship, portrays its facade of falsity on the grand stage of human tragedy.

The radio play, "Love on Hold", lends voice to the felt anxieties of a man and a woman as their old flame gets rekindled felt and the dilemmas of possession faced by the couple in a conservative cultural background.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Fantasy

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Title: Spectres of the Owls
Author: KN Schultz

A great cataclysm seperated civilization into isolated walled cities connected by encased roads through a  bramble of wilderness teeming with inking black evil. Amongst these unforgiving wilds, mechanical owls and fabled sorcerers live and serve to protect the roads and cities from massive infestation and assimilation from the black tentaclesd beasts living in the meandering river between and through the cities.

The owls begin to nest, for a permanent sedentary lifestyle as their metal feathers and cogs rust from the lack of scheduled preventative maintainence. The Polisher, the owls' cleaner is missing, leaving the important task to a feeble minded old sorcerer to collect the Polisher's tools and begin cleaning the animals that keep the evil at bay.

Recruiting a local brawler, pilot, and mechanician, the old sorcerer retrieves the tools, finds out the fate of the Polisher, and aids the pilot in seeking revenge against the monsters before returning home to polish and clean the sacred owls.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Horror

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Title: Sing The Blues
Author: Tina Collins

Sing The Blues is a collection of short horror stories in the genres of sci-fi, paranormal and dystopia. There is also a spattering of homour throughout the collection just to lighten the mood ;)

Money, selfishness, exhibitionism and revenge all play a role. However, demons shadow their every move just waiting for that fatal mistake.

Examples of the stories within include a breeding program that occurs on this planet run by an alien species. Could escape be possible for both master and slave? Another story focuses on the life and crimes of a misogynist and how he eventually learns that maybe he shouldn't have used all those women in his life.

Or maybe, you'll like the story of a revengeful female ghost committed to searching out the relatives of those who drove her employers to hell. She loves to play games and she usally wins. Wolves parade a local 'drinking' hole outside a city. They're looking for prey to take home to the Alpha. But which unsuspecting victims will they choose?

Another story follows the life of a female as she ruins yet another relationship. But why does she behave this way?




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Category: Horror, Science Fiction, Fiction

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Title: The Blood of Judas
Author: Walt Sautter

A German woman (Elda) and her father are sent to a Nazi concentration camp where she is visited nightly by her vampire lover Anton. He explains to her how he had first been created in Czarist Russian by Giorgi Rasputin. He tells her how he had followed the precepts of his patron Saint Judas and how he had endured over the decades without sacrificing any lives of the truly innocent in order to survive. To avoid her certain death he strives to convince her to become "one such as he". After numerous visits he succeeds and she is created and thus attains the powers of the undead. They then leave together in search of her father.

 She soon finds out that her father has been murdered in a grisly medical experiment by the Nazis. Upon hearing of his death she immediately begins her quest for revenge.

With the aid of her lover Anton, they travel throughout war-torn Germany and beyond to serve justice upon her father's killer. During the obsessive search they encounter many obstacles not the least being the Nazi's own vampire slaves which serve to thwart their every move.

'The Blood of Judas' is a horror story set in a background of horror. It is a fine read for one who enjoys a tale of vampires, suspense and revenge.

See the video trailer - 'Vampires of the Third Reich' at You Tube.

More Books by Walt

  • Skeet Shoot
  • Fish Farm
  • The Adventures
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Young Adult, Cats, Fiction

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Title: The Legends of Whiteknight
Author: Al Strano

Receiving a kitten as a gift was not my idea of a birthday present; I was hoping for a rugby shirt. I was happy living alone. Who needed this kitten that didn't follow what I considered usual cat behaviors, like eating fancy canned cat food and using his odor free litter box. When he decided to sleep with me, I was ready to call a halt to the experiment. A cat was not my idea of a bedtime companion. Needless to say, the breaking in period was difficult -- the kitten was having a hard time training me. Our relationship was tenuous at best, until one day he saved my life, and also led me to meeting the love of my life. 

How could a small white kitten save your life, you ask?

What do druids have to do with it?

Why would pet food companies, pharmaceutical laboratories and foreign countries want to buy him?

The answers to these questions and other amazing feats, including how he got his name, are here to behold in this first story in a series that catalogues the adventures of Whiteknight (Hero Cat) and his growing family.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Action, Fiction, Young Adult

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Title: The Lucky Boy
Author: Caroline Gerardo

A Coming of Age story becoming cult fiction. Rated R for violence and some sexuality. Seth McGrath is a teenager who is cast off by his parents a cold neurosurgeon father and a socialite mother who drinks and takes prescription drugs to dull her pain. When they send him away to be raised by his Grandmother in inner city Philadelphia of the 1960's he meets the girl he decides at first site he will marry. Suddenly Grandmother dies and he is again shipped off to a dark house. Seth decides he must raise ten thousand dollars in a month to go find his lost love. Seth makes every bad choice on impulse. He sells drugs, steals, and lies to build his savings. Then he meets Jon who teams him up arranging illegal fights. The ypose homeless persons against one another and charge for attendance and betting. Seth loses all moral compass to raise his $10000. What will it take for him to find connection when he has the money and takes the journey? A story of a man's climb to riches and power.
Catagories: Thriller, Literary written in a very new style, Classic,Literary, Cult Fiction, Men's Fiction, Mature, YA, Bildungsroman, Palahunuik, Brett Easton Ellis, Spirtituality, Men, Books

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Ebook Type: Audio Included, Video Included,
Category: Entertainment, Military, Fiction

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Title: The Rise Of Chu's- a family with a broad smile
Author: Kaushal Yogi

The book is about a story of a political family who is in politics since the times of apes. they are maintaining themselves in politics beacuse their family have a very peculier tradition- of writing their personal experinces of politics about how to rule, in that book. 

the story runs parallel to the quesion hour of parliament, wrote humorously. 

all five present member of the family are politicians. and all five are doing well. a baby is about to be born to a young couple of the family- Al Chu & Ana Chu. 

the couple prepares for it like every standard couple prepares themselves. they are doing everthing that they feel they should do. 

with time as the baby grows up, he too feels the urge of joining politics because of the circumstances around him. he takes out the book of Chu's- the diary. 

by the end he is seen as joining the politics, but on the other hand question hour is still running parallel and nothing chances both, in the type of questions or the answers.

to know more about the author, click on the page below:-




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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Young Adult, Fiction, Women

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Title: Diary of a Human Target (Book One)
Author: Isidora Vey

Since early childhood, Yvonne has had plenty of reasons to believe she is different from the others:

She often has strange dreams and metaphysical experiences.

She is gifted with high intelligence and a vivid imagination.

She is eminent for her good character, politeness and innocence.

Probably for this reason, the other people often underestimate her and show it to her at the first oppurtunity.

During adolescence, new problems appear:

Gangs of hostile persons seem to be lurking for her everywhere, terrorizing her without any apparent reason.

She is constantly dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences.

Every time things seem to be getting better, finally everything goes wry and she ends up worse than before.

She comes to believe that she is a target of evil forces.

Reaching adulthood, her life takes an unhoped turn for the better. Her wildest dreams seem to be on their way to materialization.

But is it really so?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Adventure, Action

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Title: Anna the Human
Author: Richard Shekari

The Puricans are a savage rage whose main source of food are the Humans but they are running out of food supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages.

Buga, a young and most fearful  Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his secret love for a human and the loyalty to his race.

                    About the Author

Richard Shekari is a novelist, a song writer, singer and a poet from Abuja, Nigeria.

Author The Broken Wings of Firgiveness and Anna the Human, he is a Humanitarian officer with the National Emergency Management Agency and an architect by profession.

He enjoys scienve fiction, comedy and adventure movies. richard started writing at a very young age and is a recording artist as well. You can search for his single Celebrate life by Rex Razor.

Please if you enjoy this book kindly refer the link to friends. Thank you very much for your support

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