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Category: Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

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Title: Cadaver Mundus
Author: KN Schultz

Cadaver Mundus is the unnerving realm of Victor Frankenstein's ghastly night terrors, dark visions, and impossible premonitions as he descends into the madness of his own nightmares.

Gods, devils, machines, monsters, undead, and man alike battle for the dominion of a faulty and unwholesome universe, haunting Frankenstein in the dark corners between his construction of his creature, its bride, the murder of his family, and the hunting of the monster to the remote Arctic.

As Victor battles his creature, the spectres of his nightmares lift him away into their harsh reality, revealing a far worse existence than what he experienced or imagined.

 He joins their existence, creating his own family and future to again have it stolen and decimated. Slowly, he descends into the madness of reconfiguring humanity into his design, what he believes to be a better solution for mankind. Assuming the role of god and creator, his hunger for mankind's salvation becomes tainted with the insatiable lust for power and control.

Thus, Victor Frankenstein initiates war to create a Corpse Cosmos of the perfect people. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

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Title: Mechanical Afterlife
Author: KN Schultz

In a dark brooding world after a great cataclysm, society hangs barely by loose threads amongst savagelands. The cities are isolated, walled, and mechanical driven. Travel amongst them is done by infested river waters.

Ratchet Jack, a dazed and unnerved dock worker, survives a vicious attack by the river demons, but feels alien to the world around him. Looking to cross the river to the other side of town after bridge curfew, he finds himself seeking the aid of his waitress friend, Osana.

Through the darkening streets, she leads him to a recluse inventor and frequent after dark river smuggler, Nimble Tom.

Atop Nimble Tom's apartment complex, Rachet Jack finds the answer to his problem to cross the dangerous river. Affixed to a launching mechanism that resembles a much larger version of a simple child's toy, a wooden glider offers passage.

Determined to find a new station in life for herself across the river, Osana joins Ratchet Jack as Nimble Tom launches them high into the air to the mercy of the winds and water below.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fantasy, Horror, Fiction

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Title: Geared Corpse Lovers
Author: KN Schultz

The world changed aeons ago with the Great Cataclysm, creating a new one of stranger and darker realities as science and the occult struggle for remains of humanity. The New World contains walled scientific minded cities set sparsely apart amongst a vast wilderness of occult nightmares. Piece by piece, life succumbs to horrors old and new.

Within a city, a pair of lovers, brought back from the dead with mechanical salvation, enter a forbidden occult library to find the incantations and spells to forever split their flesh from the dilapidated machines commanding their bodies. Left over from the time before the Cataclysm, they suffer from immense age that rots and wears away the gears, cogs, and alloys of their internal machines. Rather than become more machine and lose the last of their humanity, they opt for the dark contents of the forbidden library.

Inside, a vast labyrinth of thousands upon thousands of books beckons them and their witch drawn map to find the book that will set them free.

However, such libraries charge a hefty price for their services.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Adventure, Children, Fantasy

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Title: Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor
Author: Elias Zapple

Follow the adventures of skateboarder Michel as his cousin goes missing and he meets up with a greedy, sarcastic, narcissistic, talking Basset Hound. Together they go on a mission to find Michel's cousin and do battle with the evil Master. 


A bizarre fantasy story set in an alternate-reality all linked together by a mysteriuos corridor. Each door in the corridor takes you to an even more bizarre world such as Skaters' Paradise, Candyland, Napland and Planet Football. You'll laugh until your guts explode. Get it now before Duke insults you.


Excerpt from Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor:

 Duke to Michel: Even though I'm fairly certain you'd struggle in a quiz against a pigeon, you are capable enough of opening doors.


The first in the Duke & Michel series. The 2nd and 3rd books are now out!

2nd Book: Duke & Michel: The King Tingaling Painting

3rd Book: Duke & Michel: Return of the Nibbles


The final book in the series due out in 2016. 

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Ebook Type: Audio Included,
Category: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

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Title: Trading Faces
Author: Ann Herrick

When Darcy and Cyble switch bodies and lives, they discover that they see things they never noticed before when they are looking from a new perspective.

Darcy is thrilled to wake up as beautiful Cybil, but Cybil is less than thrilled to find herself looking like some plain girl she doesn't even recognize.

Darcy gets the exchange-student boyfriend, popular friends, a spot on the cheerleading squad, a shot at starring in the school play and a luxury home in the best neighborhood.

Cybil finds out what it's like to be invisible, except for a couple of dorky, faceless-rabble friends.

But Darcy discovers the popular life is not exactly what she thought it would be and Cybil discovers a great guy she never would have looked at twice, let alone once.

Still, each girl ends up wanting her own life back, but the problem is--how do they accomplish that goal?

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Category: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

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Title: Inking Ashore
Author: KN Schultz

From the dawn of the New World, the fresh waters of the rivers flowing through the Cities and the Wild have teemed everso with the distinct taint of inking black tentacles masses of evil. Forced into the watery prison, the beasts grow larger and more vile, feeding off the souls of those unfortunate living souls caught within their reach. These demonic Shadows of many limbs, eyes, fangs, hatred, and violence torment the world that cast them down for their mutations and wait for their day of reckoning upon all of humanity.

An unassuming part of lower class City workers of particular unimportance aims to rid the world of the inking nightmares polluting their waters. However, the party's leader, Fang remains missing in action with her destructive part left undone. Her two comrades Rat, a sewer alchemist of limited design, and Nails, a witch forge master of forgotten eras, follow her trail beneath the city inside the water filtration tunnels to find her and drop fearsome death upon the water demons they've been battling since their livelihood was chosen for them.

What ensues is the start of a new war as the abominable evil slithers ashore to feast on the murdereous mayhem of mass extinction.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Sports, Fantasy, Humor

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Title: Sticks - A Golfer's Tale
Author: Walt Sautter

I wrote "Sticks" not just as an entertaining story but also as a satire of the spectacular claims made by golf manufacturers about their equipment.

Playing golf is a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, playing it well requires skill, practice, patience and dedication. These are the things which most of us are unwilling or incapable of doing.

Most, myself included, would like to find a short cut to success whether it be in golf or anything else.

In golf, the short cut is usually a new well-advertised driver, the latest putter or even a "super ball" guaranteed to add an extra fifty yard to your drive. These rarely if ever, fulfill the average golfer's dream of spectacular play. The only improvement of his game that they might make is that his wallet is a bit lighter and his walk around the links is then possibly a bit less tiring.

So is there really a magic piece of equipment that will allow one to circumvent all required hard work?

"Sticks" addresses the question - "What if?

What if a magic shortcut really did exist and someone found it?"

Bob Andrews, the book's central character, may have found it!

How did he find it and what happens when he does?

You'll find out when you read "Sticks - A Golfer's Tale", the ultimate golf fantasy.

More Books By Walt

  • Skeet Shoot
  • Fish Farm
  • The Three Dollar
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror

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Title: Sheep's Clothing
Author: Elizabeth Einspanier

Thanks to his New York education, Dr. Nathaniel "Doc" Meadows has always been a skeptic when it comes to the old ghost stories of the frontier. He strongly prefers the logic of his medical practice, and saw no reason to give these tales any creedence. This changes in a hurry, though, when he offers his aid to a gravely-injured half-Sioux gunslinger named Wolf Cowrie. Cowrie brings some terrifying news with him: three vampires have moved into the small town that Doc has grown to love, and they are feeding on its population.

Wolf has his own reasons for hunting the sinister Russeau and his female companions. Russeau stole away a woman that Wolf had planned to marry, turning her into another of the foul creatures. Doc, meanwhile, is understandably terrified by the prospect of facing down blood-sucking demons, but he has vowed to protect the people of Salvation from any ailment--even one that is supernatural in origin. Doc needs to get over his skepticism in a hurry if he is to save the town of Salvation from a slow death.

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Ebook Type: Audio Included,
Category: Fantasy, Romance

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Title: Burden of Blood
Author: Wenona Hulsey

Nicole is a police officer in a sleey town who is content in her denial.  She has a powerful, magical secret but she can hide it only so long before and ancient grudge causes the dorment power to burst to life.

Dance with ferce warriors and Gothic fairies as southern tradition dcollides with Irish folklore in this modern day urban fantasy. Follow Nicole through the whole ebook series as she struggles with her past, her growing power, and struggles of the heart as she tries to save a world no human should ever know about.


"The thrills start from page one and continue to the very end. I absolutly loved it and am looking forward to book 2. " 5 STARS! - Kim Norris- The Kindle Book Review


"How can you resist a story set in the South that treads on Irish folklore? You can't! 5 STARS! -John Ross, Author of "Another Lousy Day in Paradise"

"I loved the twists and truns, the characters, I laughed, I got mad, and I cried. I simply can't wait to read more from this author!!" 5 STARS -Allison M. Woodhams


"I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to finish because I had to know what happened next!" 5 STARS - Sarah Ross

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Category: Adventure, Children, Fantasy

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Title: Anne and Stan's Magical Salt and Pepper Pot Adventures
Author: Robin Rowles

Anne and Stan are a large pair of novelty salt and pepper pots. Certainly not your normal everday salt and pepper pots! - Why? - Because one day, they encounter a total transformation, and they magically come to life!

Anne and Stan are frightened, so they decide to keep this transformation a secret from their family - until they gain knowledge and feel confidence in their new lives!

When a perfect opportunity comes their way, they decide to escape from their homely kitchen - and go on a big adventure. Anne and Stan have a lot of fun and they soon encounter exciting challenges.

They also gain in confidence when they make some treasured new friends along the way.

Anne and Stan will really surprise you!

I promise you will grow to love these lovable characters.

This book has been written to promote: Harmony, Friendship, Fun, Opportunity for all, and Adventure.

Take this opportunity to find out more about Anne and Stan. Join them on their truly remarkable and exciting journey! - Ideal for family reading.



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