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Category: Children, Family, Parenting

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Title: Raise Your Kids Right
Author: Martha Stevens

The Greatest Parenting Secret In History!

Your children will love having what they call "real" conversations with you. Family Meetings are a wonderful way to actually instill these life skills and principles in their hearts so that it becomes their own inner star that guides them.

How much easier to handle would your child be? These 2nd graders had no difficulty with these lessons.

Children, like all humans, have Four sides . . .

  • Mental (The Brain) - You send them to school to be educated.
  • Physical (The Body) - You feed, clothe and keep them active and in good shape.
  • Spiritual (Your Faith) - Gives meaning to life. Without it, the other three do not satisfy us.
  • Emotional (The Heart) - It, too, must be educated. Done by the parents - YOU - at home.

Taking care of all four sides produces a "well rounded" individual. As the parent, your obligation is to see that all four sides of your child are cared for and developed. After all, what are parents for? Are you just a caretaker? A warden? No. You are, and must see yourself as...

  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Guide
  • Coach
  • Cheerleader

...all rolled into one.

You want them to be:

  • Self Starters (Need no pushing or prodding)
  • Reaching out to help others, including their own brothers and sisters. (What a priceless quality... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Wedding

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Title: Fairy Tale Wedding Kit

Get Ready for your very own Fairy Tale Wedding!

1. Fairytale Wedding Secrets Revealed

Imagine a $75,000 high-end, elegant, Disney Wedding. People who have these kinds of weddings have one thing that you don't (besides money, of course!): Professionals who guide them in creating a one-of-a-kind Special Day.

Guess what? Now you have that information, too!

  • This information is not available anywhere else... this extraordinary report is ONLY available here at the Bridal Foundation.Org.
  • Interviews with real Wedding Coordinators who plan Fairytale Weddings every day at Disney and other high-profile locations.
  • An exclusive look at the creative minds of not just one, but many Fairy Tale Wedding professionals who make this their life work, everyday.

2. How to Hire the Perfect DJ/Entertainment

There could be nothing worse that handing over total control of your day to someone you feel you can't approach. This expose is jam-packed full of important information wedding vendors won't tell you!

  • Tips to soften up a tough crowd- before the DJ even gets started!
  • The truth about selecting your music;
  • The no-nonsense truth about why some DJs charge $200 and others charge $1600.
  • Secrets of DJ business and liability insurance issues... and why you NEED to know it.
  • Learn how YOU can set your own "right
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Relationships

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Title: Wedding Toasts Made Easy!
Author: Tom Haibeck

Learn to Make a Fabulous Wedding Toast That's 100% Guaranteed to Win Over Your Audience!

Here are some of the key topics covered in the ebook:

  • Wedding Toasts 101 – Everything you need to know about wedding toasts and speaker etiquette – from the order and timing of toasts to the proper way to conclude your toast.
  • Making the Perfect Toast – You will learn how to combine the key ingredients of your wedding toast or speech to both move and entertain your audience.
  • Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking – Power tips for delivering your toast or speech with confidence and class.
  • Themes for a Wedding Toast – Proven ways to craft your wedding speech to make it go from screamingly funny to joyous and inspirational.
  • The Correct Use of Humor – How to spice up your wedding speech with the perfect amount of humor.
  • Hold Their Attention – Know how to keep your wedding speech interesting and engaging so that you don't put people to sleep.
  • Customized Toasting Tips and material for specific roles at the wedding, including the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, the Father of the Bride, other parents and the Bride or Groom themselves. 
  • Using a Microphone – Professional advice on how to handle a microphone so that your voice is heard clearly throughout the room.

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Category: Family, Food

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Title: Jamaica Cooking Authentic Jamaican Recipes CookBook Vol-1
Author: Ramas N Rankin

"You're About To Learn Secrets That Most People Will Never Know About
Jamaican Dishes..."

  • The tricks of the trade that pros use everyday to make Soup, Seafood and Meats.
  • The super-simple Recipes for making incredible Rastafarian Dishes. (YES! You can finally make Tasty Bob Marley Ital Stew, Ital Coleslaw, Ital Soup and Banana Porridge by your own!)
  • Rare tips enabling you to prepare culinary delights that can make even the best of the chefs envious.
  • How even a beginner can get started and prepare incredible Jamaican Dishes almost immediately


And much, much more...

The secret recipe for making the best-tasting Vegetarian Dishes on the planet.

A book which provides 100% reliable information on all aspects of Jamaica Dishes, "Jamaica Cooking" eBook, is just a click away.

The author of "Jamaica Cooking", Ramas N Rankin hardly needs any introduction. His culinary expertise is renowned internationally.

The ebook has been received warmly by both - the experts on the subject and the laymen - alike. Users are also forwarding comments on recipes for particular dishes.

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family

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Author: Ryan Ringold

Choose from either the Best Man Speech Package or Maid of Honor Speech Package and you'll get everything that you need to deliver a killer wedding speech at any wedding.

Packages include:

  • You'll get Humorous Speeches
  • You'll be able to cover any situation
  • You'll Skyrocket your Confidence
  • You'll Save Money (time is money-- don't waste time writing your own)
  • Speaker is single speeches
  • Speaker is relative or sister speeches
  • Speaker is relative or brother speeches
  • Speaker is married speeches
  • Maid of Honor Speeches-- 5 Pre-written and time-tested speeches
  • How to be Professional (you'll also learn what not to say)
  • How to avoid looking bad - time-tested words always make you look good
  • How to Say the right words every time-- don't get caught "winging it"
  • How to Save valuable time
  • How to Instantly Access your Speeches via the Internet
  • How to Gain the Audience's respect --say the wrong thing and lose it
  • Heart-Felt Speeches
  • Best Man Speeches-- 5 Pre-written and time-tested speeches
  • 3-5 minute speeches
  • 2-minute speech
  • 1-minute speech


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Category: Family, Relationships

Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage!

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Title: Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage!

New Report Shares How To Rekindle Your Relationship...

Suppose You Could Have Saved Your Marriage...

...but you didn't know where to start. If that's you, than this could be the most important letter you ever read.

You could cut the tension in your home with a knife.

You love your spouse, and they love you. You've been married for years, and at one time happily. But now it's just a memory; and you can't believe this is happening to YOU.

How did it happen? Where did your marriage skid off course? More importantly, can your relationship ever be restored to the way it was on your honeymoon?

What if you just gave up? Say you went forward with a divorce. Is that really what you want? What if you could save your marriage when you...

  • Follow the unwritten 2nd contract of marriage that successful couples do.
  • Wash away the negative thoughts that are chipping away at your relationship.
  • Restart the conversation that has stalled behind hurt feelings.
  • And more relationship-saving strategies that have proven to bring couples back together!

If you didn't act to save your marriage, could you ever forgive yourself?

Dear Trouble-In-Love,

You didn't think it'd end up this way on your wedding day.

But now you can't

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Entertainment, Family, Nature

Your Ultimate Guide to Family Camping

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Title: Your Ultimate Guide to Family Camping
The Ebook of Camping

Who Else Wants To Find Out The Best Way To Enjoy A Hassle-Free and Truly Enjoyable Camping Trip?

Finally, an E-book That Reveals The Secrets of A Hassle-Free Camping Trip. Learn the Boundless Joys & Benefits of Living Outdoors and Camping Out!

Don't start a Camping Trip without reading this complete ebook about camping!

Written by someone who has been there in the camping fields many times in his life, The E-book of Camping is your definitive manual to a hassle-free and enjoyable camping trip!

Dear Friend,

For many people none can compare with the fun and excitement of living outdoors and camping out!

Imagine discovering the wild, having a picnic, sleeping under the stars, enjoying God's nature in its purest form, and communing with it!

If you've lived most of your life in the city, inhaling its smog, listening to its noise, and staring at its concrete jungles, nothing can compare with the exhilaration of camping out!

But do not start a camping trip without having thoroughly prepared for it! Starting a camping trip without thorough preparation can easily turn your trip into a nightmare!

This E-book of Camping will educate and prepare you about camping and reveal what to expect when planning one. No doubt about it, The E-book of Camping is your definitive

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Relationships

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Title: How To Avoid The Ten BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes
Author: Reena Sommer


  • when to know when you are in for a rough ride with your spouse?
  • when to know when is it NOT the time to be on friendly terms with your spouse?
  • when do negotiations not work in divorce?
  • what are the special challenges for divorcing parents?
  • how to reduce the cost of your legal fees?
  • how to redefine emotional boundaries with your spouse?
  • how to get the most out of your attorney?

...and many more


1. The stress and emotional trauma brought on by divorce causes people to be on edge and not think or behave as rationally or objectively as they normally would.

2. The conflict that existed in your marriage (and which led to your divorce) becomes magnified when discussions about dividing assets and co-parenting are involved.

It's a fact that most people going through divorce are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the change in their lives, the stress of having to make important decisions and by the emotional toll it has on them and their children. To get through this difficult time of life, you will need all the help you can get to avoid losing all that is important to you.

One of the points I make throughout my ebook is the need for people to be informed and

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Home

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Title: Jobs for 13 year olds: 51 Unique Ways to Make Money

51 Unique Ways to Make $500 a Month Online - Even if You're To "Young" To Get a "Real" Job!
Earn $125 a Week ... Without a Regular Job or Even Leaving Your House ... on the Internet

Here's more of what you'll discover about making money on the Internet in Jobs for 13 Year Olds: 51 Ways to Make $500 a Month Online....

  • Create your own revenue-generating article directory online.
  • Buy or build a simple web site and sell it to someone else for cash. The web site sold for seven million dollars. went for 2 million.
  • How one couple makes over $25,000 a week selling used cell phones on eBay, as incredible as that sounds.
  • Make money online by cutting out pages from old books and selling the individual pages on the Internet. Strange but true - and here's the story.
  • Write easy articles and get paid easy money. No technical skills required.
  • In 2008, the video game industry was over a $50 billion business. Now you can get paid $10 to $80 an hour as a video game tester.
  • 5 steps to recording special events with your camcorder and selling them for a handsome profit online.
  • Start and run a successful search engine optimization company ... even if you don't know a thing about SEO right now.
  • Profit by helping senior citizens who aren't computer literate use the Internet to earn extra income or sell stuff they don't want anymore.
  • A
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Relationships, Women

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Title: Starting your family after 30
Author: Judy Ford

Most women are aware that there are some problems ahead if they decide to start their families later. Even doctors rarely know all the facts and surprisingly enough there has been little written about this important subject.

This 60-page ebook is written for couples who want to know the facts. It is packed with useful information. The material is based on the very latest published medical and scientific literature and is referenced. Information about all the problems that are increased by delaying reproduction are included as well as age-specific data. The very latest information (some from Dr Ford's own, soon to be published research) about lifestyle and dietary modifications that are likely to reduce some of the effects of ageing, is outlined. Bad habits that can be tolerated in younger women must be changed when the critical datelines are crossed!

This ebook is a must-read for anyone who is thirty something and wishes to have normal, healthy babies.



1 What every man and woman over 30 needs to know

about reproduction and ageing

  • Twins and multiple births
  • Prenatal testing
  • Options for technical intervention to achieve a normal pregnancy
  • Obstetric issues
  • Increased risks of miscarriage
  • Increased risks of having a baby with abnormalities
  • Decline in fertility

2 Ageing and general health -

... Click here to read the full description!

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