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Confessions of a Website Copywriter Ebook

Confessions of a Website Copywriter
Ebook cover: Confessions of a Website Copywriter
Confessions of a Website Copywriter

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Title: Confessions of a Website Copywriter
"Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Creating Highly Profitable Sales Letters On The Net... And How You Can Avoid The Lies And Turn Your Website Into A Cash Generating, Money Making Machine Overnight!"

WARNING: Your Website Could Be Losing Up To 1042% In Profits Using The Same Worn Out Direct Mail Techniques Most Copywriting Courses Are Based On!

That's how much 'credibility based' web design, 'readability based' copy layout, secondary response mechanisms and efficient download time can increase your sales and profits by. You see, the copywriting rules for websites are dramatically different to copywriting rules in direct mail.
Unfortunately, most of the copywriting courses online today only teach the tired old 'mail order' methods that have been around for years? They don't deliver the real truth about website copywriting?

Well, here is an extremely bold promise to you.

You are about to learn one of the first guides ever to reveal the whole truth on creating sales letters that sell on the Internet... Something that could explode your website sales into orbit...

A resource that is being endorsed by some of the biggest names in Internet marketing... Something people will continue to talk about for decades to come.

And if you hang with me for a minute, you'll quickly see that resource is completely down to earth, quite simple to discover and apply, and devastatingly profitable.

But first...

"How A Copywriter From The Backwoods Of Australia Came To Learn The Truth About Sales Letters On The Net!"

When he first attempted to create a sales letter for the web, Larry Eng was puzzled by some of the unique challenges the Internet offers... (Even though he had already written several direct mail pieces as a professional copywriter in Australia).

So what did he do? Well he went out and did what most people did. He went out and bought everything he could on website copywriting.

He spent thousands of $ dollars on research... from low priced e-books to high priced seminar tapes and guides. I studied the works of some of the biggest names in advertising!

Yet despite his efforts, some of the critical pieces were still missing.

He quickly discovered that only a few people in the world really knew, or were prepared to share the whole truth about copywriting for the Web.

So he started looking in other places (both conventional and unconventional). he hunted through library ebooks, the Internet, marketing journals, HTML tutorials, transcribed interviews, old forgotten guides...even phoned people up!

Until FINALLY! He found those missing pieces.

But his relief quickly turned to anger...

You see, he was damn angry that he had to go to the ends of the Earth to get the whole story! And he was even angrier that people were still getting ripped off with half baked, over priced products that simply didn't deliver for the Web!

That's when he decided to end the lies and put it all on paper...


"Confessions Of A Website Copywriter" The First 'Complete Manual' to Creating Website Sales Letters That Sell Like Nothing You've Seen Before!

'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' contains all the research, all the experiences and all the critical pieces of the puzzle that the other courses leave out!

In fact, the strategies in this course are so new and revolutionary, they are not being revealed or taught as a whole by anyone else in the market!

That is an awfully big statement to make, but you don't have to take our word for it.

You may have heard similar promises in the past, so...

"Here's 5 Powerful Reasons Why This Course Is So Different Than Anything Else On The Market Today!"

There is a myth online which says the rules for constructing sales letters in direct mail, also apply to creating sales letters on the Net. While the copy element is mostly true, there are some critical differences that could cost you up to 1042% in sales and profits if you don't follow them.

Why is 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' different? It's different because it deals specifically with sales letters for the Net. Every strategy, tip and technique is based on hard market research and has been proven to be incredibly profitable in an online environment.

It's the first guide to reveal all the missing pieces of the website copywriting puzzle the other courses miss out!

In fact, here are 5 powerful reasons why this course is so much more complete than anything else you've seen before:

Powerful Reason # 1:

"It's A Complete System For Creating Website Copy That Sells... And It's So Incredibly Simple, Anyone Can Do It!"

There are lots of copywriting courses being sold today. Some good, some completely useless. What makes 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' different is this:

  • Instead of just harping on what to do, Confessions of a Website Copywriter' explains the science behind why you should do it. You see, most people can spot a good letter when they see one. But not many can explain why that letter is so good.
  • But when you understand the science behind the copywriting, you'll suddenly understand what makes great letters great! And when you understand what makes great letters great, you'll also understand how you yourself can create your very own super responsive letter.
  • You'll have a solid foundation from which you can build your masterpiece from, and you don't have to be a 'wordsmith' to do it. The step-by-step manual are so simple and incredibly easy to follow, that anyone can do it.
  • And that's what makes this guide so different, so much more immediately useful than most of the copywriting ebooks around. Because in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!

Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover and learn:

  • The real reasons people buy -- the secret truth long known by master salesman, sociologists and 'con-men' finally revealed!
  • The quickest and easiest way to creating a sales letter known to man!
  • How to transform your opening paragraph into a powerful psychological sales magnet!
  • How to push the mental buttons that activate the emotional buying triggers in your prospect's mind!
  • A powerful little secret to creating captivating benefit laden copy in no time flat!
  • The real insider secrets to making your testimonials sell!
  • Stealth marketing tactics for monitoring and beating your online competition!
  • A sneaky ... but incredibly smart way ... to get an unlimited number of news articles and reports to support your claims!
  • The tiny little adjustment to your fulfillment process that will cause an absolute flash flood of testimonials pouring into your office!
  • 3 no-lose ways to eliminating your reader's resistance levels using 'mental engagement'!

Powerful Reason # 2 & Missing Link # 1:

"Credibility Based Web Design -- How To Create A Website That People Trust Enough To Do Business With And Believe!"

Contrary to what some of the gurus say, web design does make a difference to your conversion rate. But not how you think.

When your visitors first arrive at a site, they unconsciously examine its design elements to determine whether it's trustworthy enough to do business with and believe. If a website fails this initial test, visitors will generally leave without further investigation of what it has to say.
Sadly, almost every copywriting course online fails to cover 'credibility based' website design in their teachings?

'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' is different. It is one of the first courses to reveal the crucial secrets behind credible website design -- (And knowing these secrets justifies the entire purchase of this course alone)!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Warning - How to avoid the commonly made design mistakes that can scare visitors to death and drive them away in droves!
  • The shocking truth about website credibility recently discovered by Stanford University!
  • The dirty secrets you must implement on your site to gain trust and convince visitors that you're not just another 'scam artist' online!
  • How to build a professional image and add extra impact to your credibility with just a few simple design techniques!
  • The closely guarded strategies design secrets to creating a 'real world' feel on your site and why this is crucial to getting business from your prospects!

And with the trustworthiness of your business and credibility of your message at stake, don't you think 'credibility based' design is something you need to know?

Powerful Reason # 3 & Missing Link # 2:

"Download Time -- How To Prevent 33% Of Visitors Leaving Before Your Page Loads"

Research by Netmechanic.com has found that 33% of visitors leave a page if it isn't loaded within 8 seconds. That means 1/3 of your visitors won't even see your headline if your page takes longer than 8 seconds to load.

Put another way, if your page currently takes more than 8 seconds to load, reducing the download time could increase your sales by 50%.

Unfortunately, most copywriting courses don't even discuss download time... let alone how to improve the efficiency of your site to capture that extra 33% of visitors.

This is where you'll gain an unfair advantage from the rest, because I'm going to show you what it really takes to stopping download time from chasing visitors away.

You'll learn:

  • Two incredibly powerful -- yet FREE -- tools that will shrink the file size of your graphics!
  • A foolproof way to getting your visitor reading your headline while your page downloads in the background!
  • The NUMBER ONE rule to keep your visitors magnetically locked to their monitors while waiting for your letter to download!
  • And with 33% of your visitors potentially at risk, isn't this something that you need to know.
  • How to get your text to load before your graphics so your visitors begin reading at the earliest possible opportunity!

Powerful Reason # 4 & Missing Link # 3:

"Leads -- How To Balloon Your Sales By 426% With Secondary Response Devices!"

A study by Sales and Marketing Executives International found that 81% of major sales are closed after the fifth contact. In the direct mail world, following up with your prospects is easy -- You already have their contact details.

But how do you follow up with your visitors online when you don't know who they are?

Most copywriting courses don't answer this question. And the ones that do, preach about pop up windows and autoresponders being the solution.

Well let's blow this hogwash out of the water by telling you that this is not often the case! In fact, you will see how pop ups and autoresponders may even kill your business if you use them. Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • The most important thing you could ever discover about pop up windows, and why relying on them to generate leads is dangerous!
  • 4 easy to install lead generating mechanisms and how to use them on your site!
  • How to be one of the first persons on the planet to suck insane profits from the coming 'Slide In Pop Up' revolution!
  • 4 down and dirty techniques for following up with your prospects and snowballing their value by up to 426%!
  • 8 almost magic lead generating offers that will explode the number of responses you're currently getting out of the water!
  • Why using an autoresponder can injure your business!

And with a potential 426% increase in sales at stake, can you afford NOT to know these strategies?

Powerful Reason # 5 & Missing Link # 4:

"Offers -- How To Create Powerful Offers That Cause People To Line Up And Beg You For Your Product!"

Why do some poor copy sites sell like crazy, while other sites with powerful copy sell nothing? Because nothing affects website sales more than the basic offer.

Ask any professional copywriter and they will tell you:

"Changes in the price, terms, guarantee and the way in which the product is combined or segmented will show greater difference in response than most changes in copy or layout."

You can use the most convincing copy in the world and still sell nothing if your offer is weak and uninspiring! In fact, you might as well be pushing a peanut up a mountain with your nose.
Here's just another area where 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' beats the rest. You'll discover:

  • How to use bonuses to attract a stampede of business to your door!
  • The simple changes in your payment proposition that will practically force prospects to give you their money!
  • 3 powerful enhancements to turning your guarantee into a turbo charged weapon that will have your customers begging for more!
  • How to create a drop-dead, kick butt offer that is virtually guaranteed to sell like crazy (both on and off-line)!
  • 5 simple yet alluring pricing strategies that will shock your prospects and explode sales through the roof!

Frankly, most copywriting courses don't cover offers at all. And if the offer is more important than the way it is presented, isn't this something that should be covered?

Powerful Reason # 6 & Missing Link # 5:

"Readability Based Layout -- How To Design A Web Page To Get Your Copy See!"

How effective is powerful sales copy when it doesn't get see? Well the answer is obvious... It's useless.

In fact, copy that doesn't get see is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine? It's like the proverbial tree falling in the woods with no-one around to hear it!

So how do you get your copy see? Simple, you use a readability based design strategy to encourage readership.

You see, nothing affects the readership of a letter more than the basic layout of the copy. So a powerful letter really relies on 2 main elements - the SALES COPY to sell your product, and the LAYOUT to get the sales copy see.

Now you don't need to be a genius to create an effective readability based layout. But you do need to know some of the insider secrets. And these insider secrets are sadly overlooked by many of the copywriting courses being sold today.

Thankfully, 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' reveals ALL the layout secrets you need to getting your letter see.

Here are just some of the tricks of the trade shared with you:

  • What to highlight on your letter and why!
  • Consumer readership behavior and how to exploit it to entice readers into devouring your copy!
  • 5 little known eye catching techniques to constructing your words, sentences and paragraphs to encourage readership!
  • 7 simple ways to highlight text, sentences and paragraphs so they magnetically attract scanning readers every time!
  • How to make your headlines jump out from your page to grab your prospect's attention!
  • How to take advantage of pictures so they positively influence the readership pattern of your letter!
  • The most digestible font to scanning eyes and when to use them!

And since layout greatly determines the extent to which your letter gets see, isn't this something you should be learning about?

"It's Like Having The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg!"

Owning 'Confessions of a Website Copywriter' is like having the goose that laid the golden egg. You'll have everything you need to create your very own automatic cash machine that can generate thousands of dollars for you while you sleep.

Ebook cover: Confessions of a Website Copywriter
Confessions of a Website Copywriter

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  • Make A List Of Features And Benefits
  • Research The Problems And Frustrations Of Your Prospects
  • Research Your Competition
  • Search For Your Prospect's Objections
  • Create Your Own Unique Selling Proposition
  • Include An Evaluation Form With Your Product When You Ship It


  • Sell Your Product Benefits, Not Your Product Features
  • Create A Swipe File And Copy It
  • Use An Interesting Attention Grabbing Headline To Start Your Prospect Reading
  • Use A Proven Sales Letter Formula
  • Create a Killer Opening Paragraph
  • Use Sub-Headlines To Lead Your Prospect From One Section To Another .
  • Appeal To Your Prospect's Emotional Side Whilst Providing Logical Reasons To Buy
  • Use Bullet Points To Create More Fixations
  • Write Inspiring Copy To Compel Readership
  • Use 'You' Derivatives Instead Of 'I-We' Derivatives
  • Use Mental Engagement To Reduce Resistance To Your Statements
  • Use Long Copy, Not Short
  • Use A Deadline to Create Urgency
  • Make An Offer Your Prospect Can't Refuse
  • Use 'Reason Why' Copy To Reduce Suspicion
  • Close The Sale So Your Prospects Take Action Today
  • Use A Powerful Guarantee To Reduce The Purchasing Risk
  • Make Your P.S. Sell
  • Create A Secondary Response Mechanism To Follow Up With Your Prospects


  • Maximize The Usability Of Your Website
  • Design Your Site To Convey A "Real World" Feel
  • Create A Visually Appealing Website That Supports A Professional Image
  • Avoid Amateurism
  • Make It Easy To Verify Information


  • Use Testimonials That Sell
  • Confession-- Include Markers Of Your Expertise
  • Use The Endorsement Of Someone Well Respected By Your Target Market
  • Quote Research That Supports Your Claims
  • Use Newspaper And Magazine Articles
  • Use Product Comparisons And Reviews Conducted By Independent Organizations
  • Use Photographic Evidence Of Your Claims In Action


  • Avoid Links And Banners That Drive Traffic Away From Your Offer
  • Keep Your Color Scheme Clean
  • How To Attract More Attention To Your Headline
  • Use Pictures To Positively Influence Readership
  • Highlight Text To Create Fixing Points And Encourage Readership
  • Use A Font That Is Pleasing To Your Reader's Eye
  • Keep Your Download Time UnderSeconds
  • Construct Your Paragraphs So They Increase Readability


  • How To Split Test Your Web Page
  • Proof Read Your Work And Invite Comments



Editor: Alex Smit
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