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Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed Ebook

Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed
Ebook cover: Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed

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Title: Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed

Take This One Easy Step to Finally Finding That Chinese Bride or Girlfriend You've Always Wanted! It's 100% Certain That If You Follow My Advice You Will End Up With The Kind Of Woman You've Always Known You've Been Looking For!

This Package Has All You'll Ever Need to Know, TAKE A LOOK:

  • How you will have yourself swimming in a sea of hot Chinese female attention where YOU ARE THE ONE IN DEMAND by using my point by point dating system (talk about turning the tables!).
  • How YOU can find out if she’s a virgin in double quick time!!
  • Be able to find the Chinese Bride that's perfect for YOU!
  • In fact save yourself HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!
  • Be able to avoid or convert the Chinese girl that is using you as an emotional prop tool (saves lots of wasted time)
  • Be able to see if she’s trying to manipulate you in the Chinese way to her advantage (honestly, this is a must for any guy with, or seeking to have a relationship with a Chinese female)
  • Why every non-Chinese guy finds his girlfriend or wifes behavior confusing, and how to understand it.
  • Be able to reframe her views (a must) so you both get what you want, the classic ‘happily ever after’ scenario, if you choose. (THIS INCLUDES AN EXACT BREAKDOWN OF STEPS THAT I ALWAYS USE AND NEVER FAILS)
  • How to spot the passport hunter IN A SECOND!!
  • Why many Chinese women watch porn and how to know if she does too!
  • The going on a date 'play by play', what to do, where to go, and what kind of things to say and talk about.
  • How to know when things are just too good to be true and how they are likely to change with you potential Chinese bride.
  • How to avoid the well known type that will just be plain lazy, and a FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL BURDEN to you, instead of a partner who helps you.
  • How to attract Chinese girls into relationships with you, short term or long term, your choice.
  • How to get a Chinese woman to really open up to you and reveal all her secrets to you (if you can do this you're well on your way to her being yours!)
  • Which Chinese women will make good housewives and which ones absolutely won't.
  • How to spot the gold digger in ONE easy step!!
  • Common myths about Chinese women that are not really true.
  • Attraction techniques that work with Chinese women everytime!
  • Chinese women dating etiquette 101
  • The THREE things every Chinese bride will look for in a man, and why you only need one of these to make her hot for you (and no, I don't mean money)
  • How to ask a Chinese girl out on a date.
  • How to get a Chinese girls phone number.
  • The 'number-one' hobby ALL Chinese women LOVE you to have!
  • WINNING conversation topics on a date.
  • How to get her to ASK YOU if she can go back to your place.
  • How to adapt to her culture but not end up on the losing side (very important: Chinese females will often try to tell you something is Chinese culture when it really isn't, for their own benefit)
  • How to make your cultural differences attractive to her so she'll adapt more To You.
  • What to do when following the Chinese custom of gift giving, how far to go and not to go.
  • How to make sure she AVOIDS guys who will dissuade her from a relationship with you (You know the types, the ones who also secretly want her).
  • Facebook/Myspace in China and why not to waste your time using them to date Chinese women (and no, it's not because the sites are blocked, many will use a proxy browser).
  • Why her female friends will often try to stop her having a relationship with you and how to convert them.
  • 'One sure fire way' to get talking to a wide range of Chinese women for free, much better than using all kinds of dating sites.
  • Dating Chinese women in a western country, the differences you should be aware of, compared to MAINLAND CHINESE, TAIWANESE and HONG-KONG Chinese. IMPORTANT dating differences and how to adapt your game.
  • Long distance relationships and the subject of 'MONEY' and how to deal with it.
  • What is the acceptable 'age difference' between a non-Chinese male and Chinese female.
  • mistresses, and how to know if she's been one, the one major tell-tale sign.
  • China's sexual revolution, and how it's effecting the real truth about Chinese girls life and behavior.
  • The Chinese females sexual style and why it's so similar within their culture. This includes why Chinese women can be so different to western women!
  • How to stop her parents from interfering in you relationship and marriage; what is acceptable and what is not (This is something I learned the hard way, make sure you're not the same)
  • Why you should only ever meet the parents on YOUR terms.
  • A list of winning tactics to employ that'll really impress her parents (remember, if her parents don't like you it'll be almost impossible to marry her, no matter even if she wants to).
  • How you can find Chinese women that want to buy YOU dinner
  • Where to live with your Chinese bride, Pro's and Con's, a complete breakdown. And this may be more important than you know!
Ebook cover: Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed
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Ebook Type: PDF
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