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7 Days to Profitable Blogging Ebook

7 Days to Profitable Blogging
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Ebook cover: 7 Days to Profitable Blogging
7 Days to Profitable Blogging

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Title: 7 Days to Profitable Blogging
"Learn The Simple Blueprint To Successfully Starting a Profitable Blog In Just 7 Days?"

MOST blogs fail because their owners start out badly, and continue to make mistakes. By the time they realize what's gone wrong, they would be quicker restarting!

Dear friend and fellow entrepreneur,

Everyone and his dog has a blog at the moment, but there are still relatively few success stories about blogging out there. Sure you'll have heard of a couple of serious blogging money making machines, but as there are two blogs created a second, there's also a terrifying amount of false information out there.

Are YOU being mislead?

Blogging is about one thing, and one thing alone. When you get down to it, the successful bloggers have found a niche, and carved out a living. But countless others out there are simply pretending. They've seen the income these master bloggers are making, and are trying to be gurus.

7 Days to Profitable Blogging:
"How to Set Up Your Blog For Long Term Success - the First Time Out"

But before they found a niche, they researched it - and ultimately, if you're setting up your blog on false advice, and not following the Master Plan we discovered, you'll find that the most important areas of effortless traffic generation are forever lost to you. You'll lock yourself OUT of most of them with a few simple mistakes. Costly mistakes that most so called 'gurus' make every day.

"If YOU Don't Start At The Most Important Part Of The Structure Of Your Blog, You WILL Find That You Actually LOSE Traffic!"

Unfortunately... most of these gurus will deny that this is important. They'll tell you that the content is more important - and that's true, if you've got a good foundation. Without the foundation though, you'll find your site collapses under its own weight.

So instead of focusing on content - and the upkeep of your blog afterwards, we're giving you ALL the tools that the successful bloggers use - that I use - and that other bloggers I've spoken to all use - and compiled it into an easy to follow, step by step, seven day crash course. Follow the manual and you'll have a foundation that can't be beaten, and is strong enough to support anything you choose to do! More than that though, you'll find that anything you add will be effortlessly easy to promote.

"Ditch The Wannabe Experts and Grab Our Seven Day Master Plan!"

With our seven day master plan, we answer everything from:

  • How best to build your blog
  • What the four best bookmarking sites are for driving incredible traffic in your direction
  • THE single best platform to blog from
  • How to implement those keywords in a way that HELPS your readers and YOUR income
  • How to choose a the keywords you're building your blog around


There's no reason internet marketers shouldn't have the most successful, high trafficked blogs on the Internet. No reason except no one has ever bothered to explain HOW to set it all up. So we've done that.

Table of Contents:

Blog Basics 
Day 1: Consider Your Theme 
Day 2: Giving Your Readers What They Want 
Day 3: Choosing Your Platform 
Day 4: Choosing Your Content 
Day 5: Promoting Your Blog 
Day 6: Social Networking & Ebook Marking 
Day 7: Tying it All Together 


Ebook cover: 7 Days to Profitable Blogging
7 Days to Profitable Blogging

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Remember, you're getting seven days of information, amazing insider tips from a blogging guru who was personally interviewed to create this report, and at the end of it, you WILL have a solid foundation to blog from. Where you go from there is UP!

P.S. This offer will might be pulled at any second, so don't wait - it might be gone at any second.

P.P.S. This is really a complete no-brainier. If you've got no traffic, you'll make no sales - but with our manual, you'll find that traffic generation is easy as A-B-C.

Editor: Alex Smit
Price: $9.95
Ebook Type: PDF
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