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21st Century Illuminati Ebook

21st Century Illuminati

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Ebook cover: 21st Century Illuminati


Title: 21st Century Illuminati

WARNING: Make sure you download the report today but remember some of the content in this report is of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

21st Century Illuminati is a 5 part report produced in partnership with one of the most controversial conspiracy researchers of all time. Even those who are seasoned in understanding the sign of the times will find this report enlightening in understanding the agenda and what the illuminati have been involved in over the last several hundred years. In fact some of the conclusions may stir up some resistance inside you because of what you have been previously fed in terms of your understanding of world history.


  • Who is the following statement attributed to? "Make your sons canons and clerics that they may destroy the churches.....Arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with affairs of state in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them."
  • What event in 1990 provided significant fuel to the idea that we are clearly being watched by a world secret organization which at that time desired to remain anonymous with little publicity?
  • What importance do the Rothschild ancestors have in helping to bring together Freemasonry and the Illuminati in one of history's most potent alliances as far as secret societies are concerned?
  • What controversial tribute did Henry Ford make to the debate on whether the world was being run and world events orchestrated by an elite group of bankers and wealthy families?


  • In his book "Legions of Satan", author John Williams said that it was revealed to George Washington that a holy war would begin on America and when ended she would claim freedom despite being enslaved. But enslaved to whom?
  • Some of the latest revelations from people who used to work for MI-5 and MI-6 British intelligence have been nothing short of simply unbelievable. What faith can we have in protection from our own security services if these accusations and assertions are actually true?
  • The Boy Scouts of America used to be a rarity among major institutions in banning homosexuals, atheists and agnostics as leaders and upholding God, country and traditional values. However like most major institutions, the Boy Scouts appears to have been recently subverted by Freemasonry!
  • What really happened to Michael Jackson that caused him to change from the baby faced adorable icon of the 1970s to a personality and individual that clearly suffered mental and identity damage?


  • Several years ago there were 2 incidents of American registered planes which were either busted or crash landed in Mexico containing 3-4 tons of cocaine. In the last incident the plane was registered as one carrying prisoners to a secure prison facility when it was just cocaine that was on board. Is the UK and America secretly behind the global trafficking of opium?
  • Which secret leaked document about the the use of psychological warfare has become the bible of the Illuminati in modern times in their influence of popular culture?
  • Until the "sexual revolution" (1960's) most men and women were quite able to restrict sex to marriage. This ensured that women weren't exploited sexually and children were brought up in an emotionally and financially stable environment. Yet the environment today is one which is hacking and destroying the fabric of the biblical definition of family and marriage. See full evidence of this!.


  • Which branch of Judaism today descends from the same branch of Judaism which Jesus called a generation of vipers, and has been responsible for stirring up anti-Semitism and bloodshed against its own people in order to propel its mystical and masonic agenda!
  • When the world "Jew" is mentioned, an immediate imagery that comes to mind are the "Ashkenazi" Jews who were hideously murdered under the Nazi Germany regime during The holocaust. However there is another class of Jews that have historically been the most influential in European History. Do you know who they are?
  • Why is important for Christians to help unbelieving Jews understand the importance of the message of Jesus Christ and also help them to discern between true mosaic law and the false teachings of Cabala which seeks to keep Israel in spiritual blindness and ignorance?


  • In 1948, Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, told his CIA Interrogator that the most devastating plague in human history was man-made. He was referring to the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 that infected 20% of the world's population and killed between 60 and 100 million people. Why is this so relevant to the agenda for today?
  • In the 1930s a sensational leak happened in which the Catholic Missionary Society of England revealed documents showing an agenda to undermine and destroy the Roman Catholic Church in order for a new world order to be fulfilled.. Learn more about these astonishing objectives!
  • Why are several thousand Illuminati-connected celebrities and politicians, linked to the enigmatic Rael Maitreya, leader of Raelism (the atheist-alien "religion to encompass all religions") via the Face-book page of his alter ego, "Igor N. Grata."?
  • Did you know that Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill and the Duke of Hamilton all belonged to an occult group -- the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England -- both branches of the Illuminati?.
Ebook cover: 21st Century Illuminati
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