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Category: Action, Fantasy

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Reviewed by swayam on 2010-07-15
My Rate 4
very famous character, deservedly so....

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Title: Conan. 17 Stories by Robert E. Howard
Author: Robert E. Howard

Here is a collection of all of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories that have been published during the author's lifetime. This is the original Conan, 17 staggering genre-defining tales in the author's unique bold, fast-paced, and expressive literary style. An absolute classic - do not miss it!

The plain text version of this ebook is free.

Cimmeria (Poem)
The Phoenix on the Sword
The Scarlet Citadel
The Tower of the Elephant
Black Colossus
Xuthal of the Dusk [The Slithering Shadow]
The Pool of the Black One
Rogues in the House
Iron Shadows in the Moon [Shadows in the Moonlight]
Queen of the Black Coast
The Devil in Iron
The People of the Black Circle
A Witch Shall be Born
Jewels of Gwahlur [The Servants of Bit-Yakin]
Beyond the Black River
The Man-Eaters of Zamboula [Shadows in Zamboula]
The Hour of the Dragon
Red Nails

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (4 after 1 votes)
Category: E-Business

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Title: Get Google Ads Free!

Internet Multimillionaire is deliberately out to show up Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other big search engine by giving away this monster of a secret! (But he doesn't even care!)...

"Internet Marketer Gets $87 Million in Google Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE! ... And Makes Over $314 Million as a Result! ... And Now He's Going to Give You This Same Secret for Next to Nothing!"

"Everyday Google sells several $10 million's in pay-per-clicks. But I get all mine absolutely FREE - and now I am going to show you how to get yours FREE also!"

That's right - Start Sharing in the *Incredible* Secret So Few Others Know About that Allow Them to Actually Get All Their Pay-Per-Click Advertising Absolutely FREE!

The 3 most important strategies you MUST do right now in order to EXPLODE your online business!"

Strategy #1:
Write only extremely effective pay-per-click ads for whatever you're selling!

About 98% of all advertisers stink at writing and preparing ad copy. What good is advertising if your ads don't do their job as well as they could? You have a very limited space in which to stimulate your prospective buyers at search engines (e.g., Google allows just 25-characters per headline, and 35-characters per two additional lines of selling. You therefore MUST make the most of the very limited space!)

Strategy #2:
Generate only the absolute very most targeted select keywords and bid them

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Category: Children

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Reviewed by Idris on 2011-12-04
My Rate 4
Based on the topic

Reviewed by Ali on 2010-03-14
My Rate 5
Real fun for little children!

Reviewed by annerie anna kotze on 2009-12-26
My Rate 5
that the kids can make their own books

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Title: Detective Mouse and the Nameless Letter

Download and print a FREE little coloring and story book...
...and provide quality educational entertainment
for the kids!

With our fun process the kids can print, bind and enjoy real turn-the-pages little coloring and story books directly from the Web!

Try this free story-and-coloring book now...

...Detective Mouse and the Nameless letter!

See how the clever detective solves this mystery! Apart from the cute story, this little ebook includes full color drawings as well as line drawings for the kids to color in!

Try it and see for yourself: within minutes from now your child could be coloring in this REAL turn-the-pages little ebook - and enjoying the illustrated story!

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Rating: (4.5 after 10 votes)
Category: For Authors

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Reviewed by Robin on 2009-04-13
My Rate 1
It's not free, only a free trial.

Reviewed by Ryan Maddox on 2009-03-13
My Rate 5
I thought that the information was easy to understand

Reviewed by Les Oakes on 2008-08-27
My Rate 2
OVERPRICED copy of an open source program

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Title: E-Book Compiler Software

Easy and Risk-free

The software that I am about to introduce you to, is a powerful professional quality tool, that makes it simple for anybody to get started in Information Publishing.

If you can create web pages - then you can create and publish Ebooks.
(and even if you can't, most modern word processors include a "Save As HTML" feature).

Simply create a set HTML files containing the information you want to sell, and then run Activ Ebook Compiler - and you'll have a self-contained Windows Program (".EXE") which users can download and run, to view your Ebook. You can even restrict access to parts of your Ebook with passwords, include links to relevant web sites, or sell advertising space in your Ebook.

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Rating: (3.33 after 6 votes)
Category: Cooking, Diet, Weight Loss

100 Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes

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Reviewed by Maged Awad on 2015-09-28
My Rate 5
Coat chicken with flour. In a large skillet, cook garlic and oil over moderate heat, stirring constantly, until garlic is pale gold

Reviewed by Maged Awad on 2015-09-27
My Rate 5
Coat chicken with flour. In a large skillet, cook garlic and oil over moderate heat, stirring constantly

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Title: 100 Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes



12 oz chicken breasts
1 tsp. minced garlic
1/4cup lemon juice
1/4 cup flour
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1/3 cup capers
1 can artichoke hearts (packed in water, not oil)
1 package sliced mushrooms

Coat chicken with flour. In a large skillet, cook garlic and oil over moderate heat, stirring constantly, until garlic is pale gold. Add chicken and brown 2-3 minutes on each side. Add lemon juice, artichokes, capers and mushrooms. Simmer, covered, for about 30-35 minutes. Turn and baste the chicken occasionally. Cook until chicken juices run clear.

4 servings, 5 POINTS each

If you have never tried capers (I hadn't), this is a great way to start. They add a nice spiciness to the sauce. DH loves this dish!

This recipe comes from the old Week 9 WW Recipe Card, with a few additional suggestions.


1 jar (28 oz) spaghetti sauce (look for a lower-calorie/lower fat one)(I like to use a spicy spaghetti sauce because otherwise the lasagna tastes bland to me)
6 uncooked lasagna noodles
1 15oz container of fat free ricotta cheese (I use FF cottage cheese)
1-2 cups chopped raw vegetables, such as mushrooms, broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini
8oz shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese

Preheat over to 375. Spray an 11x7 dish with cooking spray. Spread 1/3 of the sauce on the bottom of the dish. Arrange 3

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Rating: (5 after 2 votes)
Category: Green Products, Home

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Reviewed by Randy Moore on 2010-12-07
My Rate 1
Home made solar and wind power is a scam!

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Title: Home Made Energy: Renewable Energy For The Rest Of Us
Author: Ben Ford

To Smart Home Owners Who Are Sick Of Paying More And More For Electricity And Energy:

"How Would You Like To UNPLUG Your House From Your Electrical Company, Knowing That You Are "100% Powered By Nature" With Renewable Energy?

How Does It Work?

You will be able to choose between two types of electricity generators, solar-based or wind-based.

Inside the guide you'll get specific instructions on what is best to build, based on your geographical location and the size of your house.

System #1: Solar Power System
You will get to build a solar panel for under $200. If you can negotiate with your local hardware store, you can even get the components for it for under $100.

System #2: Wind Power System
You will get a power-generating wind mill for even as little as $100.

You will see some secret methods that can be used to get this bargain of a price inside the guide.

7 Reasons Why You Absolutely NEED Your Own Home Made Energy:

  1. You will be able to make the electricity company pay you, because the surplus of what you produce will make the meter go the other way, in case you want to stay on-grid...
  2. You will help our
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Rating: (1 after 1 votes)
Category: Health, Medicine, Relationships

Open ebook.

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Reviewed by Luningning on 2017-08-25
My Rate 4
i love this book,its worth to read,,have information that i learn

Reviewed by Abhishek Sahu on 2015-02-19
My Rate 4
This is a great book. There are many useful data given in this book. Really i love this book very much.

Reviewed by wdx02 on 2013-11-10
My Rate 3
see something

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Title: Sleepsex: Uncovered
Author: Michael Mangan

"Sleepsex: Uncovered," the first ebook to be published on sexual behavior that occurs during sleep. Writing in a frank, down-to-earth style, Dr. Michael Mangan sheds light on many questions surrounding sleepsex such as, "How many people 'have' sleepsex?" "What causes it?" "What can be done about it if it is a problem?" "What are the legal implications of sleepsex?" In plain language, the author summarizes what sleep experts have written on sleepsex, and provides a detailed and thoughtful analysis of over 60 persons' first-hand experiences of sleepsex. Dr. Mangan's analysis reveals what direct experience with sleepsex is like, and how it affects those involved.

"Your ebook will be of great value to the general public, patients, sleep medicine professionals, and to the legal profession. Nice job." Mark Mahowald, M.D., Prof. of Neurology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center, Past President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

"Thanks for sending me your book. I enjoyed reading it, especially because it includes so many first-hand accounts. The use of the Internet to collect data is original. I would interpret all of these accounts as sleep-wake dissociations akin to sleep walking, sleep talking, and nocturnal eating." J. Allan Hobson, M.D., Prof. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (3.8 after 5 votes)
Category: Computers, Programming, Science

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Reviewed by israel daniel on 2011-02-08
My Rate 5
the material is a compendium of algorithm basics.

Reviewed by pramod on 2011-01-14
My Rate 4
good idea and usage of technologies

Reviewed by Ganzert on 2008-08-19
My Rate 5
Intelligent, complex and very useful

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Title: Algorithmic and mathematical principles of automatic number plate recognition systems
Author: Ondrej Martinsky

This work deals with problematic from field of artificial intelligence, machine vision and neural networks in construction of an automatic number plate recognition system. (ANPR). This problematic includes mathematical principles and algorithms, which ensure a process of number plate detection, processes of proper characters segmentation, normalization and recognition. Work comparatively deals with methods achieving invariance of systems towards image skew, translations and various light conditions during the capture.

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Rating: (4.5 after 4 votes)
Category: Psychology

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Reviewed by Amy E Hall on 2008-05-09
My Rate 5

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Title: The Developmental Psychology of Psychopathology
Author: Sam Vaknin

Psychopathology as the outcome of problems in early childhood development. With emphasis on the development of personality disorders as the outcome of traumatic experiences and abuse in infancy, childhood, and early adolescence.

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Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by Gary Sr on 2010-08-21
My Rate 2
The problem with a "comebacks" mentality is it aims to trap or pin the customer and force a decision. I suggest Carew's diamond and gap models since with it, the prospect comes to the solution with you, and feels like he achieves more with you there.

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Title: The Ultimate Guide To Sales Comebacks and Rebuttals
Author: Bob Firestone


It's like having a top-gun sales guy looking over your shoulder, guiding you through the sale. You'll have these potent tools close at hand.

It looks like this, (read all of these):

  • Three ingenious methods of stopping objections before they come up.
  • Seven (7) Cold Call OPENER Scripts to set appointments with Senior Executive Decision Makers.
  • Professional mp3 audio so you can listen and learn on your iPod & in your car.
  • Over 250 modern, intelligent and effective comebacks & rebuttals.
  • No BS fluff or information overload. Made for you to learn fast and easy.
  • I reveal the meaning and the INCREDIBLE power of the acronym
  • How to turn Gatekeepers into Guides: 10 tips to make their assistant work for you.
  • How to mentally implant your benefits to fill in their "Missing Beliefs."
  • How to effectively use probes, clinchers, "trial closes" & tie-down questions.
  • A virtually unknown process for obtaining referrals, references and repeat business.
  • A turnaround technique so simple and so effective you are going to laugh out loud when you hear it.
  • A special section on Psychological Triggers that exploit your buyer's EMOTIONS and unconscious desires.
  • 85 pages (over 17,000 words) of actionable
... Click here to read the full description!

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