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Category: Sports, Education, Games

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Title: RiverPlate Club Training sessions
Author: Raed daher

RiverPlate club is the famous club in argantina , It have made many players who participated with the argantinian natiol team all the time ,

Also many many players played in big pro clubs in europe like barcelona , madrid , and ac milan

this desktop application contain some training sessions for river plate coaches .

I thought its a good idea to make some thing deferent to .

all videos with same type or same purpose or same coach ,clube can be joined in one icon

and every video can reached by a small click without need to search in the whole computer 

 In this application you will find alot of training session videos :

* close control dribbling warm up

* dribbling with close control

* dribbling

* 1 v 1 dribbling to score

* 2 v 2 ; 3 v 3 to goal part 1

* 1 v 1 ,2 v 2 , 3 v 3 part 2

* ball control with defferent parts of the body

* passing warm up

* shooting stop & agility practice

* shooting 2

* 3 v 2 to score with conditioning

* finishing when clear defence

* crossing and finishing

* turning to shoot

* finishing at goal 

i hope its easy to use .

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Ebook Type: EXE
Category: Sports, Fitness, Philosophy

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Title: Successful German Soccer Tactics_ The Best Match Plans for a Winning
Author: Timo Jankowski

All of us know that german national team won world cup 2014 in brazil.

this is an ebook explain the way that went through

to be in best condition

they mixed between fittnes, skills ,tactic, and mental work to aproach the the aim, and they did

they understood there mestakes in previous world champions

* here are some facts :

* Soccer start in the head

* complexity factors in soccer

* world ranking analysis, characteristics of top players and top teams

* 2014 world champions , the german national team, match plan

* game concept

* a matter of talent ,practise makes perfect

* tactical periodization as a model ,for modern training design

* tactics

* tactical actions in soccer

* the four phaces of the game

* perfect switching play , the key to success

* zone play

* pressing , systematic defensive strategies

* formations , and system of play

* system op play with the back three

* encountering identical system op play

* match plan , perfect preparation for the next match

* modern match plan

* training week design



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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Sports, Sports, Sports

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Title: German Soccer PAss ing Drills
Author: Hyballa | te Poel

A successful passing games relies on foundation liad by targeted , variables, and intensive training , training unites on the field are extremely important for hoaches and players as there teams envolve and try to reach the highest level . in german soccer passing drills , Peter Hyballa and Hans - Dieter te Poel lay the foundation to develop a successful  passing game .

in this book the authors examine many types of passes and performance factors that can lay the foundation through training , as such the book german soccer passing drills is a training model and is a true mine of information for any coach.

in 2015 , the authors Peter Hyballa and Hans - Dieter te Poel published a second german book on the passing game ,this work includes contribution of experts of the most diverse ereas of performance - oriented soccer and applied sports science ,the different perspectivesof the what and how inthe international passing game are presented using focused interviews ,there is also alarge number of additional drilla and differents types of plays .

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Diet, Health, Nature

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Title: Gifts From Nature
Author: Jeremy Kinney

Gifts From Nature allows you to take ancient wisdom and combine it with modern health strategies, using what nature provides - for free! Nature's gifts are what keep us healthy. Without nature, our health degrades. Learning how to live naturally in an unnatural, modern world is perhaps one of the best things we can do for ourselves. This timeless information can even be passed on from generation to generation, improving the health of your family for many years to  come.

By focusing on the best foods, water, air, and getting the right amount of sun, we can live healthy, long lives. Our modern lives have disconnected us from nature so much that we don't even realize that we've substitued nature's gifts for inferior artificial versions. Luckily, nature provides for us all if we know how to accept the gift.

In this book you'll learn:

- How to get a virtually infinite supply of antioxidants

- How to effortlessly look better, boost your immune system, and fight depression

- How to access the best food and water for free

- How to take control of your health, regardless of your budget

- And much more!

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Category: Mystery, Adventure, Fiction

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Title: The Testament Stone - A Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery
Author: C.L. Wells

When Megyn Keith's best friend is murdered by a deranged killer, Megyn travels from her home in Charleston, South Carolina to Longview, Washington to attend the funeral and mourn her friend's passing.  After she arrives, she discovers that she has inherited an ancient pendant with strange powers.  When the powers of the pendant begin to manifest, she begins discovering clues about who the murderer is and why they committed the crime.  Getting closer to the truth, she unknowingly becomes the killer's next target.  Out of her element and running out of time, she must discover who the real killer is and avenge her best friend's death before she becomes the next victim.

This is the first book in the Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery series.  It is a fast-paced read filled with memorable characters and contains enough plot twists to keep you guessing until the very end. 

The second book of the series follows Megyn back home to Charleston, South Carolina, where she begins a new adventure.  Will she be able to pick up with life as it was before her strange experience in Washington, or has her life been forever changed?  Find out in book two!


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Ebook Type: ePUB
Category: Religion, Christian Books, Spirituality

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Title: Spiritual Warfare Manual for Beginners: The Key To Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers
Author: Willie Estrada

This is a spiritual warfare for beginners, but it also contains vital information for the experienced warrior. This manual was prepared with the guidance of the Holy Spirit; based on Bible studies, and based on more than 15 years dealing with demonic influences and supernatural deliverance. The experience that you will gain from this manual, will be a step forward in your spiritual life. With this knowledge, you will be able to fight all kinds of demonic strongholds, and get delivered from any evil influence for the glory of the Lord. Today you will learn new spiritual warfare strategies, that you've probably never heard of before, such as: Territorial spiritual warfare. This will enable you to fight for your territory because it's in the air that you must fight Satan and his demonic forces. This territorial evil influences affect you in an indirect way, and they destroy your nation, your church, your family, and therefore, your life, so don't underestimate this vital information. 

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Horror, Mystery, Nonfiction

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Title: Evil Haunted Object Story Collection
Author: L.G.Lazarus

Real Haunted Dolls have been proven to exist. Annabelle, Robert the haunted doll and many more. These stories are well documented. Many other types of haunted objects have been proven to exist, such as paintings, chairs, statues and more.

I've been studying these types of hauntings for fifteen years and have documented many stories about such haunted dolls and other haunted objects. This book is a collection of the most horrifying true hauntings I have encountered.

These metaphysical occurances have plagued many more than you might believe. Possessed dolls and other haunted items are becoming an epidemic. 

Death, fire, explosions, and murder, a great deal of times have these haunted items involved. The truth is that most people do not want to believe that these kinds of things can happen. But they do happen and are quite frequent.

This book reveals many of these true hauntings and possessions. Creepy dolls, a haunted statue, a haunted stuffed lemur and more! These stories are truely scary and may be to much for some people to handle. If you like to be scared, read this book alone in the dark and you get the shock of your life! Enjoy.

Evil Haunted Object Story Collection:Haunted Dolls And Other Haunted Objects True Creepy Stories is also available in paperback. Link on sales page.

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Category: SEO and Promotion, E-Business

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Reviewed by Goutam Das on 2017-02-26
My Rate 5
This Book is very useful. . So i suggest this book to reader . . . plz read this book. it is very interesting so reading it now. . . . .

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Title: The Best Practices in SEO in 2017
Author: Philip Moses

SEO is marketing branch focused on gaining visibility for your website for non-paid search results. SEO is also about technical and creative elements required to improve your rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search results. 
There are a lot of different topics in SEO, from how your website is build (what kind of platform: Wordpress, Strikingly, Squarespace or Drupal), how is your website architecture done, how did you wrote the content on your website with meta-tags and keywords or links pointing towards your website (link building), etc.
This last part is the most difficult about SEO because you need to get links from other valuable websites to help you gaining rankings, traffic and popularity.

In this eBook, updated for 2017, you will learn how to avoid doing mistakes with your SEO.

This eBook contains different content to help you build a SEO-friendly website  and get your website rank #1 on Google and other Search Engines.

I cover different topics, like on-page SEO (with meta-tags, etc.), off-page SEO (link building strategies) and of course technical SEO.

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Ebook Type: PDF
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Category: Action, Mystery, Thrillers

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Title: Schism
Author: Clabe Polk

Kat Thomas, a single mother beseiged by "Mad Dog" Lincoln, a criminal street gang leader who tries to intimidate her teenaged son to join a criminal street gang by violence, extortion, kidnapping and framing him for a murder charge. Although he doesn't know it  Mad Dog killed her fiance, the boy's father fifteen years before. However, she remembers all too well.

Obsessed with building a criminal enterprise of his own,  Lincoln plays a double roll as a gun runner and a federal informant. However, Lincoln's federal handlers, two ATF agents and an Assistant U.S. Attorney want Lincoln to make them rich by smuggling guns for them. Playing both ends against each other, Lincoln is double-crossing them both them and his supplier, a North Korean terrorist, Kwan Hye, who is bent on flooding America's streets with weapons promoting violence and disruption.

When Elijah Hollaway, Kat's trusted friend and pastor, assaults her forcing her to kill him in self-defense it destroys her last remaining shred of faith in men and drives her sense of guilt and anger against men to new heights.

It's up to a county sheriff's detective, Mike Eiser, who with a little help from some friends, must take Lincoln and his associates down, sort out the mess and perhaps restore a little of Kat's confidence in men.

But, is a frail single mother and a determined detective enough to take down a raging Mad Dog like Lincoln? Or a stone cold killer like Hye? And will

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Marketing, E-Marketing, E-Business

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Title: How To Use The Unselfish Marketer's Vault
Author: JayKay

Learn the secrets to success when you join the UM vault.  You will now have access to unlimited content and product supplies, so use this guide to be sure and not get overwhelmed!

Now you will not only have an unsurmountable supply of products you can license, sell, rebrand, etc. but you will also have the ability to learn every corner of this crazy industry.  Be it niche marketing, content marketing, product launching, product creation, affiliate marketing, you name it....the world is now your oyster!


Since 2006, the Unselfish Marketer's Vault has evolved into far more than just a marketer's supply source.  The vault now offers all levels of training materials in a variety of course formats.

Resources also include hosting, autoresponders, services for hire, templates and much more.

This guide is a simple overview to help you get the most from your membership, without the frustration of information overload, or time stealing activities.

In short, a guide toward your success!

To you success!

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