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Category: Relationships, How To, Self Help

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Title: What Women Really Want
Author: Alec Ross

Never Struggle With Women Again!

Dating Insider Reveals His Proven Techniques For Hooking Up With ANY Woman of your dreams, Guaranteed!

Indiser Secrets to Seducing Women of your dreams, even if you lack experience!

The #1 thing you must do when Approaching Women to gain the overall advantage!

How to use a simple analysis 'trick' to get girls to fall for you right on the spot!

How exploiting the 'curiosity factor' will boost your success rate by up to 200%!

How to use the simple 'knock down' strategy to break the ice with the hottest women you meet!

Let's face it, when it comes to picking up women, you could use a little help.

Don't feel bad, you're certainly not alone. In the big old wolrd of dating, its common knowledge that women run the playing the field, controlling situations, ending conversations and walking away with who ever they choose.

Hooking up with quality women takes practice, because regardless of what you've read in play guides, seduction is an art form.

You need to know how to approach women so that they melt while hanging onto your every word.

Grab a Free copy of What Women Really Want to learn more about Attracting, Approaching and Dating Women of your dreams.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

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Title: Cadaver Mundus
Author: KN Schultz

Cadaver Mundus is the unnerving realm of Victor Frankenstein's ghastly night terrors, dark visions, and impossible premonitions as he descends into the madness of his own nightmares.

Gods, devils, machines, monsters, undead, and man alike battle for the dominion of a faulty and unwholesome universe, haunting Frankenstein in the dark corners between his construction of his creature, its bride, the murder of his family, and the hunting of the monster to the remote Arctic.

As Victor battles his creature, the spectres of his nightmares lift him away into their harsh reality, revealing a far worse existence than what he experienced or imagined.

 He joins their existence, creating his own family and future to again have it stolen and decimated. Slowly, he descends into the madness of reconfiguring humanity into his design, what he believes to be a better solution for mankind. Assuming the role of god and creator, his hunger for mankind's salvation becomes tainted with the insatiable lust for power and control.

Thus, Victor Frankenstein initiates war to create a Corpse Cosmos of the perfect people. 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Health, Beauty, Body

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Title: How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home in a Week
Author: Serena Malfi

Crazy claims abound on the internet. People who suffer the embarrassment of Stretch Marks are vulnerable to lies and hucksters. This ebook covers key issues that sufferes need to know.
What are the realistic treatment options available? What are their good and bad points? This book covers the best treatments, warnings on dangerous ingredients that must be avoided during pregnancy, popular treatments that have failed scientific studies and do-it-yourself home remedies that are actually worth the effort.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Computers, Home Business

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Title: 23 Mobile repair problems and solutions
Author: Mohan Rao

there are 23 problems in Mobile Problems. we want list out so, it is useful for Mobile Repairing Technician. These are frequence and routin problems. list...

1.Speaker hardware problems.

2.Ringer hardware problems.

3.Mic hardware problems

4.No LED .keyboard and Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

5. No charging hardware problems

6.Pnone on But no Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

7.Pnone on ,But white Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

8.Battery Low when calling after show full battery hardware problems

9.Restart when calling hardware problems & Software Problems.

10.No network  hardware problems & Software Problems.

11.Operation failed Camere  hardware problems & Software Problems.

12.Camera features not supported  hardware problems & Software Problems.

13. Black or White Display on Camera  hardware problems & Software Problems.

14. Memory card not supported  hardware problems & Software Problems.

15.insert SIM Card Hardware Ploblems

16.Keypad problem  hardware problems & Software Problems.

17.contact services  hardware problems & Software Problems.

18.Bluetooth problems  hardware problems & Software Problems.

19.Local mode or Test mode  hardware problems & Software

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Children, Illustrated Picture Books

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Reviewed by serg_8011 on 2014-08-22
My Rate 5

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Title: Children's stories with a moral by Sergey Nikolov
Author: Sergey Nikolov

Two childrens stories with beautiful illustrations




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Ebook Type: PDF
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Category: Health, How To, Manuals

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Title: The OddShoeFinder.com Shoe Wearer's Handbook
Author: Clare Barron and Kent Basson

This is a book all about shoes: Choose the right shoes for the situation, get a good fit, care for your shoes, perform simple shoe repairs, avoid counterfeit designer and athletic shoes, find creative and productive uses for your old shoes, and more.

Also available in Mobi (Kindle) format at shoehandbook.com.

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Category: Travel

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Title: Cheap Family Vacations: 3 Ways to Afford Cheap Family Vacations
Author: C.D. Malone

Three ideas you may not have thought of to make your dream vacation more affordable for your budget even in these tough economic times. From learning about travel seasons to using vacation clubs to save money...it's covered here. A must-read before you take your next vacation.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Management, Marketing

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Title: Comunicação organizacional: externa, responsável, multidisciplinar.
Author: Gino Giacomini-Filho; Elizabeth Moraes Gonçalves
Language: Other

Este livro, editado pela Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul (Brasil) discute a comunicação organizacional focando seus aspectos externos, responsáveis e multidisciplinares.

Os aspectos externos são dedicados aos públicos ou stakeholders externos à organização e que impactam ou são impactados por essa comunicação.

A obra contém diversos textos que mostram ser a comunicação organizacional algo atrelado, atualmente, a uma atuação responsável, ética.

A multidisciplinaridade é também algo típico da comunicação organizacional, pois como mostram os textos da obra, há interfaces importantes com outras áreas do conhecimento como informação, psicologia, sociologia, direito, meio ambiente.

São 13 textos que conferem uma ampla abordagem da comunicação organizacional priorizando a realidade brasileira e atual.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: E-Business

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Title: Affiliate Success Secrets - Making $150+/Day Is Easy With This
Author: Bryan Super

Have you been struggling to make money online? This ebook will finally show you the right way to start making money online as an affiliate.

Stop wandering the internet night after night and read through this ebook and start making money today!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fantasy, Novels, Science Fiction

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Title: The Bog Monster of Booker Creek
Author: Wayne V. Miller

This novel is told as a long letter written by John Densch to his son, but the letter is addressed to his son ten years in the future. In it, John tries to understand what happened to him and his family after an accidental media circus brings them momentarily into the national limelight - and brings John into suspicion in the case of a missing person. John himself is trying to wrestle with memories from his childhood that he intertwines into his narrative. He realizes, eventually, that those memories - those stories of alien abduction and time travel - matter to him in ways he had never realized before. The story has a wide cast of characters and philosophical questions. But it all comes down to: who is the bog monster and what does he want?

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