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Category: Young Adult, Fiction, Women

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Title: Diary of a Human Target (Book One)
Author: Isidora Vey

Since early childhood, Yvonne has had plenty of reasons to believe she is different from the others:

She often has strange dreams and metaphysical experiences.

She is gifted with high intelligence and a vivid imagination.

She is eminent for her good character, politeness and innocence.

Probably for this reason, the other people often underestimate her and show it to her at the first oppurtunity.

During adolescence, new problems appear:

Gangs of hostile persons seem to be lurking for her everywhere, terrorizing her without any apparent reason.

She is constantly dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences.

Every time things seem to be getting better, finally everything goes wry and she ends up worse than before.

She comes to believe that she is a target of evil forces.

Reaching adulthood, her life takes an unhoped turn for the better. Her wildest dreams seem to be on their way to materialization.

But is it really so?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Animals, Young Adult

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Title: The Legends of Whiteknight II
Author: Al Strano

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Christian Books, Young Adult, Adventure

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Title: Adventures in Koba
Author: Kim Bond

Adventures in Koba is a fiction book for middle grade juveniles, young adults, and adults who are interested in fresh Christian literature. Sarah and Trip are twin teenagers who begin an exciting adventure through the land of Koba after they decide to protect a kindhearted fairy named Maria. After they leave the safety and comfort of their home in Green Hills, they realize the old myths are true! Frightening creatures, terrifying landscapes, and treacherous spiritual beings do exist in the land of Koba. The teenagers along with Sarah's friend, Rosa, face many trials as they journey to places like Bliss Mountain, Grande River, Rock Graveyard, and the Thorn Forest. This book is written in an easy-to-understand language with many layers of symbolism and depth so every age level can appreciate this modern classic. Both Christians and Non-Christians can enjoy this artful tale. Are you willing to journey to this mysterious land of Koba that exists somewhere between heaven and Earth?   

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Young Adult, Fiction, Novels

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Title: Broken Voices
Author: Winona Rasheed

Broken Voices is a young adult fiction read, a novel. Turn the pages and meet Ella Rose Abbott who is not your typical high school student.

Enrolling into a new school in Washington DC,  brings about a lot of challenges as she tries to keep a secret hidden from her peers. She is different, even though she appears normal on the outside, looking like the rest of the 9th grade students in her class; However, her inability to speak and hear brings out the bullies around her, making her Freshman year in high school  uncomfortable.

This book deals with peer pressure, bullying, being handicapped, social issues, teenage drama, and new friendships, which Ella Rose learns to cope with.

In the privacy of her home and when she is  around the only person she trust at school,  she can be herself with her handicap as she speaks with her hands and her broken voice.

Fitting in becomes an issue when she has to read lips and use sign language to communicate and when she stands up to her worse enemy.


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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Young Adult, Business, E-Business

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Title: Uber-X uber alles! (In defense of a true innovation)
Author: Ulysses X Dryvver

I am an Uber-X driver with nearly 2000 trips. 

I answer the what?, why?, how?, when?, where? and who? questions that are on the minds of literally millions of people around the world today.

If you love uber-x, you need to read this book.

If you hate uber-x, you need to read this book.

If you have no idea what uber-x is, you need to read this book.

In addition to the objective, factyual descripton of the inner workings of uber-x., I describe a series of interestng (but fictional) trips that may have occurred over the period of about one year.

The book basically provides an insider's view of the genesis and tumultuous path to success of the most popular ride sharing service in the world.

Readers will find out how uber-x started; how it works and its trajectory into the future. 

International growth is outlined and discussed.

The author has journaled most of the rider questions he has received and some of the more interesting rider interactions.  These interactions are presented in the form of composite trips that reflect the unique trip situations in which uber-x drivers often find themselves.




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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Family, Young Adult, Fiction

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Title: Left Across the Border: A Story of Teen Depression (Teen & Depression Book 1)
Author: Patrice Foster

Left across the Border Book 1 about Teenagedepression story.

Children crosses the Mexican Border for a better life here in American not by choice but force decision by Parents.  The long journey into USA can be frighten, and scarey always hiding from Border Patrol, and often traveling with unknow older men who are strangers directing their every move to keep them away from the Border Police. Arriving by the boatload on to USA soil illegally. Its an issue that has cause some American Citizens to be angry at immigrants. These kids  feel like they are caught up in American Mexican War and immigration crisis. Scared of the outcome for these kids  ages can range from 4-18 who are traveling alone in unfamilair turf they become easy to exploit.  A story about one teen journey, secret, feeling dejected, unable to speak the language, isolation, Bullying, cutting, exploitation, hope,  until one final outcome her final decision change her life. Imagine longing for that home, family, that need to belong truth is where is that home?

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