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Category: Parenting, Women

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Title: Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy and Beyond

Your essential guide to 20+ drug free treatments to keep your baby safe during pregnancy

∗ At Last! 1000s of hours of research condensed into an easy to understand book about natural ways to treat common pregnancy ailments…….and more

What you’re about to discover is …

  • The little known secrets about natural treatments the big drug companies don’t want you to know
  • 7 alternative therapies that you can use NOW to treat health problems in pregnancy
  • I’m PREGNANT! Now I want to have a happy, healthy and ‘drug-free’ pregnancy – THIS TELLS YOU HOW!
  • A “MUST” for finding the right therapist for you!
  • Proven methods to reduce the pain of childbirth… without using harmful drugs
  • Secret cures for morning sickness

Here’s a quick preview of the valuable information you’ll have at your fingertips …

  • How traditional Chinese medicine is still used today to make you happy and healthy during your pregnancy
  • WARNING! Not all natural products are safe during pregnancy – read about what products you SHOULD NOT use whilst pregnant
  • What therapies can calm your mind as well as heal your body
  • HELP! How can I avoid the risks and costs of unregulated therapists?
  • Why your feet are the gateway to abundant good health during pregnancy
  • Why
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Relationships, Women

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Title: That's Not How Men Work
Author: Marni Kinrys

If you want to be the kind of woman who holds the attention of EVERY man in the room...

And have the kind of control over a man's feelings that he will do almost ANYTHING to please you..

This comprehensive guide that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about what really goes on inside the minds of men... and how to make him literally putty in your hands.

You're going to learn the truth of how a man's mind really works, and what he wishes you knew, and what will compel him to single YOU out and ask you on a date!

This book uses a crazily simple secret technique that no other woman has ever heard before... until now.

And I must warn you it has a 'dark side'...

But used correctly, this is going to get you INSANE results with men once you learn what goes on, deep inside his mind.

Just imagine being able to see deep inside a man's being, and having the power to make ANY MAN feel an obsessive compulsion to approach you and impress you.

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Category: Beauty, Women

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Title: The Beauty Food Bible: Feed Yourself 20 Years Younger
Author: Tracy Patterson

Your body WANTS to create firm, taut, smooth, flawless, glowing and radiant skin for the rest of your life.

It is TRYING TO. And ANYONE can unlock your skin's natural ability to slow down the clock, if not reverse it, by following this secret.

Now, The Good News Is You Can Learn How Reverse Any Skin Condition, In Just A Few Steps, With Foods That Are Probably In Your Fridge Right Now.

You’ll learn in the "The Beauty Food Bible: Feed Yourself 20 Years Younger" are the most potent foods for creating incredible skin, where to find them, and how to prepare them.

  • I’ve also listed other foods that detoxify the fluids under the dermis… (that important layer of skin under the surface) …which help new skin cells receive the nutrition to start growing rapidly and make their way to the surface.
  • The types of foods that maintain elasticity and firmness past the age of 30. Some of them help maintain the natural oils in your skin that stop it from getting too dry…and other foods that dramatically boost collagen levels which leads to younger, smoother and finer skin.
  • Next I’ll show you the secrets to deep skin repair by providing your cells with the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Unlike pills, and supplements, actual foods are completely bioavailable — meaning your body and skin cells soak up many times more than any antioxidant supplement out
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Category: Fitness, Weight Loss, Women

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Title: Ideal Body Blueprint
Author: Sue Heintze

Hormones and Fat Loss for Women

Aussie fitness expert reveals how any woman, of any age, can get her own head-turning beach body by controlling 3 nasty “Hormone Disturbers”

  • If you want to discover the secrets for working with a woman’s body to gently and safely shed unwanted pounds…
  • If you’re ready to finally get the slim and fit body you want…
  • If you’re ready to make your own total body transformation…

Then I have some good news for you.

My “Ideal Body Blueprint” can really help.

My program attacks the problem in three stages…

Stage 1: Tap Into The Stored Body Fat

Quite honestly, every woman has a great figure… It’s the amount of fat our bodies are carrying that hide our great figures.

As you start reviewing this proven fat-burning program, you’ll discover…

  • The difference between the caloric value of carbs, protein and fat — each one of these macro nutrients impact your ability to drop unwanted pounds in different ways…
  • The “thermic effect of protein” — it’s an absolute necessity in any fat loss program…
  • Why those last few pounds are often the hardest ones to shed…

Look, shedding unwanted pounds of fat is your goal…

And as

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Beauty, Women

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Title: Perfect Eyebrows Guide
Author: Therese Cole

Brand New, Comprehensive Guide Shows You How to Transform Your Entire Look and Create the Most Beautiful YOU Possible.

With my powerful guide, you will be able to:

  • Shape your eyebrows to your face
  • Grow your eyebrows faster
  • Learn a centuries-old concept that was practiced by the natives of India, which was originally a Middle Eastern technique.
  • Uncover the truth about embroidery

and much, much more!

All your questions about creating a more beautiful, more vibrant and younger looking face are answered here:

  • How do I use eyebrow stencil properly?
  • How do you know what the pros and cons of electrolysis are?
  • How does eyebrow piercing work?
  • Use this information for your beauty business
  • Tips on choosing the cutest and safest eyebrow piercing jewelry?
  • How to stop your eyebrows from falling out
  • How to grow eyebrows faster?

FREE TIP: People with an oval face shape should steer clear of round brows. Soft angled brows lend a good contrast to the high cheekbones.

Celebrity stylists back me up on this. To make a better choice in how to style your eyebrows, you must know all the facts.

I made every effort to be thorough when creating this amazing guide. The chapters cover these essential beauty topics:

  • Eyebrow grooming
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Causes and solutions
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Category: Weight Loss, Women

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Title: Burn Belly Fat Fast
Author: Becky Bell

For several years now, I’ve been helping women transform their bodies AND their lives by showing them what it takes to lose fat quickly.

I discovered a unique way to not only LOSE weight… but KEEP IT OFF permanently without hardcore dieting, without hours of exercising, and without having to give up your favorite foods.

Look, I know exactly why you're having trouble losing fat and getting in shape.

There was a time I struggled to lose weight as well.

And I will tell you, for certain, that you haven't been able to lose weight because you've been misled and misinformed about what it REALLY takes.

For starters.. you MUST take a long term approach to losing weight and getting in shape.

There's no such thing as fast and easy fat loss that's also permanent.

Now, even though the best approach for losing fat is a long term one, there ARE a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Increasing the intensity of your workouts will get your metabolism sped up and will put your body in fat-burning mode.

I'll show you exactly how to eat in order to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

And the best part is... you can literally eat all the foods you enjoy... and still lose fat.

P.S. I discovered workouts that turn your body into a fat burning machine. With a higher metabolism... you'll burn calories more efficiently and effectively.

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Relationships, Women

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Title: Addict Him: Attract your Ideal Man

The number 1 secret to making a man love you

Don't miss this.

  • If you've ever lacked confidence in attracting and keeping your ideal man...
  • If you've ever wished that men would stop pushing you away...
  • If you've ever been confused by men's seeming unexplained behavior...
  • If you've ever wished to connect with a man at a level where he wants to open up to you...

Then make sure you watch this right away:
The number 1 secret to making him love you
This secret is going to change everything about the way you experience love.
You see, there is a secret he's never going to  tell you to your face.
But knowing it will change everything about  how you relate to your man.
And if you don't learn it now, another guy is  going to dump you for the same reason.

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Category: Women

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Title: Pole Dancing Course

"Instant Access To Over 100 Video Lessons, 6 Hours of One-On-One Coaching With Amber's Ultimate Pole Dancing Course... Dance Your Way To Health & Fitness From Home! "

Go From Beginner To Expert With Over 100 Step-By-Step Videos With Private Coaching That Beats All Other Pole Dancing Classes!

The entire program consists of over 100 videos with a total runtime of 6 hours, systematically teaching all major types of pole dancing moves and combinations that leaves nothing to the imagination. It's the most jam-packed and intensive pole dancing course you'll ever experience.

  • Step-by-step pole dance instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow format
  • 100 videos with a total running time of 6 hours of in-depth lessons
  • 3 different teachers covering 3 major routines including fitness workouts
  • Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers.
  • Get intensive pole dance workouts! Not only do you get a full body workout, you have a chance to discover a sexier side of you.
  • Learn over 50 isolated moves, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids, plus combinations that tie different moves together
  • Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles, including full-body & up-close views. Then perform fluid combinations of the moves you've learned!

Take a closer look at what you'll learn in this high-caliber multimedia

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: Video
Category: Weight Loss, Women

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Title: No More Cellulite System
Author: Mercedes Vila

Attention: To All Women Who Wish to Have Beautiful Buttocks and Thighs Once Again

Do You Want To Know The Hidden Method That Banishes Cellulite in 60 Days or Less?

The Only Natural, Safe And Painless System, Which Ensures That Cellulite Will Never Come Back!

99% of women who suffer from cellulite do not know this secret.

This guide teaches you exactly how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, legs and buttocks once and for all. In less than eight weeks, you will have smoother and sexier buttocks, guaranteed! This is as easy as it sounds.

My System Is Based On The Following Principles:

  • One simple exercise plan that fights (only) cellulite with only a few minutes a day. These are NOT intense cardio exercises.
  • A complete plan of attack to Cellulite.
  • Toning problematic areas.
  • Control of hormonal problems affecting western countries which complicate the regularity of collagen fibers and fat.
  • Small and simple adjustments in your diet, regulating your harmful hormones, stretching your skin, toning your muscles, rebuilding damaged tissue and increasing collagen production.
  • Secret tricks to strengthen your legs and buttocks that won´t require any kind of exercise. This will surprise you!

With this ebook you will learn:

  • A Complete Guide, Step by Step, in a simple and understandable language, in which I will help you
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Weight Loss, Women

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Title: Cellulite Factor System
Author: Charles Lancaster

How An Ancient Secret Found In East Africa Can Help You Melt Away Unwanted Cellulite

Based on years of research we developed an all-encompassing system designed for long-term life changing results and we call the system-The Cellulite Factor.

4 Simple Steps To Banish Cellulite, Lose Excess Fat And Not Be Embarassed When Wearing Shorts

Step one is all about speeding up blood flow and decreasing water retention in the dermal tissues which we touched on slightly in this video. On page one hundred and eight you'll learn how you can actually make your own cellulite reducing kit using an ingredient discovered in East Africa over a thousand years ago. It's all natural and I almost guarantee that you already have it inside your pantry right now even as I speak. This step is as close as you can get to altering your genetic composition reducing the appearance of cellulite on your legs, thighs and arms.

Step two talks about the specific foods that not only slow down the accumulation of cellulite but actually help speed up the process of reducing and you'd be surprised about it. You're probably eating many of these already-just not at the correct times, in the right order. and in the right combinations. Then on page eighty-two we'll take you by the hand and show you what you should be eating and more importantly what you should NOT be eating, You'll be shocked to learn which foods are actually piling on the oellulite by the pound. and simply

... Click here to read the full description!

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