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Title: How to Have Healthy Hair - At Any Age
Author: Steve Ryan

"Learn the TRUE facts about hair loss......before it's too late!"

Do You Make These Mistakes When Taking Care of Your Hair?

Now, You Too Can Laugh at Hair Loss Problems - If You Follow These Simple Tips...

Here are some of the things you are about to discover:


  • Why women who give birth, lose some of their hair when they do so (It's probably not what you think -- and luckily it's not so bad after all)
  • Why the typical North American and northern European diets have been linked to baldness. If you use any of their dietary habits, you need to read this...
  • Why people with intestinal disorders may have more chances of losing their hair
  • Why many women suffer hair loss and an increase of facial hair after the onset of menopause. And what to do about it... (Hint: You can use something consumed in the "Eastern" Civilizations).
  • Why fresh juices can be beneficial to hair (including some homemade "juice cocktail recipes")
  • What exactly are hot oil treatments and how they can help you keep your hair strong
  • What exactly are EFA's and when it may be a good idea to take additional
  • What exactly are "structured hairpieces" and why you should at least get a second opinion when someone recommends them to you (beware: some doctors will say that you need anything just to get your
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Women

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Title: How to succeed with Women

I am no Adonis!

I have your average size beer gut, I'm going grey and I'm balding.
I am not really wealthy and I was not born with the gift of attracting to women.
I am your average Joe, but I have learned how to be more than averagely successful with women.
This ebook is written for all the other average Joes, Johns And Freds out there who are struggling with

"The Female of the Species"

But before you spend a penny buying this ebook here is a brief list of what you can expect.

A common sense, easy to follow approach
This ebook is written for men, by a man
over 300 women aged between 25 and 50 have been interviewed and revealed EXACTLY "what they like, what they hate!"
This knowledge will give you a HUGE advantage over your competition.

It is aimed at guys who want good honest relationships with women But find it really difficult to make those first and very important steps

This ebook will build your confidence, give you the right approach.

You'll learn things about yourself you didn't know, You'll learn how to attract women, how to behave and how to approach them.

It will get rid of common misconceptions, making you more relaxed with women.

Maybe you won't get to date Britney Spears.
But remember, there is someone for everyone, and this will help you find her.

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Category: Health, Women

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

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Title: 51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

Do you have endometriosis? Do you think you do, but aren't sure? Are you having a hard time learning to cope?

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis can help!

Dear Friend,

Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects a lot of women. This e-book is designed to make you more aware of endometriosis, and some things that you can do to treat it.

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In this e-book you'll discover...

  • How endometriosis is diagnosed
  • Symptoms of endometriosis
  • Treatments that help
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coping strategies
  • Tips for parents

Find all these tips and more! Start making your life easier today!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Health, Women

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Title: Hair Loss in Women


Hair Loss in Women... Getting to the Root of the Problem

Take charge of your hair loss

A sample of what's included in this downloadable book:

  • Emotional Aspects of Female Hair Loss - learn how other women deal with the emotional aspects of female hair loss
  • Nutritional Deficiencies and Hair Loss
  • Types of Hair Loss - common and rare
  • Medical Conditions in which Hair Loss is a Symptom
  • Medications that Cause Hair Loss
  • Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Hair
  • Causes of Hair Loss - common and rare
  • Natural Remedies Used for Hair Loss - aromatherapy, homeopathy, orthomolecular, acupuncture, Ayurvedic and more
  • 132 pages of information to help you understand female hair loss, how to prevent it and how to re-grown and maintain beautiful healthy growing hair.


Why Only For Women?

I know how it feels to be a woman losing her hair. My personal experience left me feeling frustrated,

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Category: Garden, Hobbies, Women

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Title: Help!! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree!!
Author: Christine Taylor

Woman Wanted For Murder Escapes 15 Year Sentence By Discovering How To Keep A Bonsai Tree Alive & Well...In Just 7 Simple Steps!

Now You Can Learn Her Secrets And Avoid The Shame Of Becoming A Bonsai Tree Murderer Too!

Here are some of the things you'll learn in "Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree!!"....

  • The type of soil a Bonsai tree needs, how it's different from ordinary plants and why it's crucial that it consists of these different materials
  • The use of wiring to stabilise your tree and begin to influence the direction of its growth. ( Learning how to do this is one of your first steps to becoming a Bonsai artist....if you want to)
  • The two basic types of Bonsai trees
  • The most important aspect of Bonsai gardening
  • The what, when, why and how to's of bonsai pruning, trimming and pinching
  • Where you should place your Bonsai tree to keep it as healthy as possible
  • What to 'feed' your tree, how often to feed it and what elements must be in the fertilizer you use
  • How to test if your Bonsai tree needs watering and how often you should water it?
  • A glimpse of the advanced skills that you may want to develop further beyond simply keeping your tree alive....trust me you'll want
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Category: Beauty, Women

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Title: Beauty Pageant Secrets Revealed
Author: Tiffany

"Eight-Time Beauty Queen and Top Pageant Coach Reveals Insider Secrets That Will Virtually Guarantee You'll Win Your Next Pageant"

My name is Tiffany, and I have spent years competing in beauty pageants. When I first started competing, I wasn't very successfull, but I was determined to succeed. So, I spent thousands of dollars - on books, tapes, pageant coaches, etc. learning how to win.

Along the way, I learned a lot of secrets that gave me an edge - and I started winning. Within four years, I had won eight different pageants. Today, I make over $200 an hour as a pageant coach.

You Can Have The "Unfair" Advantage - Without The Incredible Cost

When my clients listen to my beauty pageant tips, they often win. In my first five pageants, I thought I was prepared and I was so determined to win, but I never even made it to the semi-finals. If I had known then what I know now, I could have saved myself so much heartache.

And to be completely honest, I just don't think it's fair that only a privileged few benefit from the knowledge I've discovered.

So, for a very limited time, I'm going to share my secrets in a downloadable audio interview. The information I reveal will help you win your next beauty pageant. I'm also including 7 bonuses. One of the bonuses is a 49-page ebook that

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Category: Health, Women

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Title: My Story : One Womans Journey With Multiple Sclerosis

Today Valerie Moffat walks, drives, showers and cooks for herself and no longer suffers constant shaking, trembling, chronic fatigue, double vision or slurred speech...

How does it work?

The normal human body's immune system can easily cope with the many different things it is subjected to in every day life. 'Toxic' substances (so called because they can be toxic to the human body) are found everywhere - in food, the home, at work - everywhere. Most are found is such small amounts that for most people, they aren't a problem - the immune system has it covered. Different people might find different substances more toxic than others.
For people with MS, the story is different. The immune system is working double time. Even the smallest exposure to toxic substances tax the immune system. And since most people don't know where these toxins lie, or which substances are, they can't avoid them.

What if the immune system in MS sufferers DIDN'T have to work double time taking care of these things? Valerie Moffat knows the answer: the immune system, once sufficiently rested, gets to work dealing with the issues brought on by MS. The human body has remarkable healing abilities, and given a chance, it can take care of the symptoms of MS.

Today, Valerie Moffat's quality of life has improved remarkably

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Category: Health, Women

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Title: Cure Yeast Infections Fast!
Author: Nikki Montgomery

Attention Women:

"Are You Sick and Tired Of Fighting Yeast Infections
That Keep Coming Back?"

35 Year Old Woman Permanently Beats Yeast Infections After 5 Year Battle...

WARNING- Do NOT take any drugs or apply any creams until you read this!

5 Reasons Why Your Yeast Infections May Keep Coming Back...

  • No one source provides a complete and comprehensive treatment plan to effective cure yeast infection. Trying to cure your yeast infection without following a comprehensive treatment plan is simply a waste of time and effort.... Your time and your effort!
  • Do some research and you'll find many shocking and wild suggestions out there on what to do to cure a yeast infection. These do not work and can even be dangerous to do. My plan has been proven to work!
  • Drugs can have side effects that wreak havoc on your immune system, making you susceptible to more bouts of yeast infections - even other types of infections!
  • You can find hundreds of suggested vitamins and supplements that supposedly cure yeast infections. Of course, you
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Category: Arts, Hobbies, Women

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Title: Knit - easy
Author: Anna Stewart

"Knit-easy presents - A Knitter's Guide To Success!
A 'MUST-HAVE - For All Knitting Enthusiasts.."

"Who else wants to Knit Like a Professional .... "

"You Are Just Moments Away From Discovering How To Knit With This Simple, Easy To Read, Illustrated Guide Revealing Essential Need To Know Knitting Strategies.. "

Inside Knit-easy you will find:

Step-by-step illustrated instructions with all the inside secrets on how to knit - the secrets only the professionals know that you must learn to realise your full potential.

Knit-easy takes you through the basics and then onto more advance topics that are a must know if you want to create exiciting items for yourself and family.

This is what you will find inside Knit-easy:

  • Knitting for charity and your community - Ideas and projects to make to help your community
  • How to care for your precious garments - you will be able to keep your hand knitted items for years to come - maybe even make them heirlooms - don't let your your hard work get shrunk in the
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Category: Family, Women

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Title: The Fertility Plan
Author: http://www.the-fertility-clinic.com/contact1.html

Would You Like To Know Why You Still Aren't Pregnant, Even Though You've Tried Everything?

Here's a quick look at what else you'll learn:

  • Understand why viruses like toxoplasmosis can be deadly to your unborn baby, and to your fertility levels. Learn how to avoid this potentially fatal virus.
  • The vitamins and minerals that are essential to high fertility levels, and those that should be avoided.
  • The truth about what really is the best sexual position to use when trying to get pregnant.
  • The truth about caffeine: is your coffee habit really damaging your chances of becoming pregnant?
  • The statistically proven number #1 alternative therapy for beating age-related infertility!
  • The single biggest misconception regarding ovulation.
  • The secret to maintaining super-high fertility levels whilst eating a vegetarian diet.
  • The food considered healthy in every other respect that has the potential to completely prevent your pregnancy.
  • The correct time to stop drinking alcohol - and it's not when you think!
  • Practical, pro-active approaches to beating medical conditions such as Fibroids, Endometriosis, Luteal Phase Defect, Premature Ovarian Failure, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (medicine often has no solutions, but there are things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of
... Click here to read the full description!

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