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Title: Clean & Lean 8-week Fat Loss and Total Body Fitness Makeover!

The ultimate VEGAN Weight-Loss Program!

"Clean & Lean" is a comprehensive, completely vegan, system for losing fat fast, revving up your metabolism and making yourself and the world healthier!

You are going to be so thrilled with the fat loss results you get from following this program. By following this program, in addition to losing all the weight you want, you will:

  • Detoxify your body
  • Lose all the weight you want
  • Eat a high-nutrient diet
  • Create a fit, healthy, vibrant body!
  • Release fat
  • Feel great
  • Look phenomenal
  • Get hydrated
  • Re-shape your shoulders and arms
  • Tighten and tone your legs
  • Flatten your stomach.
  • Boost your metabolism

"Clean & Lean" consists of:

  • The Clean & Lean Fitness Program
  • The Clean & Lean Food and Fitness Journal
  • The Clean & Lean Program Manual


With this System of Proven Strategies and Support for Maximum Fat-loss you will get amazing results---We Guarantee it! If you follow the program and don't get great results let us know within 60 days and we will refund you the full purchase price.

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Category: Weight Loss

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Title: Old School New Body's 10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secrets
Author: Steve Holman, Becky Holman

This ebook was written to help you achieve a lean, healthy muscular body, a more youthful appearance and a happier, sexier disposition with sensible tips and strategies.

So many people want and need a physical makeover—a total-body transformation. And so many people have made resolutions to make it happen. But the usual result is that they fall flat, some after only a few weeks!

  • Is it lack of motivation?
  • Why is it so difficult for so many?
  • Is it weak will-power or lack of discipline?

Those can contribute, but the real culprit is misinformation. People just don't know the fastest methods, or tactics, if you will, to make their body-transformation efforts a rousing success—and that's a darned shame!

We're convinced that if more people exercised correctly - it doesn't take as much as you think - and ate right most of the time, our health-care and obesity crisis in this country would be nonexistent. In fact, many doctors would have to get part-time jobs because there wouldn't be enough business.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.
Let's get to the "secrets" that can get you healthier and in fantastic shape, tips you can use to literally transform yourself!

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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: The Fat Burning Kitchen
Author: Mike Geary & Catherine Ebeling

You may be surprised that many of the foods in your cabinets that you thought were "health foods" are actually making you fatter...

Inside this brand new program, you'll find:

  • whole eggs or egg whites? easy answer
  • A surprising healthy fat in some animal products that actually helps you burn fat and build muscle
  • the real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol, and why they are essential in your diet -- pg.59
  • which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars in disguise and which bars are actually good for you
  • the true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete... this is the same principle that will automatically eliminate your cravings and control your appetite permanently (it's the same reason that I personally haven't had a real "craving" in at least 6 years)
  • A type of saturated fat that actually helps to stimulate your metablism
  • why soymilk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat
  • Are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning?
  • which fruits and veggies are okay to choose non-organic
  • Is whole milk actually better for you than skim milk? there's more to the story
  • why that skim milk may not be so good for you after all
  • the one time when tilapia and salmon are NOT health foods
  • the "whole grain" deception and why whole grain crackers, breads, and cereals could be packing on
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Category: How To, Weight Loss

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Title: How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Without Exercise

This ebook outlines a simple 3 step program and detox diet that can help you lose 10 pounds in as little as 2 weeks without exercise. If you're looking for dramatic and quick weight loss, you're in the right place.

The 2 week detox and cleanse program combines 3 simple steps with a detox diet plan that can help you to lose 10 pounds in 14 days or less.

Your metabolism will be jump started, and you will be amazed by your progress. If you're trying to lose the last 10 pounds get ready for success, and if you're trying to lose the first ten pounds get ready for dramatic results.

  1. Step #1 is a 2 day juice fast or modified juice fast. This step helps to balance your digestive hormones, recalibrate your appetite, detox your cells, and jump start your metabolism.
    This step alone may help you to lose 2-10 pounds in just 2 days.
  2. Step #2 is a 7 day colon cleanse. Using gentle herbs and fiber, this step further helps to support a healthy liver and colon while detoxifying and cleansing your digestive system and your blood. This step alone could help you to lose 5-10 pounds in just 7 days.
  3. Step #3 is a total body and skin detox. Your skin is your largest organ and chemicals and pollutants can be absorbed and eliminated through your skin. This step utilizes saunas or
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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: 4 habits of healthy eating
Author: Josh Drinkwater

Healthy eating is something that you have always had trouble with. Even when you think you have things under control you have this fear in the back of your mind that tells you that you’re not doing it right or maybe you see a new feature on the T.V that tells you that what you’re doing is wrong.

No Quick Fix Means No End Date Develop Habits You Can Maintain For Life Take Control Of Your Diet and Never Look Back

This ebook will have you eating the healthiest and cleanest you have ever eaten. You won’t be giving up your social life, starving yourself or eating tasteless food. In fact, I teach you the opposite, I will show why cutting your calorie intake could be the very reason you’re not losing weight.

I have taught these to nurses and other shift workers, stay at home mums and working parents. All of who have seen great results and found out just how easy a healthy diet is. They read the information, applied the lessons and got the results they deserved.

  • If you’re the type of person who tries something for a couple of weeks then ends up flaking away in to your old habits or jumping on the next thing you see, then you need this book.
  • If you have ever struggled sticking with a diet.
  • If you unsure on where to start when it comes to creating healthy eating habits, then you need this book.
  • If you think your diet is “pretty good” but you know there is
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Category: Men, Weight Loss

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Title: Customized Fat Loss For Men
Author: Kyle Leon

Customized Fat Loss for Men is a weight loss program exclusively for men because it consists of unique nutrition and training strategies designed to work with the male metabolism in order to support healthy weight loss and optimize the release and effectiveness of naturally occurring male hormones.

Rather, with Customized Fat Loss for men you’re provided a complete nutrition and training program along with a custom nutritional software designed to help your body optimize fat loss by systematically allocating calories and macronutrients at specific times based around you as an individual….

Customized Fat Loss for men is designed to provide a healthy, natural and fully customized solution to help men reach their weight loss goals.

Customized Fat Loss for Men is a professional, truly customized nutrition approach to male fat loss. When this system is combined with proper exercise, men can experience quick, natural and safe fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.

The system is designed to give your body exactly what it needs, when it needs it in order to shed body fat without experiencing muscle loss. You'll also be provided with easy to understand charts and graphs that track your transformation progress in order to make sure you are on the fastest pace possible to your new, leaner physique.

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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: The 30 Day Paleo Transformation
Author: Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is a complete guide to your first 30 days on the Paleo diet. Featuring a 30 day meal plan, shopping lists, exercise guide with videos and more, this guide will set you on the road to success.

Paleo eating plus smart exercise and lifestyle adjustments will help you lose fat and get healthy. It’s easy, and this guide will show you how.

A full 4-week meal plan with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Plus a shopping list broken down day by day to help you along your first 30 days.

Here’s just a quick summary of what you will find inside:

  • Totally transformed: real people, real results. - Totally true stories (with before and after pictures) of people whose lives, bodies, and health have been transformed by the Paleo diet.
  • What is the Paleo diet? - A primer on the Paleo diet. What is it? What foods can you eat and what should you avoid?
  • Why does it work? - Listen to audio files of Robb Wolf talking about why the Paleo diet works – including his thoughts on sleep, stress, neuro-regulation of appetite, and why the Paleo diet turns your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.
  • Real food & real life - What does a week of Paleo eating look like? What considerations should you know about over the next 30 days? And why you should throw out your scale right now.
  • Paleo Nutrition - How to eat. Robb will answer your questions
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Category: Diet, Weight Loss

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Title: Renegade Diet
Author: Jason Ferruggia

Forget About Strict, Complicated Diets!

Eat Carbs, Pig Out and Get Ripped!

It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the simple nutrition plan that works. Forget about all the hype and gimmicks.

Forget about low carbs, ultra high protein and food combining. That’s all bullshit.

There are three problems with most diet programs out there:

  • With most fat loss diets you lose one pound of muscle for every two pounds of fat.
  • With most muscle building diets you gain two pounds of fat for every pound of muscle.
  • Low carb diets kill your physical and mental performance, and wreck your body.

For a nutrition plan to work it has to be simple. It has to fit and work with your lifestyle. It can’t be ultra restrictive and chock full of rules. And you have to be able to eat the delicious foods you love.

22 shocking facts you’ll discover in The Renegade Diet…

  1. Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.
  2. Why your current diet is turning you into a fat storing machine.
  3. How to fix low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels.
  4. What common household foods are wreaking havoc on your joints.
  5. Why following the traditional rules of meal frequency is making you fatter and sicker.
  6. Why carbs are
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Category: Diet, Health, Weight Loss

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Title: Living Alkaline
Author: Connie Jeon

No matter what you’re going through, no matter how much you weigh or how long you’ve been heavy, this information can change your life. As it has for hundreds of thousands of others.

This groundbreaking program is called Living Alkaline System for Fat Loss, Health and Vibrant Energy, and it’s a totally unique fat loss program designed to attack the real reason people not only get fat, but fail to lose the weight.

The over-acidification of your blood.

Just get control of your blood’s pH balance, get that one number under control, and for first time in your life, you’ll discover for yourself what TRUE health, energy and well-being look and feel like.

Imagine for a moment, with healthy, clear, unpolluted pH balanced blood…

  • You’ll be amazed as you find yourself more alert… the mental cobwebs disappearing… without the need for caffeine or energy drinks…
  • Losing the spare tire, able to easily slip on those same jeans you wore way back in high school…
  • Having unspent energy at the end of the day…
  • Feeling better and better, day by day, as whatever ails you seems to fade into the past…
  • Noticing your skin is tighter and clearer, eyes brighter, your hair shinier…

Living Alkaline works gently day by day, meal by meal, snack by snack, eating specific foods and drinking specific juices and

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Category: Beauty, Weight Loss

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Title: How To Get Rid Of Ugly Stretch Marks

AT LAST! Absolutely Everything You Will EVER Need To Know About SAFELY Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks that anyone can do from their own home!

THE STRETCH MARK REMOVAL Guide: For Anyone Who Suffers From The Night Mare Of Stretch Marks in easy-to-follow-step-by-step procedures!

How different would you feel without the burden of ugly stretch marks? Would your confidence and self esteem return? Would you no longer feel dreadful and unattractive?

  • Imagine how it would feel to not have to worry about hiding your stretch marks any more.
  • Imagine being able to finally find a way that has been tried and tested in getting rid of stretch marks. How great would that be? What would you give to accomplish that?
  • Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, and having a reflection that is completely stretch mark free!
  • Imagine a stress-free life where you can wear whatever you want, feel more confident about yourself and your body and enjoy activities that were once a nightmare!

All that and more is possible—you just need to know how! And that’s where my new eBook, "How To Get Rid Of Ugly Stretch Marks!" comes in…

Here's a sneak peak of what’s in "How To Get Rid Of Ugly Stretch Marks!"

  • Full list of ingredients that you can affordably buy to make your own stretch mark removal cream at home!
  • Ways in which you can lessen, fade, and finally get rid of stretch
... Click here to read the full description!

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