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Wedding Savings Revealed Ebook

Wedding Savings Revealed
Ebook cover: Wedding Savings Revealed


Title: Wedding Savings Revealed

Finally! A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Throwing The Most Unforgettable, Wedding - And How You Can Literally Save Thousands In The Making Of YOUR Wedding!

"Ex-Wedding Planner Assistant Reveals How Anyone Getting Married Can Put At Least $2474.11 Back Into Their Pockets...

And Decided To Help YOU Uncover Secret Ways To Negotiate Prices & Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Wedding.. Guaranteed!"

"Wedding Savings Revealed!"

Learn how you too, can have the most unforgettable, breath-taking, wonderfully sensational wedding...

That you've been dreaming about ever since the 2nd grade...

And how you can SAVE hundreds and thousands of dollars in creating the most stunning, and radiant wedding!

Dear friend,

I am fed up with them. All of 'em! At first, I thought of it as only a job, but I just couldn't do it anymore! I simply could not let brides and grooms be victims of overpricing, "take every penny if I can", wedding planners...
It all started one afternoon when I was helping the bride plan the events that were going to take place at the reception. We had gone over every detail, from the beginning to the very end. After we had completed everything, I was to give the itinerary to the wedding planner for her to go over it and make sure we had everything in order.

What she told me completely blew my mind!

She said that in order for us to make the most money out of this "project", as she called it, we had to strike up deals ourselves with the DJ, caterer, the lodge where it took place, and with the photography studio. Why? So we could cut back costs with them, and put the *extra* money the bride gave us and put it in our pockets rather than saving the soon to be married couple all the money we were "supposed" to be pocketing.

I could not believe what I was hearing! I asked her if she had done this before, and she told me that she's been doing that for over 15 years, and that's how she makes an extra $8,000 PER MONTH! That just struck the wrong nerve with me.

I mean, weddings are already expensive enough as it is! Why in the world would anyone want to take advantage of soon to be newlyweds? As a matter of fact, I quit that very same day, told the bride all about it, and decided that I should help others save money on their weddings too..

On Average, A Typical Wedding Will Set You Back Roughly $22,000...

You know, many people don't really comprehend how much money it takes to have that breath-taking wedding. There are so many things that are involved that goes into creating a beautiful wedding. In fact, many end up spending their entire budget on nearly 75% of all things that are needed to make their wedding glow before they even get to 3 months before the big day. Don't let this happen to you!

Some of those VERY important things include:

  • Wedding Rings (For Both Bride and Groom)
  • The Location of Your Wedding and Reception
  • How to Create the Most Perfect Cake
  • Where The Reception Going To Be
  • Music Selections That Are Diversified For Everyone
  • What Kind Decorations Are Going To Be Used
  • Do You Have A Trustworthy & Reliable Minister
  • What Kinds Of Flowers, And How to Arrange Them
  • Are you Going To Videotape Your Ceremony
  • When And Where Is The Rehearsal Dinner
  • What About A Photographer
  • Finding Dresses And Tuxes For Everyone in the Wedding
  • Where Is Your Honeymoon Going To Be 
  • Are Your Going To Hire A Caterer
  • What's The Transportation Going To Be Like

And what's even more important than all of those things, is how easy it can be for you to get every single item listed above for a fraction of the cost You will learn to save more money on your wedding than you ever thought possible, I guarantee it!

Quickly Discover How You Can Have An Unforgettable Wedding...
And Save Thousands of Dollars In The Making - Guaranteed!

Do you know the most common mistakes nearly 95% of all couples make when budgeting for their wedding? If you make these same mistakes, it could end up costing you thousands of *extra* dollars!

Do you know exactly how to save up to 67% on your wedding photography?

Do you know how to jump-start your reception so that every single guest is up dancing, laughing, and having the best times in their lives?

Do you know exactly where to begin and how to start planning for your dream wedding?

If not, you soon will!

You'll also learn money saving tips about how you can plan your wedding at a fraction of the cost, and learn things that you never even thought imaginable!

You'll quickly discover some of the very best money saving tips, ideas, and wedding resources that will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on your wedding. The day you get married will be a very special day for you and your significant other. There is absolutely no reason to carry the burden of the wedding costs going to your honeymoon!

Here are just a few hidden jewels that you'll discover with "Wedding Savings Revealed"!

  • Learn how to save $100/hr. on your wedding videography & photograpy
  • Discover the what the most popular time to get married is..
  • We reveal what percentages you should GIVE to maintain the perfect budget! Forget this and you might spend thousands MORE!
  • Want more than just the "traditional" wedding? We scoured the 'net and found 8 from you to choose from! (starting at
  • Can you think of more than 10 flowers for your wedding? We list over 310 AND their meanings from you to choose from! (pgs.
  • Discover how you can save hundreds of dollars on your wedding cakes, and guest goodies! It's not hard, but you'll be thankful you did it!
  • Discover why the "time of day" can MAKE or BREAK your reception.
  • Follow this tip and save up to 70% on the Groom's tuxedo!
  • Don't forget to do this one week before your wedding or you'll REALLY be sorry!
  • Why fork-over an extra 15% to your wedding planner when we show you how to do this...
  • Learn the 8 areas you can save the most from on your wedding.
  • Going for a traditional themed wedding? These 3 are the top favorites!
  • Use this tip and save up to 20% on your entire reception bills!
  • Learn how you can get a wedding dress for FREE... Is it even possible?
  • Be sure to get the pictures you want at your wedding! Follow this 40 point checklist, and you'll not only save, you'll get what you want!
  • Why planning your wedding around your honeymoon just might save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars!!
  • Get married on THIS DAY, and you'll cut your costs by nearly $500, every single time!
  • Learn how having a three ring binder, notebook paper, and tabs could end up saving hundreds of dollars on your wedding..
  • Did you know you can skim your reception music bill by 50% if you use this little tip?
  • Why pay your travel agent commissions for your honeymoon trip? Use this resource and save those extra hundreds!
  • If you follow this rule of thumb, you can save a ton of money, all because of the people you invite to your wedding!
  • Choosing colors for your wedding might be hard... Use the huge "flower" guide and you'll match and glow on your wedding day!
  • Discover how to get your reception liquor 20% cheaper than buying it at Wal-Mart, of even having it catered!




CHAPTER ONE: You're engaged! Now What?

Wedding Savings Trend #1

~ Pre-Planning Stage or La-Di-Dah
~ 8 Areas You Can Save The Most In
~ Can You Be Your Own Consultant?
~ 3 Traditional Theme Weddings
~ 8 Non Traditional Theme Weddings
~ 10 Ethnic Rituals
~ Developing A Budget

CHAPTER TWO: The Crew, Dress & Tux

Wedding Savings Trend #2

~Meet The Key Players
~ Follow Your Style
~ Rent or Buy?
~ To Suit or Not to Suit
~ Accessorize Him

CHAPTER THREE: The Reception

Wedding Savings Trend #3

~ Yes, You've Got To Feed Them
~ The Right Time & Place
~ 310 Flowers/Plants & Meanings

CHAPTER FOUR: Video & Photography

Wedding Savings Trend #4

~ Skimping Without Missing A Shot
~ Video Vs. Photography
~ Your 40 Point Professional Shot Sheet

CHAPTER FIVE: The Honeymooners

Wedding Savings Trend #5

~ 14 Ways to Find Honeymoon Red Light Specials
~ The Early Bird
~ Easy To Tabulate Honeymoon Budget Table

CHAPTER SIX: The Timeline

Wedding Savings Trend #6

~ Four-Month Wedding Calendar
~ Wedding Resources

Order Today And Receive These Three Valuable Bonuses... Absolutely FREE!

Special Bonus Report #1

"Year Long Wedding Checklist"
(A $19.97 Value.. Yours Free!)
Wedding Savings Revealed
This wonderful report gives you a complete, detailed list of essential wedding tasks that you need "to do" before the big day! Takes you step-by-step (checklist) from one year until you get married!     

Special Bonus Report #2

"Reception Planning & Resources Your A-Z Guide"
(A $19.97 Value.. Yours Free!)

This eye-opening report will truly give your reception the juice it needs to be the absolute best! It's also printable so you can check things off, and keep things organized as well.. A truly unique report only given to those who purchase "Wedding Savings Revealed"!

Special Bonus Report #3

"Weddings In the 21st Century"

(A $14.97 Value.. Yours Free!)
Wedding Savings Revealed
Have you ever wondered who should pay for what? Traditionally speaking, there are many things that you won't have to pay for! Make sure you know exactly who pays for what so you can use the extra money for your honeymoon!

Ebook cover: Wedding Savings Revealed
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Price: $19.95
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Reviewed by Avinash Hasija on
My Rate 5
I like this book since this is good Book telling the ways to save money ,time,energy & Effort without wastage of any . There is best saying on saving that "Saving done means Money Earned" out of many some are as given below by which saving on wedding is to be done which are given in this book which are
Pre-Planning Stage or La-Di-Dah
8 Areas You Can Save The Most In
Can You Be Your Own Consultant?
3 Traditional Theme Weddings
8 Non Traditional Theme Wedding
10 Ethnic Rituals
Developing A Budget

So this helping me a lot to save money

Reviewed by Milly on
My Rate 5
I love this ebook :)It will save me a ton of money and make wedding planning less stressful because it includes links where I can purchase my flowers, honeymoon tickets,etc. Highly recommend!!

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