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Understand your gout before trying to cure it! Ebook

Understand your gout before trying to cure it!

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Ebook cover: Understand your gout before trying to cure it!

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Title: Understand your gout before trying to cure it!

Understand your gout before trying to cure it

The common medical solution or home remedies for gout is heading towards a dead end. Well, if they works you won't be reading this now. The problem is that everybody is looking at the gout problem from the same angle of view.

So You Think You Know Gout Well Enough? Try Answer These...

This ebook is going to tell you the answer of the following unknowns with simple and logical scientific explanation.

  • How Kidney Stones Form? How Does It Related To Hyperuricemia?
  • How Does Having Thick Blood Lead To Other Modern Diseases?
  • Who Is The Culprit? Hyperuricemia Causes Kidney Failure Or Kidney Failure Causes Hyperuricemia?
  • Why Some People Suffer From Gout Attack Even Though Their Blood Uric Acid Reading Is Low?
  • Why Gout Patients Feel Tired Or Sleepy Most Of The Time?
  • How Does Drinking More Water Help Reduce The Risk Of Having Gout Attack?
  • Why There Are Higher Chances Of Getting Gout Attack During Winter?
  • Why Almost All Gout Sufferers Are Having Thick, Dark And Slow Flowing Blood?


This ebook is organized in a unique question based manner. You can start out by reading the chapters that is most relevant to you first and slowly build up your understanding about gout by reading the other chapters. That is how our brain works! We tend to focus more on things that closely related to us first and better focus always result in better understanding.

Here is the list of topics you should NOT expect from this ebook:

  • DON'T EXPECT Vitamins Suggestion. Your problem is having too much of acids, not lack of nutrients.
  • DON'T EXPECT History & Introduction of Gout. Google it.
  • DON'T EXPECT Gout Remedies or Recipes! I bet you have tried Cherries, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc. Effective or not? You tell me.
  • DON'T EXPECT List of high purine food or acidic drinks to avoid. Hmm... Googleit.
  • DON'T EXPECT Discussion On The Common Gout Meds. Again, google it.


Bonus to the "5 Gout Books @ ONE Price Special Offer"

Ebook cover: Understand your gout before trying to cure it!
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