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The Science of Growing Taller Children Ebook

The Science of Growing Taller Children
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Ebook cover: The Science of Growing Taller Children

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Title: The Science of Growing Taller Children

By the end of reading this Book;

  • You will learn which hormones are HGH depressants (stop HGH from functioning in the body and increasing height to maximum effect) and what habits cause the release of HGH depressants.
  • You will know what HGH is and why it is essential in maximising your child's final height.
  • You will know why eating simple carbohydrates (like sweets, candy and chocolate) should be avoided during two key periods
  • You will discover which sleeping habits can increase HGH production by 50%-200% or cut it by 30%-70% (This is one of the simplest habits to start applying straight away if you have young children and is essential as teenagers break it often)
  • You will learn the right types of exercises for inducing increased HGH production by up to 500% of normal secretion rate. There are 5 exercise routines explained in the Book. One routine is similar to the one used by scientists to increase the heights of short high school students at the average rate of two inches per month.
  • You will know why what a mother eats during pregnancy may impact a childs final height almost as much as genetics
  • Why fat (especially unsaturated) is essential for a growing child to maximise their height. The best foods to find these foods in.
  • You'll know essential vitamins and minerals missing in many western diets that facilitate growth.
  • You will discover 6 different exercises that will help produce over 300 - 500% boost in HGH production when done with the right intensity (I show you the right intensity needed)
  • Why exercising for too long a period is negative for maximising growth.
  • How multi-vitamins can be used to supplement a good diet for optimal health and maximised growth.
  • Which foods to eat after exercise to maximise HGH production and facilitate growth.
  • You will have a list of 6 things that need avoiding if your child's growth is to be maximised
  • What foods to avoid after exercise and before sleep to ensure HGH increase is not wasted. Some foods limit HGH from being absorbed by the body at and ultimately slow growth.
  • FACT; Most children have their most intense growth spurts during spring/summer - I explain why I believe this has more to do with activities and habits that are more likely to occur during the summer.
  • 90%+ of growth occurs during sleep. 3 rules must be followed to maximise this period of growth. Two in particular will definately impact growth. The third has health benefits.
  • Why it is essential that 2 to 3 days a week are rest days with no intense exercises or activities performed.
  • Why there is no need to worry if your child is smallish into his/her early teens. Some children just have their growth spurt later than others. My family freinds child was 5"4 at 16 and now stands at 6"9 at 21 playing basketball at college. He followed the advice in this book without being discouraged and had a ridiculous growth spurt of 13 inches at the ages of 17 and 18.
  • You will see why you only need to keep the rules presented in this book 60%-80% of the time (I know I did with my kids) to see significant results in height. Lets be honest when they become teenagers it becomes harder to get them to follow your advice.
  • Why it is not necessiraly over at the ages of 18 and possibly at 21. I got my growth spurt between the ages of 19 and 22/23. (Not sure exactly when I stopped growing but it was definately after University)
  • You will understand why keeping the information in this Book as an adult will keep you looking younger, give you more energy during the day and ensure you maintain a healthy weight.
Ebook cover: The Science of Growing Taller Children
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