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The Dog Training System Ebook

The Dog Training System

Ebook cover: The Dog Training System

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Title: The Dog Training System

The Dog Training System is For You if Any of This Sounds Familiar…

  • Biting and Nipping…
  • Aggression towards people or other dogs…
  • Excessive Barking…
  • Chewing…
  • Whining…
  • Ignoring Simple Commands like “sit” or “stay”…
  • Digging…
  • Jumping Up…
  • Peeing and Pooping in the House…
  • Suffering from Separation Anxiety…
  • Bolting out the Front Door…
  • Tugging on the Leash…
  • Won’t Come When Called…
  • Begging for Food…
  • Fear of Objects, People or Animals…
  • You have a puppy that is trying to figure out the world…
  • Mounts other dogs or people…

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover in the Dog Training System…

  • A Huge blunder pet owners make training their dog. Your good intentions can make your dog confused and resentful…(The Dominance Theory video)
  • How to Stop your Dog attacking other Dogs. This Simple 11-Step method helps you control your pooch no matter how aggressive he or she is towards other dogs…(Interacting With Other Dogs video)
  • 4 Easy Tips to Stop Your Dog Play-Biting fast. Although mouthing is cute when your dog is a puppy, it becomes more serious as he grows older — especially if you have children around the home or you have visitors who are nervous around dogs..(Stop Play Biting/Mouthing video)
  • Are you accidentally training your dog to jump up on people? This natural human reaction could be the reason your dog greets friends, family and strangers by jumping all over them and raking her claws along their skin...(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • 7 Signs Your Dog Thinks They Are the Boss. If your dog is showing any of these signs then you need to act now to establish you are in charge. Otherwise you will not be able to train them… Or even control them!(Becoming the Leader of thePack video)
  • This amazing ‘RTB‘ technique stops unwanted barking. (How to “trick” your dog into remaining quite as a mouse all the time… even if he’s already driving you and the neighbors crazy…)(Stop Excessive Barking video)
  • Avoid this Popular Dog Training Method used for decades (and still very common today) that damages your dog emotionally, makes him aggressive and could even lead to an awful accident with a child or small dog…(The Dominance Theory video)
  • How to train your dog to keep his dirty paws off visitors, so you don’t have to feel guilty because a friend has come over and got her dress ruined…(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • Why ‘clicker’ training isn’t the best idea and the Free Alternative saves you time, effort, money and gets better results…(Conditioning video)
  • Should you use treats to train you dog? Yes, but only in these circumstances. Otherwise your dog may never respect you…(Before You Get Started video)
  • Why buying a dog pen is an expensive mistake… how you can save money using this obvious alternative…
  • How to teach a young puppy to sit. Most young pups struggle to associate commands with the desired result. This clever ‘follow’ technique gets your pup on his rump even if he’s a little bundle of childish energy…(Sit Command video)
  • The number one mistake owners make when teaching dogs to ‘sit’. This simple ‘distance’ error makes it almost impossible to get your dog to sit calmly on command… But it’s easily fixed with a small movement of your wrist…(The Sit Command Video)
  • How to Stop Your Dog Whining, Barking or Begging for Food at the kitchen table. Enjoy mealtimes with friends and family without feeling embarrassed because you dog is sniffing at their legs under the table… Or making constant noise trying to get attention…(Table Manners video)
  • 2 Foolproof Techniques to Calm Your Dog when you want to relax. Imagine sitting comfortably, reading or watching TV, while your dog lounges happily beside you…
  • When to train your dog to ‘Come’. If your dog is older than this age, he or she may have already created strong positive associations with not coming to you. If your dog is younger, then their brain is not developed enough to understand this command…(The Come Command video)
  • How to get your dog to ‘Fetch’. This unique six-step shortcut is a fun way to Teach Your Dog a Classic Game While Showing You Are in Control and he or she has to follow your rules…(The Game of Fetch video)
  • Powerful technique means you Never Have to Chase After Your Dog Again… So you feel secure and confident about letting them off the leash… Even if they are surrounded by other dogs!(The Come Command video)
  • How to use remote control cars, orange peels and water to Stop your Dog Digging holes in the garden. The best part is: You can use this trick even if your dog is bursting with energy while you are exhausted after a hard day’s work…(The Deal on Digging Video)
  • How to Keep Control of Your Dog Even When He’s Off Leash, excited and surrounded by distractions. (No more desperately chasing your dog when he bolts after something he finds interesting and ignores your pleas to come back…)(The Heel Command video)
  • A Simple Trick to Stop Your Dog Pulling on His Leash. No more getting dragged around or watching your dog gasp for breath as he or she fights to go faster. Finally relax and stroll at your own pace with a loose leash…(Leash Etiquette video)
  • A common ‘Dog Bowl’ mistake that makes your dog think he’s the leader of your household… And how you can use this Special Feeding Technique to eliminate this bad behavior almost instantly…(Table Manners video)
  • How to Stop Your Dog Jumping on People when they come through the front door. (You no longer have to worry about inviting people to your home, or feel embarrassed about your dog mounting friends who call over unexpectedly…)(Stop Jumping Up video)
  • The Simple 5-minute Solution to Train Your Puppy to Stay Quiet. You only have to do this a few times a day before your puppy-barking problem is solved…(Stop Excessive Barking video)
  • How to avoid a frustrating mistake that conditions your dog to bark noisily every time you put him in his crate… And the simple trick that will Transform the Crate into a Safe and Comfortable Place for your dog to go when you are not spending time with him…(Crate Training video)

And Much Much More…

Ebook cover: The Dog Training System
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