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Title: Diary of a Human Target (Book Two)
Author: Isidora Vey

Leaving back her traumatic past, Yvonne makes any possible effort to dispose of old obsessions and live a normal life.

She also feels the need to develop her psychic abilities and approach cosmic truths.

She seeks guidance in various sects but she soon questions their beliefs and intentions.

Therefore, she begins to teach herself and develp her spiritual powers.

However, she still feels lonely, insecure and dissatisfied: She has a permanent, yet dead-end job; she has plenty of friends, all of whom are wayward and enigmatic; she suffers extreme noise pollution all around her house; she is still dogged by negative omens, bad luck and odd coincidences; she gradually comes to certain conclusions about the secret construction of the human society.

Although she knows she is still a target, she doesn't hesitate to discuss her ideas and experiences to anybody who seems to be interested - maybe because she can't imagine the consequences..


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Travel, Nature, Spirituality

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Title: Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino
Author: Jane V. Blanchard

In 2011, I walked 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. As I walked, I talked with other female modern-day pilgrims. Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino is about my adventure and the conversations I had with these women.

Learn about the Camino—its beauty and challenges, how to prepare for a long walk, what daily life is like along the way, the changes in perspective and growth, and the lasting friendships that develop.

For me, there is the person I was before the Camino, and the one after. There isn't a day since completing the Camino that I have not thought about it.

I first learned about the Camino in Shirley MacLaine's book "The Camino: A journey of the Spirit." After reading it I wondered why a 60-year old woman would want to do such a thing. Years latter I friend talked about his recent adventures on the Camino, and I was hooked. When my husband asked me how I would like to celebrate my 60th birthday, the was only once answer: to walk the Camino. It was my first long walk.

I hope you will enjoy me along the Way.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Mystery, Spirituality, Home

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Title: House of the Caduceus
Author: Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Mystery and spirituality come together in the novel 'House of the Caduceus' when the building of a Feng Shui house, in the mountains on the Pacific west coast, is threatened by a dynamic meeting of Eastern and Western cultures. Everything vibrates and has motion, but a house carries energy from the land, the architect, the builder and everyone who works on it or lives in it.

When a powerful negative energy affects the mood, health and lifestyle of the Architect, Maria Powers, Interior Designer, Karme Chan and their team as they begin one of Canada's most difficult and dangerous construction feats, kundalini's mystical movement opens their path to enlightenment.

Before construction can commence, the land must be cleansed of its negative energy and a group of inspired people must be selected. Guided by a persceptive Shaman and his own intuition, the land owner, Airik Alcadinho, encounters conflicts and mysteries that lead him to Oatman, Arizona.

'Caduceus' carries the energy of kundalini, throughout history, as a healing symbol of power and health by indicating the knowledge of keeping in balance. Without it, death and chaos occur. As they each struggle to complete the retreat home in a harsh environment, the mystical movement of energy controls their fate.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Christian Books, Poetry, Spirituality

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Title: Sing to me of words
Author: Kimberly DuBoise

My poetry book, Sing to me of words, is a very emotional, introspective look into faith, love, spiritual growth, self growth/ My poems are about seeking the divine and finding your own personal truth. It is like a chronicle of exploration. This book of poems defintiely has a devotional aspect to it. I do have ten 5* reviews on amazon which really makes me feel blessed. I want my writing to touch others, to impact their understanding of themselves. I aim to inspire and awaken with my writing. This book is very much a reflection of awareness of how sacred we are and life is. I hope this book reaches those who feel inspired by words and quotes, who resonate with self-reflection and growth. I am planning to write a second poetry book which I hope to have out this year. However, this collection comes from part of my life journey whichlead me to becoming an author. I think the poems in this book will touch many people and offer inspiration as well as be a source of uplifting. The favorite poems in this book from reviewers have also been mine!

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Children, Parenting, Spirituality

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Title: The Diary of a Stay-at-Home Dad: My Journal Behind Bars
Author: Darick Spears

 What do men think when they have to stay at home and raise their children? Over the course of history we have got to hear the woman side of being at home, and being the pivot in the household. The man typically goes to work from 9-5, but now society is totally different.

Women have become great successes in the workforce and many men find themselves at home raising the kids, and doing all the domestic duties.

This is a journal of my thoughts, my views, and my reality as a stay at home dad of 3 girls. Some days I feel like calling it quits on life itself, and other days I smile with a proud content. This is my honest journey so far as a man raising his girls.

This is more than just a laugh, a teardrop, or a lesson; rather it is my life. I am very happy to share my experiences in deep honesty, and transparency. It has not been easy dealing with the needs of my oldest daughter who has autism, while juggling my 1 year old and 4 year old daughter.

I compiled a bunch of journals of my thoughts, and created this book for those who can relate, and those who can't. This is a book everyone needs, I truly believe!

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Religion, Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Title: Walking With Jesus - The Joy Of Living In His Love
Author: Scott Shannon

Walking With Jesus - The Joy Of Living In His Love is the result of my experience as a volunteer Christian minister for almost 30 years. It is a work of love that should be of interest to all Christians.

Throughout my ministry I have encountered so many Christians who are filled with hate or fear. Some do not truly understand what being a Christian actually means. Others are "Cafeteria Christians" who pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe. Still others are simply misinformed about our religion.

My book is primarily based on the words of Jesus. He has told us what to do in order to have even a hope of salvation. He has also told us what not to do. If we follow his teaching we can become transformed as Authentic Christians.

When we become Authentic Christians our lives are filled with love; for God, for ourselves, and for ALL others. This love that fills us permeates our daily lives in everything we do and everything we say. This gives us a truly joyous life.

Most importantly, when all that we express is love, we discover that Jesus is a constant presence in our lives. We can turn to Him at any moment with a problem, with gratitude, with praise, or with repentance for something we have done or said that is not loving.

If you want to become an Authentic Christian then I urge you to read this book.

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