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Title: The Wealth Trigger
Author: Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Steve G. Jones

"How To Become Rich Using Only A Few Simple 'Mind Hacks' Or Your Money Back..."

Consisting of TEN EMPOWERING audio modules, here's a snapshot of what Steve and I will be revealing:

  • The First Key To Trigger Activation – Discover the first step in preparing the trigger to be activated within so you can see how powerful in really is.
  • How Joe Activated The Wealth Trigger – Here I will show you exactly how I activated the Wealth Trigger in my life and how it's changed every single moment from that day.
  • The Secret Hypnosis Weapon – Here I'll introduce you to a powerful hypnosis weapon that can be used to reformat your entire subconscious mind so you can begin attracting wealth.
  • The One Thing You Must Do – Chances are you're missing this step just like 99 % of the people out there trying to attract wealth and remaining broke.
  • Three Elements of The Law Of Attraction – Learn the three steps you simply cannot skip when harnessing the Law of Attraction to your advantage.
  • Thought Transformation – Here I'll show you exactly how you can transform any negative thoughts that hold you back into positive one's that fuel your success.
  • Career Attraction – Here you'll learn how to attract the career that you've always wanted and how to move rapidly up the corporate ladder.
  • Job Attraction – In this part of the module, I'll show you the exact steps to help
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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Miracles Guide
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones

As you can clearly see Miracles really do happen.

Today, more than ever, it’s important for people like you to have control over your life so you can improve things like, your job, your personal life and your lifestyle in general. These are the kind of miracles that we are talking about and the best part is that these are miracles you can create to make a difference in your life.

The Manifesting Miracles Guide is hosted by Steve G. Jones, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with degrees in Psychology and Education. Mr. Jones has hosted seminars and classes around the world to help clients boost motivation, increase income, lose weight, stop smoking, improve personal relationships, cure insomnia and build confidence. His is considered an expert in the area of helping people improve their lives and lifestyles.

The material is explained in an easy to follow method that speaks plain English and not some technical mumbo-jumbo that requires having a dictionary nearby to understand. Many of the methods Morgan speaks about can be put into effect the minute you finish the program.

The program covers such topics as:

  • Understanding what makes you happy.
  • Earning enough money to make you happy.
  • Getting along with difficult people at work.
  • Having the love-life you have always dreamed about.
  • Getting rid of attachments that drag you down.
  • Developing a positive vibe.
  • Dealing with the news
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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: The Secrets of Jack Canfield
Author: Jack Canfield

The 3 Things That Were Missing From The Secret That You Must Know To Achieve Your Goals

Including Exciting Evidence From NASA's Astronaut Program On How Many Days You REALLY Need To Practice A New Habit...

You'll discover...

The Government's Secret Research Program NASA's Astronaut Training Program Proves Why "The 30 Day Rule" Really Works!

You will also discover why you can't skip even ONE day when going through a "30 Day Plan" to change your life habits. If you do, you have to start all over again...and this weird study by NASA proves why.

You'll also learn why the results showed that 26-30 days is the actual time needed to alter your habits (maybe why those 21 day programs don't always work? I'll leave it to you to decide.)...

Here's just a few of the amazing revelations that you'll hear when you sit back and enjoy The Secrets Of Jack Canfield...

  • The truth about 100% responsibility - what it means and what will happen in your life when you truly "get" it
  • Where Jack thinks he was living, and who he was, in a past life (if you didn't know this one you may be surprised)
  • Why you have to forgive yourself and "give up guilt" in order to succeed in life (this is a crucial message for people who self-sacrifice for others constantly)
  • How our public school system actually contributes to our failed marriage statistics in this country
  • Why most people never respond to feedback
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Ebook Type: Audio
Category: Self Help

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Title: Law Of Attraction: NICE Technique
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones

Celebrated Mind Master & Seasoned Hypnotherapist Unearths the Four Pillars of the Law of Attraction That Allows Anyone to Gain Extreme Mastery of the Law Of Attraction in Days Instead of Months or Years. It’s Time That You Enjoyed the Universe’s Unlimited Abundance With Full Confidence!

“NICE Law Of Attraction” is the fastest and easiest way to get great results with the LOA in the shortest possible time. With it, you will be able to consciously create anything that you have ever dreamed of in life. The only limit is your own ability to dream and want things.

Take a peek at what’s inside:

Module 1: Introducing the N.I.C.E. Technique

  • What makes the N.I.C.E. Technique more effective than more traditional routes and approaches? …And why is it 10 times more likely to have a permanent, positive impact in all dimensions of your life?
  • Discover the easiest and most effective way to apply the Law of Attraction in your life
  • What exactly happens when a person starts using the NICE Technique?
  • What are the true functions and powers of the Subconscious Mind?
  • Uncover the FOUR PILLARS of the NICE Technique – build your mastery of this effective method from ground up!
  • The number one advantage of the NICE Technique and how it radically changes your subconscious mind so you can manifest your biggest dreams faster than ever before
  • Gain access to
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Self Help

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Title: Entrepreneur Success Secret
Author: Victoria Gallagher

Are you planning on becoming a entrepreneur right now or in the near future? If so, pay attention!

I myself have been a entrepreneur for 13 years, but it wasn’t easy my first two years! I mean, information on this is pretty hard to come across. Especially the kind of information I wanted to know more about. To be quite honest with you, I got tired of looking and searching all over the place, so I decided to create the definitive book for entrepreneurs!

Here’s Just “Sneak-Peak” At What You’ll Uncover With Entrepreneur Success Secret:

  • Learn how to set the goal now for tomorrow’s benefit.
  • Discover why today isn’t everything, really.
  • Find out exactly what trend vs. trend setting refers to in your market.
  • Discover the the map to your successful future that is right under your nose.
  • Discover exactly how to grow and stay Green.
  • Find out how investing in your knowledge can reap huge rewards in the future.
  • Learn exactly how to manage your money principles.
  • Discover growth success without potential waste.
  • Discover how to market for your success.
  • Discover insider principles to always remember and use!
  • Learn all about how to set your goals successfully.
  • Learn all about how to understand the everchanging consumer.
  • Learn how to understand your target market.
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Category: Garden, Self Help

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Title: The Expert Prepper’s Family Survival Garden

Avoid The Deadly Epidemic Of GMO And Mass Produced Foods That Are Threatening Your Health.

If you think you don’t have enough room to grow healthy, sustainable foods to keep your family free of the GMO epidemic and chemically manufactured food machine… you are not alone.

I had a typical suburban America back yard with the picket fence a patio with a grill, a small patch of grass for the kids to play on and a little vegetable garden for a few herbs and a tomato plant… in the corner behind the shed.

Within thIS EBOOK you will discover:

  • How you can build your own vertical garden from scratch
  • How to grow enough food to feed a family of 4 in just 4 square feet of indoor or outdoor space
  • Everything you will need to get your garden set up in a few hours
  • How vertical gardening spares you the pain of traditional gardening – no more breaking your back bending over to plant, weed and water
  • Why vertical gardens are more efficient, cost effective and healthier than traditional gardens
  • Growing hearty plants on an a limited water supply
  • Which plants produce the best yields and which plants to avoid
  • Which plants will give you optimal efficiency for the space
  • How to scale the operation to feed one person or a family of 6

And much, much more…

Everything you need to know to get started today is in this no fluff 59

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Category: Finance, Self Help

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Title: Mega Couponing

This ebook will easily pay for itself many time over!

You'll learn ways to save money at the store I guarantee you never thought of. Instant download by ordering below!

What will you learn from this eBook?

  • What a sales cycle is and the importance of understanding them!
  • How to find savings in places you never realized!
  • How to save the most money by utilizing store rewards programs!
  • How to combine coupons with in-store sales to save even more money!
  • How much you can save by Couponing!
  • Best places to find tons of money saving coupons!
  • What Couponing is!



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Category: Self Help

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Title: The Oldest Best Kept Mind Control Secret

This report which was never suppose to be released unveils the oldest most powerful mind control strategy known to man in our opinion. A totally covert method combining all three elements of the universal hypnotic formula which you will learn. You will be able to hypnotize people without them knowing in literally seconds of effort.

"This will change reality for sales people, the seduction scene...actually anyone who learns it for any reason."

  • Become completely irresistible
  • Amazingly simple strategy
  • 100% undetected by others
  • Works with all personality types
  • Can be used covertly by quiet and shy people
  • Exact strategy to be meta-persuasive no matter who you are

After discovery the method was tested and approved as 100% mission-success

Short list of the covert strategy conclusions:

  • More easily acquire money (mega-power for sales people)
  • Secretly hold a true hypnotic power
  • Simply pick the person and deliver suggestions that frames their thinking
  • Use this for irresistible seduction on any person
  • Frame yourself with "General,Leader,Commander" like emotions with peers
  • Feel the gratification of leaving a bully helpless against you
  • Start a business of your own with this secret persuasiveness
  • Use the method a CEO would use in business in your own life
  • Watch as people actually respond to your
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Remedies, Self Help

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Title: Fast Asleep Fast
Author: Nigel Cragg

Let me ask you…

  • Do you dread the thought of waking up feeling worn out even before your day has begun?
  • Do you hate going to bed knowing that you won’t get to sleep for hours?
  • Do you spend your days operating at only 50% efficiency?

Well you are not alone and it really doesn't need to be this way...

How would you like ...

  • to wake up full of energy and raring to go?
  • to have 8 hours of peaceful slumber each night, every night?
  • to enjoy a new sparkling relationship with family and friends?

My step-by-step formula IS THE ANSWER to all your sleep problems.

It is simple, effective and easy to use.

Once you discover this rapid sleep procedure, you'll immediately see how to get a perfect night's rest and understand why nothing has worked for you before.

Do you

  • Take prescription drugs or other special remedies to make you sleep?
  • Stay up late at night feeling tired but reluctant to go to bed because you can’t face another night of harrowing sleeplessness?
  • Coast through the day doing the minimum just because you feel worn out all the time?
  • Feel unfocussed most the time?
  • Spend the night tossing and turning, praying for a good night’s rest?
  • Find it difficult to concentrate?

Instead, How Would You Like To...

  • Feel in charge of your
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Category: Nonfiction, Self Defense, Self Help

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Title: Family Bunker Plans
Author: John Hartman

Fellow Patriot,

If your anyone like me, you want to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure your family is safe, no matter what.

We all know our country is heading in a pretty scary direction and these days our family's are faced with more dangers than ever before.

After deciding to provide my family with a survival bunker I sat down and drew up a plan with all of our special requirements.

  • My bunker needed to me impossible to break into.
  • I wanted my bunker to be hidden and secretive.
  • I needed it big enough to fit 5 people comfortably.
  • It needed to be ventilated.
  • I needed to fit enough food and water supplies for 6 months straight.
  • It needed to have a source of renewable energy for unlimited power!
  • It needed to be durable and solid enough to withstand natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

Here's what you're going to learn with our Family Bunker Construction Manual:

  • Crucial site preparation tip! Warning: You must know this before preparing ANY site. Not knowing this quick tip could result in heart ache and lost $$$.
  • Use our secret sources to get your materials at the lowest possible price. This can make or break your chances at building a low cost bunker.
  • How to obtain your permit. Get full step-by-step instructions to obtain a building permit including a check list of what you need to do. Just check them
... Click here to read the full description!

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