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Title: Thinking In A Diagram
Author: Dr. Stacy Fahlsing

This eBook will give you the skills you need for those daily difficulties.

Our minds do not turn the stress response off once a danger has passed.

The psychoeducation contained in this eBook is THE hallmark coping technique.


  • The eBook can reach and help many more people than can be reached in my small private practice.
  • It will improve your physical health, emotional health and interpersoanl relations.
  • Due to the economy, not all can afford to obtain the psychoeducation that is provided in a session.
  • There are people fearful, anxious, or even too proud to attend therapy to receive psychoeducation, the eBook will allow for such in privacy.
  • Research reflects you have to hear something 6 times before you internalize it. The eBook will allow you to review as one needs over the course of time.

These are all real issues and legitimate concerns & that is why I wrote this eBook - to help you.

I will teach you:

  • The diagram is an organized way of perceiving and responding to a complex life situation.
  • Thinking In A Diagram is a visualization that strategically teaches approaching thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • The diagram is utilized to dissect, cognitively and emotionally, your life experiences so you will address your life challenges.
  • The diagram teaches you what to
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Category: Education, Self Help

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Title: Creating EFT Scripts

This program will show you how you can begin scripting without requiring any additional skills.. You WILL be scripting and releasing your own negative emotions WITHIN minutes

Start Scripting like an EFT Practitioner without knowing how to script.

The information in this program is not just a random selection of text put together to fill pages, you are going to be receiving ALL of my knowledge of tips that I use every day when helping my personal clients. You can use the pen and paper method of scripting and simply add these additional tips as you need them.

Pen and Paper Method of Scripting

This guide will show you how you can develop and create personal scripts within minutes, with very little or no experience.

This unique method of scripting isn’t really a scripting method at all, but a way to script without actually scripting.

Creating EFT Scripts

This guide is a complete program dedicated entirely to the whole scripting. process.

The guide covers what I call the 14 Key Elements to releasing and scripting. I take you on a journey of emotional release and script development.

Paving the Road

This is a small guide which provides you with additional personal tips which I use for releasing and scripting.

I also provide you with personal lists and tools which I use when helping others release blocked energy

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Category: Self Defense, Self Help

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Title: World Order Death
Author: Bruce Kettler

It has been said, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts." This book contains documented facts. In this computer accessed version, there are impeccable source links, or those which lead to same.

World Order Death does not mean death to people. It means that their power over humanity dies. Their term, “order” is not correct.
When they say “order,” they really mean disorder, and then an imaginary order after humanity is completely enslaved.

So, it's death of their disorder, their tyranny, that is in progress. And, that means new life for you. With the book you will have in your computer in a matter of minutes, World Order Death, you will learn of the secrets - hidden from humanity - about how people's state of mind and heart actually does affect conditions all over our world.

This book is the result of decades of research. I've been an in demand speaker at public gatherings, and politicians running for office have sought my endorsement.

This book will explain to you the various psychological tricks people play inside their own minds to continue denying the obvious.

In the World Order Death book, you are going to receive survival information that could save your life in the event of an emergency. How to obtain water, when there are no streams, or lakes.

People die without water.

Chaptes of Book:

  • How do you know this book tells the
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Parenting, Self Help

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Title: The Science of Growing Taller Children
Author: Adam Smith

By the end of reading this Book;

  • You will learn which hormones are HGH depressants (stop HGH from functioning in the body and increasing height to maximum effect) and what habits cause the release of HGH depressants.
  • You will know what HGH is and why it is essential in maximising your child's final height.
  • You will know why eating simple carbohydrates (like sweets, candy and chocolate) should be avoided during two key periods
  • You will discover which sleeping habits can increase HGH production by 50%-200% or cut it by 30%-70% (This is one of the simplest habits to start applying straight away if you have young children and is essential as teenagers break it often)
  • You will learn the right types of exercises for inducing increased HGH production by up to 500% of normal secretion rate. There are 5 exercise routines explained in the Book. One routine is similar to the one used by scientists to increase the heights of short high school students at the average rate of two inches per month.
  • You will know why what a mother eats during pregnancy may impact a childs final height almost as much as genetics
  • Why fat (especially unsaturated) is essential for a growing child to maximise their height. The best foods to find these foods in.
  • You'll know essential vitamins and minerals missing in many western diets that facilitate growth.
  • You will discover 6 different exercises that will help
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Self Help

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Title: The Wealth Switch

Controversial Hypnosis Session Activates Your Inner Wealth Switch In 28:17 Minutes, Or Less

Everybody has a mental abundance trigger like this — it causes massive wealth breakthroughs in your life, and is astonishingly easy to activate once you know how...

Here are just a few of the things you'll notice about yourself after your first listen:

  • You'll suddenly understand how to unlock the abundance all around you... so your life becomes a 24/7 adventure with you in the driver's seat
  • Finances will gradually cease to be an issue for you... you'll make such smart choices that your financial situation is almost FORCED to improve
  • You'll find yourself having easy to implement ideas that mean more money AND more freedom — you'll no longer need to trade hours for cash
  • You'll suddenly catapult yourself to the top of your profession... whether you're working for yourself or somebody else, you'll be full of ideas that drive you to the top
  • You'll have the power to make decisions and choices as though your financial success is a foregone conclusion — because it will be
  • Your friends and colleagues will be floored by your new drive and determination
  • You'll become suddenly "money-wise" — you'll earn more, save more, and you'll find yourself with more and more money left at the end of each month
  • You'll always know exactly what to do — tough decisions are no
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Category: How To, Self Help

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Title: Run for Public Office
Author: Jay Townsend

How to Navigate the Process of Running  for Public Office and How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls to Success Buy Now “Run for Public Office” Series

Are you ready to make a difference but aren’t sure how to navigate this new journey? If so, you’re not alone. In the past 30 years, campaign consultant Jay Townsend has helped hundreds of conservative candidates like you to navigate the process of running for public office—also helping them avoid the common pitfalls to success.

Jay’s program specifically addresses the practical decisions you will be making in your campaign from beginning to end.

You’ll discover:

  • The questions to ask before you hire a pollster and commission your first poll
  • Step-by-step directions on how to successfully fund your campaign
  • How to use polling data to give your campaign the winning edge
  • How much you’ll need for everything from polling, media and website design to rent, stationary, even snacks for volunteers
  • How to develop (and stick to) a budget that’ll keep your strategy on track
  • When to use television, how to tell your story on radio, and how to design and promote a professional-looking website
  • How to build a comprehensive media list
  • The secrets of effective persuasion mail and telephone campaigns
  • The art of dealing with reporters
  • How to design and
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Ebook Type: AudioVideo Included,
Category: Self Help

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Title: Family Survival Plans

My exact blueprint to ensure your family has enough food, water and supplies to last through virtually any type of crisis…

And security plans for defending your home, your property and, most importantly, your family from viscous gangs that will be ransacking your neighborhood and town.

As a matter-a-fact, it is loaded with life-saving information that is often missing from high end survival training seminars put on by so-called gurus.

To make it as easy-as-possible, I’ve broken the course into 7 easy-to-follow modules.

The first module covers food hoarding, storage and procurement strategies.

  • You will learn exactly how much food you’ll need to stockpile and how to get it done on a budget!
  • You’ll discover 36 vital foods that will disappear from grocery shelves literally hours after a crisis.
  • I’ll show you how you can kill, dress and cook wild animals even if you’ve never hunted before or don’t own a firearm!
  • I’m also going to reveal how you can procure your own food during a time of crisis if your survival stockpiles run out.
  • I’ll also reveal how to find a seemingly unlimited supply of protein in the wild that other survivors will completely ignore.

In Module 2 we’ll dive into how to make sure your family has enough water to survive the crisis.

  • We’re not talking about water from your
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Manipulation Secrets
Author: Dean Edelman

You Can Now Ethically Manipulate And Persuade Literally Everyone To Do Your Bidding, By Applying Powerful And Hypnotic Influence Tactics That Are Guaranteed To Work All The Time.

In less than one month’s time, you will have the incredible POWER to…

  • Use people in an ethical manner and spot others’ attempts at manipulation, thus preventing yourself from being manipulated!
  • Make virtually anyone do your bidding, without them being aware of it!
  • Make others drool over you in excitement, because they will NOTICE and RESPECT you!
  • Effectively CONVINCE and PERSUADE anyone while melting away any resistance that they might have.
  • Be irresistibly attractive and interesting to others AT FIRST SIGHT.
  • Have CONTROL over your destiny and become a MASTER persuader so as to get everything possible from life!

A 75 page downloadable ebook that contains secret and never before seen manipulative techniques proven to repeatedly work.

  • Always win arguments all the time – if you are one of those who always loses verbal fights, “Manipulation Secrets” will teach you proven strategies to always win ANY argument!
  • Unlock the unlimited power of persuasion to get anyone to obey your commands so subtly that they won’t even realize what’s happening.
  • How to transform yourself into a super confident person and make others find you
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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Distress-Free Aging

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Life and Discover How to Live Your Passion?

Of course, you are!  But do you know how?

I found that several specific techniques uncovered my personal strength from within, allowing me to change certain behavior patterns that had caused struggle and failure before.  It put me on a path that left no room for failure or negativity.

The simple strategies I provide can turn your life around by offering you a meaningful action plan for change. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • refocus your thinking towards your strongest desires
  • how to develop a strong personal sense of control over your life
  • how your attitude influences your decisions
  • use the healing power of humor to diffuse tension
  • reduce your stress through effective techniques that work
  • how to let go of your problems and turn them into opportunities
  • how you sabotage yourself and how to stop it
  • change destructive childhood beliefs that serve no purpose in your adult life
  • eliminate irrational thoughts and replace them with realistic thinking
  • turn your setbacks into amazing possibilities
  • how what you think affects what you feel
  • be more flexible and accepting of change
  • how to transform your life in 10 easy steps

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Category: How To, Self Help

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Title: How To Be Happy
Author: Henry Asher

What you will learn:

  • What happiness is - and what it isn't
  • Happiness in relationships
  • How to work out the right direction for your life
  • That you can choose to be happy, and how to choose
  • Dealing with sadness, disappointment and tragedy
  • Eating for health and happiness
  • Easy exercise to make you feel better
  • How to avoid negative emotions
  • What you can and can't control
  • How to start doing what is right for you
  • How to start feeling positive about yourself
  • How to deal with what they did to you
  • How to start feeling positive about life
  • How to deal with guilt
  • Why you are where you are
  • Where to start
  • Happy, healthy relaxation
  • Coming to terms with where you are
  • Financial happiness
  • The relationship between happiness and health - and what to do about it


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