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Category: Relationships, Romance, Women

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Title: The Chase: Double XX Series
Author: Xyla Turner

Xavier is a strong alpha male, a bit overbearing and non-compromising at times. Xena is very strong-will as well, but wants a real relationship that includes marriage, kids and a man. Xavier owns many businesses, building and has tes around the country. He gets what he wants and Xena is just that.

Xena feels drawn to him, but Xavier can get quite possessive and although she loves it at times, it gets suffocating. Xena left the country to bring distance, but this draws Xavier to the edge, as he continues to pursue her relentlessly. Matthew, Xavier's brother encourages him to find real love, as he was not a fan of Xena when he though she was breaking his heart. After a few interactions, she grew on him, which caused another bond between the family.

Xavier and Xena are both strong characters, but entertaining and The Chase is definitely a page turner. Xavier is determined to get Xena and he will do anything for that to happen. She runs but he is relentless, but to what point. Does he cross the line?

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Category: Fiction, Relationships, Romance

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Title: For Love of Him
Author: Prince Bradford

For Love of Him is a book containing short stories in a Jamaican setting. The characters include Maxine who on the death of her live in partner marcus was dtermine to get a better man and so she set out to trap Lance into a relationship.

There is Junior who is always drunk and Sissy who taunts him about this. Then duppies begin following junior at nights  and soon no one in the village will walk alone in the nights for fear of the duppies. Junior finally decide to take a stand aginst the duppies and it is Sissy that decide to stand by his side.

Rufus falls in love with Little Lamb but the pastor of the church would have none of it. Little Lamb is sent to live with her cousin Granny Pearl where little Lamb inadvertently alerted her that her grandson is really the pastor's child and not her son-in-law's. Granny Pearltakes Little Lamb under her care and schooled her in how to get her man.

Aunt Essie did not know that she had a grandson and it was late one night when the bus driver delivered the boy for him to spend the summer holidays with her. It was only at the end of the summer holidays when he left that she recalled that she had not asked his name. When he left she was happy to see him go but she knew she would miss him so she had invited him to return for the Christmas holidays. Tony in the meanwhile was returning to a world of trouble. He was small for  his age but a terror in a fight because he had been taugt to fight dirty. His

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Category: Romance, History

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Title: The Second-Best Ranger in Texas
Author: Kathleen Rice Adams

Quinn Barclay and Rodrigo Vega were partners for five years, pursuing some of the most dangerous outlaws in Texas. After Rodrigo's brutal murder, Quinn dives into a bottle of whiskey, but even that and the attention of every soiled dove in El Paso can't drown his grief and guilt.

The washed-up Texas Ranger vows to fulfill Rodgrigo's last request, but his only clue to the mission is his partner's dying words: "Take Dulce away from San Miguel." San Miguel lies along the Rio Grande river in Texas's notoriously violent Nueces Strip, but who is Dulce?

Sister Maria Tomas is ready to relinquish the sacred vows she never should have made. When she requests a childhood friend collect her from a tiny mission in the middle of nowhere, she has no way to know the only man she trusts is dead.

When the ex-ranger's quest collides with the failed nun's plea in a burned-out border town, unexpected love blooms among shared memories of the man who was a brother to them both.

Too bad he was also the only man who could have warned them about the carnage to come.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Mystery, Romance, Sports

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Title: Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track
Author: Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Sports Crime Romance Novel, Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track. During the turbulent years of 1960s, the rise of a new generation of alternative lifestyles and greed occurred. At the end of the decade a murder 
shocked Toronto community when Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison witnessed the killing of her fiance, an American draft dodger at Woodbine Racetrack.

Frannie Harrison, the youngest child of a wealthy but alcoholic and dysfunctional family, sets out to find her own life. Ultimately, she ends up in Yorkville Village, Toronto's hippie community, filled with drop-outs and losers, druggies and draft-dodgers. Young and innocent, she falls in love with an ambitious American who works at Woodbine Racetrack and convinces Frannie to take a job there. Suspecting that he is into drug dealing in a small way, she is by no means prepared to witness his violent murder, days before they are to be married. 

Devastated, she grieves, stuggling with denial and complicated relationships before escaping to Europe, leaving her friends behind. 

Unable to conquer the demons from living a life on the fast track, she travels until petitioned for trial. Frannie returns to Toronto to deal with the painful ordeal, a murder trial sufficating with courtroom drama that produces shocking testimonies.

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Category: Adventure, Romance

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Title: For Love of a Cause
Author: Elly Michaels

In the harshest corner of Bolivia, a land pock-marked by cloud-greeting mountains and strangled by impenetrable jungles, a small band of peasants struggle to ignite a small flame of hope in a starving populace. Colorful and warm, the superstitious, fun-loving peasants capture the heart and imagination of a beautiful American housewife. Sick of her dead-end job at an insurance company and lonely in her marriage, Annie agrees to go on a three-week trip that will irrevocably change her life. At the orphanage where she is spending her vacation volunteering, Annie meets Peter, the amicable, British expatriate, whose quiet, unselfish dedication she comes to admire. She is fascinated by his charm, his tender compassion and the mysterious political activities that unite him to the country's downtrodden inhabitants. Days before her scheduled flight home, Annie recklessly agrees to accompany her new friend on a short journey into the exquisite countryside to deliver supplies to a fringe political group who are fighting to liberate the country's inexhaustible poor. The journey leads the soft-hearted Annie on an adventure that will cause her to confront the values she has always embraced, ultimately alienate her from her own country and inextricably, but tragically, bind her to the handsome, mysterious rebel leader.

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: How To, Romance, Manuals

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Title: Manuale del perfetto seduttore
Language: Italian

Scopri come conquistare la donna dei tuoi sogni!

Leggi il Manuale della Seduzione, scritto dalla redazione tutta femminile di

Seduttori si diventa! L'universo femminile non è impossibie da conquistare... basta usare la testa e vedrai che (quasi) ogni donna cadrà ai tuoi piedi... non ci credi? Scarica la nostra guida e prova!

Quanto sono diverse le donne dagli uomini? Di cosa hanno bisogno? Il segreto è rassicurarle! Come? Scoprilo con noi!

Nel manuale vengono descritte tutte le situazioni che potrebbero capitarti, dal massaggino all'incontri tet a tet, dalla situazione romantica a quella imbarazzante.

Non sei curioso?

Il manuale contiene i capitoli:

- Seduttori di diventa

- Conosci l'universo femminile?

- Qualcosa di più sull'universo femminile

- Che cosa cercano le donne in un uomo?

- AAA cercasi donna dei sogni

- Le regole dell'attrazione: imparare a piacersi per piacere

- 4 segreti per sedurre

- La conversazione: seduci con la parola

- La seduzione passa attraverso un messaggio

- 5 regole d'oro per non combinare guai con i tuoi incontri sui social

- Come districarsi dalle situazioni imbarazzanti


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Thrillers, Romance

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Title: Vengeance Of a Jilted Dressmaker
Author: Denise Morgan

At twenty-five, Raye Dawkins, a bespoke dressmaker is chronically lonely and looking for true love, until one day she spots Eric Mandini, a gorgeous international businessman living right under her nose... directly across the corridor. After becoming obsessed with him, by chance they meet in the underground car park of their condominium complex. Shortly after, she becomes his lover, his domestic goddess, his babysitter. As time moves on, a year and a half and, blissfully happy, she expects their relationship to move the next level: an engagement... marriage. However, after their St Valentine's date, Eric dumps her by a terse email and vanishes off the face of the Earth. Shocked, heartbroken, devastated, Raye is just mortified by his callous rejection. When she realizes there is no hope of a reconciliation, she resorts to revenge by planning the kidnap of his son to make him feel the cutting pain he had caused her. She writes a ransom note and requests the assistance of the janitor, JP, a petty criminal and ex-con. On the day of the ransom pick-up, her local park, she lures her best friend, Sacrine Thompson, a cocktail waitress/party animal living at the corner apartment to go along. But things do not go according to plan, leaving her in a great deal of trouble with the law.

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