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Category: Horse, Romance, Young Adult

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Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Cheryl Bruder

This story is an amazing mix of horsemanship, love and native Indian spirituality.

Dana Foster knows very little about horses and even less about true love until she meets a horse named Moose. Out of necessity, she comically stumbles her way through the mysteries of everything equine in an effort to train Moose so he would not be sold and lost to her forever.
She has had more than her share of devastation, trying to cope with the loss of her best friend, Gerry White Cloud, as well as the constant reminder of apparently losing her soul mate, Neil Spencer, to another woman. So she turns to Moose and her Native Indian spirituality to help her survive.

However, there is no way for her to know that the mysteries and power of the spirit world would draw her and Neil closer together to share the leading roles in their own present-day Indian legend.

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Category: Nonfiction, Romance, Wedding

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Title: Outsmart Your Broken Heart
Author: A Woman

How do you learn to open yourself up to a new relationship after a divorce?

Where do you meet new people to find love again?

What are the secrets of attraction to the opposite sex?

This book is a dating journey of a professional and successful woman in her mid-thirties who after her long-term relationship failed found the strength to move on and find happiness.

With an incredible fusion of dating stories, well-researched topics on love and relationships, you'll find humor, inspiration and very practical tips on how to mend your broken heart.

Outsmart Your Broken Heart is your source for invaluable dating tips, self-discovery and law of attraction.

In an entertaining kind of way you will learning about:

- biological differences that drive behavior of men and women;

- how not to repeat the same, often destructive relationship patterns;

- how to rebuild your shattered self-esteem;

- how to forge the most important relationship of all, with yourself.

Getting over a lost love is not easy.. Outsmart Your Broken Heart is your guide through the healing process in finding your way to happiness!



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Category: Romance

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Title: Love Comes Knocking

Do you ever feel that cupid has it in for you? Ben Dover thougt the same. The owner of a popular cafe, Ben Dover's cafe, Ben was a loveable character who just wanted to be loved. There was just one problem - he was a little bigger then the average man.

In a image conscious society is it possible for a women to see past the exterior to the character inside. Love comes Knocking is a hilarious romantic comedy that for once tells things from a males perspective. You'll have the rare opportunity to step into Ben's heart and mind as he works his way through the world of dating and tries to work out just what women want.

Through a number of disastrous and not to disastrous dates Ben finds himself drawn to the girl he knows is the one for him. Problem is, how will he get her to think the same?

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

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Title: My Fake Summer Boyfriend
Author: Ann Herrick

On summer vacation, as a favor Katie decides to pretend she is a girlfriend of Alex for the summer in order to protect his job. With a background of summer sun, they develop a friendship that is on the verge of turning romantic, when who should arrive but Nicole Kendall, Alex's old girlfriend. In three days, Nicole ruins Katie's relationship with Alex. In retaliation, Katie feigns interest in Logan, Lisa's handsome older brother.

Katie soon finds out that not being totally honest in a relationship can cause problems she had not dreamed of.

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Category: How To, Romance, Manuals

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Title: Manuale del perfetto seduttore
Author: PiuIncontri.com
Language: Italian

Scopri come conquistare la donna dei tuoi sogni!

Leggi il Manuale della Seduzione, scritto dalla redazione tutta femminile di PiuIncontri.com.

Seduttori si diventa! L'universo femminile non è impossibie da conquistare... basta usare la testa e vedrai che (quasi) ogni donna cadrà ai tuoi piedi... non ci credi? Scarica la nostra guida e prova!

Quanto sono diverse le donne dagli uomini? Di cosa hanno bisogno? Il segreto è rassicurarle! Come? Scoprilo con noi!

Nel manuale vengono descritte tutte le situazioni che potrebbero capitarti, dal massaggino all'incontri tet a tet, dalla situazione romantica a quella imbarazzante.

Non sei curioso?

Il manuale contiene i capitoli:

- Seduttori di diventa

- Conosci l'universo femminile?

- Qualcosa di più sull'universo femminile

- Che cosa cercano le donne in un uomo?

- AAA cercasi donna dei sogni

- Le regole dell'attrazione: imparare a piacersi per piacere

- 4 segreti per sedurre

- La conversazione: seduci con la parola

- La seduzione passa attraverso un messaggio

- 5 regole d'oro per non combinare guai con i tuoi incontri sui social

- Come districarsi dalle situazioni imbarazzanti


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Entertainment, Romance, Travel

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Author: D. L. Osment

Lucy Major is a filmmaker who acts as a consultant to filmmakers in developing countries, helping them shape their projects so they appeal to Western audiences. She is successful in her field although she has been diagnosed with more than one psychiatric disorder. This year - for the fourth time in five years - she has a film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. She is also psychic and is convinced that this film will win the Camera d'Or - the award that Cannes gives to the best film by a first time director. She is so convinced that they are going to host a party for the film's director. On the plane to Barcelona, where she is going to rent a car then drive to Cannes, she meets a handsome younger man who she finds extremely appealing. She gives him a ride to the beautiful city of Girona in Catalunya, Spain, where they part. Lucy continues on to Cannes where she joins her friends, Philippe, Sofia and Nicky. The book is a great how-to guide for first-time attendees of the Festival. Lucy's new Spanish friend surprises her at the party and they enjoy a nice little fling during which they discover that they have shared many past lives and that any relationship between the two of them may well mean his death.

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Category: Novels, Romance, Women

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Title: A Choice For Claire
Author: AJ Harmon

"A Choice For Claire" by USA Today Bestselling Author AJ Harmon is her way of adding to the discusion about domestic violence.

Claire believes money can buy happiness and when she meets the handsom and wealthy Brent Cooper she believes her dreams have come true.

He give her everything; shoes, clothes and jewelry, but at what cost?

Claire must choose between having everything or having it all. Are things more valuable than self-esteem, love, career or family? 

Follow Claire as she makes the most difficult choice of her life.

Will she find the strength to survive?

Can she learn to love herself?

Will she ever find real love or will it always be a transaction?

AJ Harmon takes you deep into the darkness of intimate partner violence  with graphic depictions of real life situations and then leads you to the light of hope, love and happiness in this inspiring tale of a young womens struggle to free her self from domestic violence. 

AJ shows how a true friend can be a hero to a woman trapped in the cycle of abuse. A must read for all women.  

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Category: Fiction, Nature, Romance

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Title: The Trip Back
Author: Paul H. Robeson

The Trip Back is about a young woman, Kate Coletrayn, who loses her twin sister, Kristin, in a tragic accident that leaves Kate alive, but with serious injuries. The scars from the accident, both emotional and physical, make returning to a normal life a challenge for her and as she struggles, the State makes life more difficult by informing Kate that they intend to take her family property from her by eminent domain.

As she tries to deal with everything that is going on in her life, Kate must also deal with her feelings for Richard Sprague, the physician who treated her after her accident. Once she was released from his care, Richard was finally able to proclaim his love for Kate and while she has strong feelings for him, her emotional scars hold her back.

Kate also has a secret. She is able to communicate with Kristin's spirit by using an old brooch Kristin found on the day she died. Kate tries to enlist the help of her twin to save the family property but because Richard is present at the time she tries to contact Kristin, Kate believes she may have angered her sister.

As Kate roams the family property trying to find answers and hoping that Kristin will reach out to her, the ground give ways and Kate ends up trapped in underground caves. She fears she will die in the caves if she doesn't find a way out and as she begins looking for an opening that will set her free, she makes discoveries that lead to more questions. Finally realizing that is was

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

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Title: Winter Haven: a novel
Author: Mell Mckenzie

In the town of Winter Haven, nothing exciting ever happens, not until Devon Lecusken returns. Tyler falls for the mysterious heir of Winter Haven's most prominent family, but the Lecusken boy is troubled and has demons. Once rumors of his return spreads, old wounds and grudges re-emerge. The town is again abuzz. Devon has history in Winter Haven, much of which isn't positive. Suddenly Tyler's life is fuller than she ever imagined, dealing with her love affair with a bad boy and its falling outs.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Mystery, Romance, Thrillers

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Title: Lydia's Secret
Author: Ditter Kellen

Lydia's Secret is fast paced and thrilling yet emotionally touching. This story takes place in and around Atlanta in the middle of a winter storm. Lydia Hughes seems to be an every day Joe Average with a normal job and life until one dark and stormy night in a dark alley where she is attacked, then saved within a matter of seconds. This is only the beginning as her mind begins to unravel and her normal life changes forever. Full of vivid characters such as vampires and shifters, Lydia gets involved in something she could have never imagined, a past that she never knew existed. A past that has come calling. Lydia's daughter, Jacie, also gets involved while touching the hearts of everyone she meets. There are twists and turns around every corner and Lydia and Jacie are caught in the center of it all. If you like thrillers and suspense with a touch of humor and hot romance, then this is a story for you. So... step into a world of Vampires and Shifters and blur the line between lust, love and deception.

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