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Category: How To, Relationships, Women

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Title: Catch Your Cheating Spouse
Author: Sarah Paul

Here's a Small Sample of What You're About to Learn:

  • What to look for discretely in your own home and spouses car to find out whether or not your spouse is cheating! The evidence may be right in front of you! Find out how to get the information you need without raising their suspicion.
  • Want to know how to recover from a cheating spouse? Learn our powerful strategies to catch them red-handed, and end the prolonged suffering and uncertainty. Take control of your future happiness right now.
  • Take our notorious Infidelity Quiz and assess the risk of infidelity in your relationship! If you score high you have every reason to be concerned!
  • Read the results and analysis of the extensive research that I and others have done on the statistics involved with cheating so that you will be well informed as to the statistical likelihood that your partner is cheating, given your circumstances.
  • Learn how to turn yourself into a human lie detector so that you know every time your spouse is lying to you. Psychologists developed these methods by researching and identifying the uncontrollable and subconscious movements every human being makes when they lie. You will be shocked and amazed at how much you can learn!
  • How to prepare yourself emotionally, legally and verbally for when you do confront your spouse. Ensure that all your bases are covered so that your partner won't be able to talk their way out of it!
  • How to
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Category: Children, Christian Books, Relationships

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Title: 1020 Youth Ministry Ideas
Author: Charles Klein

"Practical guides toward a balanced and effective youth ministry."

If you have ever needed automobile work, you might have picked up on something. Those people in the service department...guess what...they don't have all the answers. It's true!

Sometimes - in broad daylight - they will reach beneath the counter and pull out...

A Reference Manual

Yep, that's their secret. Next they will turn to the needed page. Place a greasy finger below the part. Then give you a quote on the repairs that will knock your socks off: Not in a good way.

Without that manual your auto would still be growing rust in the driveway. There is no way the service personnel can keep all that useful information in their heads.

And You Shouldn't Be Expected To Either!

Pretend it's early Saturday morning and you're running behind (imagine that). You promised the youth group that you would do a morning service project, eat lunch, get the youth room ready for Sunday, and then have a devotional.

What are you going to do? Panic? Call it a day and head home, while hoping that no one shows? Or reach for your reference manuals filled with...

1,020 Tips, Tool, And Techniques...

Here are more highlights:

  • Ten traits a teen looks for in a youth worker...you get to learn exactly what they expect of you, which will let you become what they need.
  • Ten tips for
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Category: How To, Relationships, Women

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Title: How To Catch Your Cheating Lover
Author: Edward Talurdey

If you can handle the truth about what your lover has been so recklessly doing behind your back...if you're sick and tired of not being able to eat, not being able to sleep, and struggling every day with sadness and uncertainty...

Then this sensational ebook will reveal to you exactly what you need to do to find out the truth - literally overnight! You'll immediately discover jealously guarded "insider" know-how, tactics and techniques like:

  • The single catastrophic mistake most people make when they suspect their partner is cheating (and why you may be doing it right now!)
  • The secret tactics anyone can use to gain an unfair advantage in divorce court (and save a king's ransom in legal fees!)
  • The one word your partner will subconsciously reveal that will instantly tell you who, when and where!
  • The one critical mistake everyone who has an affair will make (here's what it is and how you can nail them with their hand in the cookie jar when it happens!)
  • The notorious Infidelity Quiz (score a "7" on this and you're virtually guaranteed that your partner is cheating on you!)
  • 3 sure-fire tactics of getting them to cheat right before your eyes (and how you can do any one of them today - they're so easy it's like child's play!)

Plus...How To Discreetly Get Biological Proof of an Affair Days After They've Had Sex with Their Lover!

Here, in more specific detail, is what... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Relationships

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Title: From Shy to Popular
Author: John Cliff

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Things you need to know about shyness plus overview and background to the ebook.

Chapter 2 - Keeping shyness in perspective

A lot of shy people tend to think they're the only ones who are shy. But shyness is actually experienced by up to 85 percent of the population. Further, being shy doesn't come naturally. We have to work at it by making scary mental pictures to set up negative expectations. This chapter shows how we can change those expectations simply by switching the mental imagery. We also look at how a lot of people have learned to cover up their shyness by adopting 'masks'. We'll see how we can recognise and deal with these.

Chapter 3 - A mental strategy to defuse shyness

Shy people tend to dwell too much on their own anxiety - and actually magnify it in their own minds. But when you switch your attention onto others, and learn how easily you can help them by making them feel important and appreciated, it completely changes the dynamics. Now people become interested in YOU because you're interested in THEM. You'll learn some fun techniques to do this, including some great lines to have running through your mind to keep your focus off yourself and onto others.

Chapter 4 - How to start being more popular right now

Popular people are those who always seem to be more interested in finding out about others rather than talking about themselves. After all, it does people egos good to feel

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Category: Christian Books, Parenting, Relationships

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Title: Parents & Adolescents Building Our Relationships Together

MIRACLES...The Parting of the Red Sea, Jericho's Walls, Parents and Teens Building their Personal and Spiritual Relationships TOGETHER!

8 Interactive Sessions to Strengthen Family Relationships

Dear Youthworker,

Thank you for caring about the families you work with. Parents and adolescents have grown increasingly apart over the past fifty years, but it is never too late to heal those relationships.

This course is different than most you run across. Usually, youth workers take parents and provide a class where they learn about their children and how to "handle" them. Then children are taught a separate class instructing them on ways to "get along with" or "deal with" their folks.

The truth is that it is hard to grow closer when you are apart. This course will allow parents and adolescents to be in the same class, interacting, learning and developing their relationships together. But it doesn't end in the classroom. Each person will have accountability assignments to complete as an individual and as a family.

Parents & Adolescents Building Our Relationships Together

You've had classes for parents that teach them how to handle their teens. Classes for teens that tell them how to tolerate their parents. But this family ministry resource puts them in the same class learning together.

Eight interactive sessions to strength family relationships.

  • Praise, Honor, and... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Relationships

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Title: Bring Back the Love of Your Life!
Author: Cucan Pemo

A Potent 4-Step Strategy Which Works!

This complete System will show you ...

  • You love your lover and your spouse with all your heart, but one day he/she comes and tell you that though you love them with all your heart, they are not feeling the same way for you! Is he telling you that things aren't the same any longer?  I'll reveal to you the exact steps you must use to get your lover BACK into your loving, open arms, again and KEEP them in your loving embrace.
  • The answer to your most pressing Questions -WHY? Why did the relationship fail? Why did the relationship turn sour? Why is everything happening the way you do not wish for it to happen? Screaming to Heaven and Earth for the answers? There are some principles you wish you knew of earlier before you went into any type of relationship, or before everything went wrong! But...it's never too late! Know the reasons. Learn the answer to the question: Why? And how you could turn everything around again and go on to create even more happiness and peace in your relationship!
  • The One Very Important Principle which could dramatically turn your relationship around 180° exactly the way you want it! Miss this chapter, and you'll miss the whole thing!
  • Are you puzzled and frustrated that SHE is simply not responding to you, giving you cold shoulders, even pushing you away?
    Is your girlfriend or boyfriend wanting to separate from you because her explanation is
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Ebook Type: Video Included,
Category: Health, Relationships

Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips

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Title: Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips

"Where Else Can You Turn Right Now For Instant Help With Healthy Dating and Relationship Tips?
Ann Landers? Dear Abby?
They aren't even this quick!"

Warning: This report may help shape things up for you!

Ever have a little difficulty with dates - finding them, keeping them, communicating with them? Or how about relationships in general - how to tell if you're in a good one or bad one? Or maybe you know someone else who struggles with these issues?

How about any of the issues below? Ever have to deal with them?

  • A is for Acceptance Issues - You wish you could change someone. Or they want to "change" you.
  • B is for Burnout Issues - You wonder about how to carry out romance long-term...
  • C is for Compatibility Issues - Opposites attract, don't they?
  • D is for Dependable - Friend should be dependable, right?
  • E is for Enthusiasm Dwindles - How do you add spice in your relationship when your spice jar contains salt?

And more....!

Eureka, Right Place: Well, your search is over. You clicked on the right site. Plenty of detailed research to help with your dating and relationship issues is compiled into Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips and ready to help you.

Our guide, "Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips" is available, ready to be downloaded in an instant.

So grab your favorite beverage and relax. Take five and check out how you can

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Category: Psychology, Relationships

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Title: Being A Happy Teen
Author: Andrew Matthews

The international bestselling ebook for teenagers.
At last a ebook that teenagers want to read!

Do you ever wish... You were older? You had more money?
You looked different? You had different parents?

Do you ever feel, "No one understands me!"

Do you ever wonder, "Will I fall in love?"

Do you ever ask, "Am I normal?"

If you answered "yes" to half of the above, you sound perfectly normal. You will also find this ebook useful!


  • Your strategy
  • Your amazing mind
  • Worry and Fear
  • Why not you?
  • Why does life hurt?
  • Why Study?
  • Why Do Parents Act So Crazy?
  • Why Do I Need Problems?
  • Who am I?
  • When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
  • What Others Think
  • What Do You Expect?
  • We Choose Happiness
  • The Law of the Seed
  • Self-Criticism
  • School
  • Risk
  • Power
  • Parents
  • One Thing Leads to Another
  • Money
  • Mistakes
  • Laws of life
  • Improve Your Memory!
  • If You Hate Your Parents...
  • How Can I Like Myself?
  • Happiness
  • Goals - why bother?
  • Get Organised
  • Friends
  • Focus on What You Want
  • Feeling Good
  • Everything is Connected
  • Drugs
  • Does Positive Thinking Help?
  • Dealing With
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Relationships

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Title: Wedding Toasts Made Easy!
Author: Tom Haibeck

Learn to Make a Fabulous Wedding Toast That's 100% Guaranteed to Win Over Your Audience!

Here are some of the key topics covered in the ebook:

  • Wedding Toasts 101 – Everything you need to know about wedding toasts and speaker etiquette – from the order and timing of toasts to the proper way to conclude your toast.
  • Making the Perfect Toast – You will learn how to combine the key ingredients of your wedding toast or speech to both move and entertain your audience.
  • Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking – Power tips for delivering your toast or speech with confidence and class.
  • Themes for a Wedding Toast – Proven ways to craft your wedding speech to make it go from screamingly funny to joyous and inspirational.
  • The Correct Use of Humor – How to spice up your wedding speech with the perfect amount of humor.
  • Hold Their Attention – Know how to keep your wedding speech interesting and engaging so that you don't put people to sleep.
  • Customized Toasting Tips and material for specific roles at the wedding, including the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, the Father of the Bride, other parents and the Bride or Groom themselves. 
  • Using a Microphone – Professional advice on how to handle a microphone so that your voice is heard clearly throughout the room.

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Category: Relationships

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Title: Get Your Boyfriend Back Using The Law of Attraction
Author: Andrew Wilkie

"Learn an Incredible New Technique to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back and Have the Relationship You Deserve! It Doesn't Matter Why You Broke Up -- You Can Still Get Him Back!! "

Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Law of Attraction

You don't have to be a philosophy major -- I lay out the complete program and guiding principles so that you understand how the Law of Attraction can help you to bring your ex back, and what you need to do in order to help the Law of Attraction work for You

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this step-by-step guide:

  • Getting Rid of the Heartache, Right Now - Even before you get your Ex-Boyfriend back, I'll show you how to get rid of all the negative emotions that the breakup is causing you right now.
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction - I explain to you exactly how the Law of Attraction works, no second-guessing and no huge philosophy issues for you to understand.
  • What to Do to Attract Your Ex Using the Law of Attraction - I'll explain just how the law of attraction works to get your ex-boyfriend to come back to you.
  • Powerful Action Techniques - The Law of Attraction isn't just hoping and wishing for change. There are steps you can take to get what you want, and I'll show you how to do that in this ebook.
  • Simple Steps to Focus on Your Goal - Never feel discouraged with these techniques to keep you focused on
... Click here to read the full description!

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