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RUN A 5K in 5 Weeks Ebook

RUN A 5K in 5 Weeks
Ebook cover: RUN A 5K in 5 Weeks

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Title: RUN A 5K in 5 Weeks

Discover How to Easily Conquer Your 1st 5K in Just 5 Weeks Even If You’ve Never Owned a Pair of Running Shoes.

Does this sound like you?

  • Have you always wanted to run, but thought you couldn’t because of your weight and the fear that you might injure or embarrass yourself??
  • Are you interested in running a 5k, but don’t know where to start??
  • Are you looking to improve your quality of life, shed a few lbs, set a personal goal and rediscover yourself??

With these shortcut secrets, videos and training method, you will discover:

  • How to run only 2-3x/week and accomplish your running distance goal twice as FAST
  • How to run your 1st mile within 1 -2 weeks
  • How to stay injury free during your running training
  • The (SECRET) Adiofit Cross training method to help increase your endurance, lose body fat and build muscle much quicker than just running alone.
  • Specific stretches & warm ups to help prevent injury
  • THE ONE THING you must NOT do, that a lot of runners do (A MUST to help prevent injuries and keep you healthy)
  • And of course how to run your 1st 5k RACE in 5 WEEKS.
  • THE BIGGEST SIMPLE MISTAKE that almost ALL BEGINNER RUNNERS make with their running plan. CORRECT THIS and watch your distance increase drastically and magically OVER 50% IN ONE WEEK.

Here are some benefits this program will get you.

  • You will build great looking legs, a flatter stomach by helping boost your fat loss goals
  • You will develop a sense of accomplishment that would be something your kids, family and friends will be very proud of
  • You will be a much happier person and build that self-confidence you need to conquer and take the world by its horns, because you will be inspiring others around you to take action and challenging yourself to set even bigger goals and higher expectations for yourself.
Ebook cover: RUN A 5K in 5 Weeks
Buy this ebook here
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