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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Motivation Acceleration

"Motivation Acceleration" is a 6 part ecourse or ebook that is designed to get you motivated about your life and to stop you from putting things off all of the time.

Motivation gives you that inner drive to accomplish what you want so take the first step today and never look back!

  • How to get juiced up about life - what must you do?
  • Finding something to get you up early and keep you up late!
  • Stop procrastinating and putting things off
  • Taking control of your life
  • What do you want to be in life?
  • Staying motivated!

Within this course you will now be able to get juiced up about all that you do so that you have got the get up and go and energy to be a winner.

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Category: Psychology

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Title: Love and Happiness for Life and Interpreting Dreams
Author: Christina Sponias

This eBook will help you to avoid falling into a state of depression or suffering a tragic fate in love.

The information you receive in this eBook is the result of my experience fighting against depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis and schizophrenia for two decades, using the scientific method of dream interpretation.

It will show you how to eliminate all the dangers that threaten your happiness and prepare you to wisely choose the right person for you.

Key benefits of "Love and Happiness for Life"

1. Guidance About Your Sexual Life

  • Protection and guidance for common problems that appear in all relationships.
  • What are the most important details that you don't know about the human psyche, and how its instinctive functionalism works.
  • How to protect your sexual identity.
  • How to avoid a relationship lacking sexual attraction or a relationship where there is only physical attraction, without psychological identification.

2. Your "Perfect Match"

  • You'll receive specific guidance that will show you how to find your ideal match, from a totally fresh perspective.
  • You'll learn how to protect yourself from the weakness of love, that turns you into a blind creature that only wants to fulfil your burning desires.
  • You'll also receive information that only an expert in the field of dream interpretation can give you, even without learning to translate
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Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: The Confidence Cure
Author: Asoka Selvarajah

Discover the simple super-charged system to achieving rock-sold confidence, empowerment and success in your life.

You have a Secret Super-Power within you!

Brain expert, Tony Buzan, states that the vast potential of the human brain is to all intents and purposes... infinite!

So how does The Confidence Cure help?

It harnesses the power of self-talk to change your subconscious beliefs.

The Confidence Cure maximizes the power and potential of your subconscious mind.

And what's unique is it combines hypnosis subliminals, sleep programming, AND conscious affirmations to create a truly unstoppable positive mental bombardment of your subconscious.

These are just A FEW of the many benefits you might expect to enjoy in your own life:

  • Super-charged POSITIVE thinking.
  • Strengthen your body, improve your health, and accelerate healing.
  • Achieve your goals and dreams with ease.
  • Enjoy a low-stree, worry-free life!
  • Happy confidence-charged relationships!
  • Enhanced Creative Genius

Here’s what you get in The Confidence Cure:

  1. Affirmations Program
  2. SLEEP Affirmations Program
  3. Affirmations Sheet
  4. Quick Start Guide

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Category: Psychology, Relationships

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Title: Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety
Author: Jeff Howard

Those nagging doubts that rear their head every time you begin a sexual encounter can lead to psychological impotence if left unchecked.

It's Time to Do Something About it.

  • Satisfy the woman you’re with
  • Build and restore your sexual confidence
  • Discover new sexual techniques
  • Confidently achieve an erection whenever
  • Gain control over the doubts that plague you during sex
  • Overcome performance anxiety privately
  • Eliminate feelings of shame and embarrassment

How Do I Know If I have Psychological Impotence?

Psychological impotence is not a physical problem. The flood of thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience during sex cause it.

Are you bombarded by any of these thoughts during sex?

  • What if I can’t make her climax?
  • What if she thinks my penis is too small?
  • What if I cum too fast?
  • What if I can't get it up?

Psychological Impotence is a common performance-anxiety disorder caused by worry and stress. The stress of the moment, your past experiences, maybe even your beliefs, take your penis hostage and completely shatter your confidence and your ability to perform.

Don’t panic, performance anxiety is extremely common. First of all, it can happen to any man at any time. It’s no fun. Most men feel embarrassed and confused when impotence happens.

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Ebook Type: Audio Included,
Category: Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Dissolve Social Anxiety Program
Author: David Hamilton

Develop The Confidence To Finally Be As Social As You Want to Be

…So You Can Easily Start Conversations, Meet New People and Make the All Friends and Connections You Truly Deserve

Surprisingly enough, this approach is not about trying to get rid of social anxiety, as this actually works against you and can make it worse. I only advocate and train with what gives real, practical and achievable results.

Do You Want To:

  • Discover how to reinvent yoursocial life, one where you can be socially free and confident to do what you want to do, and be who you really are underneath?
  • Stop letting your shyness run the show?
  • Stop avoiding people or public places, and get control of your life again?
  • Discover how to be social in a way that’s authentic for you, everywhere you go?
  • Start conversations with anyone, anywhere no matter where you are?

…Then This Program Is For You.

Here Is What Happens When You Sign Up For The Dissolve Social Anxiety Program:

  • Find out why it’s NOT YOU that’s the cause of your social awkwardness
  • Get to the ROOT of your shyness and anxiety so you can get beyond fear and self-doubt.
  • Get SOCIAL CONFIDENCE in the way that works best for you, not someone else (this is not a cookie cutter approach I’m teaching here.)
  • Discover how emotions are controlling you, and learn how to
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Ebook Type: PDFAudio Included,
Category: Mind, Psychology

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Title: End Your Depression

With my treatment plan You will discover

  • What causes depression and why it continues to persist in your life
  • Exactly what depression is, how it takes control over your life and why it is so different from a simple case of the "blues".
  • How to decode your own, unique pattern of symptoms
  • How you can regain your energy, restore your self confidence and rediscover your passion for life
  • A step-by-step treatment plan that will work to free you from a lifetime of negative thinking and self blame.
  • A simple test to find out whether you’re depressed and learn when you should seek medical help for your depression
  • Greater clarity of mind so you can think clearly, make decisions more easily and be in control of your life.
  • How mindfulness can shift your attention from depression to happiness.
  • Which drugs, herbs and treatments really work… and which have harmful side-effects that you should always avoid
  • Why focusing on depression only makes it worse… and the simple trick you can do instead.
  • How you can stop the "monkey mind" in its tracks, regain your focus and rediscover your concentration
  • How to ensure depression – and all its symptoms - will not return.
  • The specific types of carbohydrates and fats that you need in your diet in order to live a depression-free life
  • The 5 types of depression and how you can determine
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Psychology

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Title: Conversational Hypnosis in Action

… I Took $22 000 Worth of Conversational Hypnosis Training, Kept The Gems and Threw Out The Crap. Now You Can Steal My Shortcut System To Get Anyone’s Attention, Change Their Minds & Have Them Singing Your Praises!

Here’s just a short teaser of what you’re about to discover:

  • How to form an instant, deep connection with pretty much anybody WITHOUT using complicated tricks or acting weird!
  • How to finally avoid the one catastrophic mistake that nearly everyone makes in their everyday interactions which loses them friends and kills opportunities
  • The one simple secret a Wall Street tycoon, Queen Victoria and a 20 million copy bestselling author know that you don’t, and how this can revolutionize the way you persuade and influence others.
  • Whether the NLP rapport techniques actually work, and the four simple steps you can take to create instant rapport with anyone (best part: this works anywhere, and will soon become as natural to you as breathing!)
  • Why most so called “conversational hypnotists” never actually achieve the success they claim - and the simple mental shift that will allow you to succeed where most others fail.
  • How Milton Erickson managed to create powerful transformations just by talking – and how you can use this simple hypnotic trick in your everyday life
  • The awkward trap that many novice conversational hypnotists fall into when
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Category: Psychology

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Title: 7-Week Anxiety Panic Recovery Programme
Author: Wale Oladipo

Find Out The Best Natural & Effective Way To Overcome Your Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, OCD, and Other Anxiety-Related Disorders In Less than 7 Weeks – From The Comfort Of Your Home!

This Is A Natural Anxiety Recovery Solution You Won’t Find Anywhere Else…

You’re about to discover the most effective relief system from the suffering of panic attacks…

You Can Eliminate The Frustrating Effects And Torturous Symptoms Of Anxiety Forever!

Inside This Programme You Will Learn:

Find out exactly how to stop your anxiety & panic attack as it is happening.

  • Gain valuable skills about how to assist your child, colleague, and friend showing symptoms of anxiety disorders.
  • Discover my 46-Point Anxiety Panic Disorders Prevention Principles, the fastest and safest way to defeat your on-going anxiety panic attack as it is developing.
  • Discover the “3 Crucial Elements” you should know about to completely KICK-OUT your anxiety attacks, panic attacks, OCD, GAD, agoraphobia, depression and other anxiety-related conditions.
  • You will discover how to get rid of that constant feeling of general anxiety disorders in your system, even if you don’t feel it’s related to anxiety attacks.
  • Learn how to help your friends and loved ones release their repressed anxiety disorders through the uncommon and natural
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Category: E-Marketing, For Authors, Psychology

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Title: Hypnotic Language Patterns
Author: Paul Mascetta

"Million Dollar Copywriter Turned Influence Master Coach Pulls Back The Curtain On How You Can Secretly Control The Thoughts And Behaviors Of Others Using Nothing But A Simple Conversation!”

Key Factor: Your target will have absolutely no clue that you are covertly implanting hypnotic suggestions in his mind which results in him obeying your every command with ease...

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pure GOLD you will discover in this program:

  • How to make even the most distracted mind completely engaged and interested in what you have to offer
  • A powerful pattern that allows you to seamlessly shift the attention of someone’s thoughts to the direction of your choice
  • A simple but dangerously effective 3 part pattern that leads people to your command while they simply just feel attracted to your charisma
  • Eight extremely important things you must know in order to make hypnotic language patterns work for you that almost no one else talks about
  • A top brass technique that instantly makes whatever you’re saying immensely credible and trusted by others
  • How to transform what appears to be the most hopeless of situations into a scenario which results in the other party not only agreeing with you but asking for your advice
  • How to easily redirect the flow of thought and conversation by switching one simple word
  • The key to effectively breaking a current
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Mind, Psychology, Self Help

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Title: Beat Anxiety Now
Author: Ian Lewis

Discover How to Drastically Reduce Anxiety in the Next 24hrs - Using 7 Obscure Lifestyle Hacks

By the time you have finished reading you will know: 

  • How to discover your anxiety triggers – and how to thwart them
  • How to Instantly reduce anxiety using a secret “breathing” technique
  • A Simple way to enjoy yourself and reduce Anxiety at the same time
  • The Food types you must reduce or avoid to get your Anxiety under control
  • Why taking time out for yourself is the greater good for everyone
  • Why you should ensure you get sufficient rest
  • Which drinks are actually increasing your Anxiety… and what to drink instead
  • Why you should avoid being the victim of vitamin deficiencies

In the course you will learn…

  • The secret vitamins, minerals and herbs which reduce anxiety (Your Doctor probably didn’t tell you about these L )
  • How to naturally cure anxiety without harmful medications or expensive Psychiatrists
  • Why you’re probably triggering your own anxiety without even knowing it
  • A virtually unknown technique you can instantly use to stop Panic Attacks Dead in their tracks
  • What you must do at once if you suffer from “Breathlessness” anxiety attacks
  • Shortcut to the best types of Counseling that actually work – waste no time or money on those that
... Click here to read the full description!

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