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Pickup Spanish Ebook

Pickup Spanish
Ebook cover: Pickup Spanish


Title: Pickup Spanish

Have hot Latina girls blowing up your phone in less than 4 weeks (even if you don't know any Spanish yet!)

Pickup Spanish is the first online system teaching guys Spanish targeted for dating and attraction.

There’s no better way to hook up with lots of sensual hispanic women (because regular Spanish courses don’t teach this)

The Benefits of The Pickup Spanish System…

  • Learn over 200 introductions, openers, questions, gambits, lines and comebacks in Spanish that you can use immediately in your next conversation with a Latin woman
  • Feel completely comfortable and prepared in any mall, club or social gathering fully ready with a toolbox of material when you see that Latina you want to talk to
  • Beautifully produced and digitally mastered by top-notch native Spanish speakers. Listen as many times as you want to get the lines ingrained in your memory and have your pronunciation spot on
  • Eliminates the hundreds of hours of Spanish study that online courses and language schools traditionally require. They also won’t teach you how to flirt with attractive women in Spanish. You can spend these extra hours you’ll have practicing your Spanish with knockout latin women rather than being stuck in a classroom
  • Created tested and refined by international playboys living in various Latin American countries. The material is based on real conversations you’ll be having with latin women that your are attracted to

Here's what you'll get with Pickup Spanish

Let's break it down...

  • A ready-to-use, bulletproof Spanish phone script that you can use for your first call to set up that first date a latina bombshell
  • Why differentiating yourself from all the other monolingual, thirsty gringos is so important and how to do it in the least number of steps
  • 3 prepared speeches you should have memorized because you’ll be using these 90% of the time
  • Why approaching large group of latin women is easier and will lead to more success than approaching single girls or twosomes
  • How to make the girl laugh and lighten the interaction even though you think you can’t be funny in Spanish
  • When you should NOT USE Spanish and switch to English to maintain the power
  • Tactics for dealing with a gold-digger and how to get what you want out of her without losing money and being played for a fool
  • And much much more…
  • 5 stock Spanish responses to 5 question that you will get from every Latin American girl you’ve known for a week or so
  • An easy mental trick to reduce approach anxiety and help improve your Spanish at the same time
  • How avoid awkward silences on a date even if your Spanish is weak
  • Word-for-word scripts and examples in Spanish that you can use to open a conversation, get a number and everything else
  • How to communicate to latinas that you're a well-travelled, cultured man who can communicate with them and their friends and family
Ebook cover: Pickup Spanish
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