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Title: Parents & Adolescents Building Our Relationships Together

MIRACLES...The Parting of the Red Sea, Jericho's Walls, Parents and Teens Building their Personal and Spiritual Relationships TOGETHER!

8 Interactive Sessions to Strengthen Family Relationships

Dear Youthworker,

Thank you for caring about the families you work with. Parents and adolescents have grown increasingly apart over the past fifty years, but it is never too late to heal those relationships.

This course is different than most you run across. Usually, youth workers take parents and provide a class where they learn about their children and how to "handle" them. Then children are taught a separate class instructing them on ways to "get along with" or "deal with" their folks.

The truth is that it is hard to grow closer when you are apart. This course will allow parents and adolescents to be in the same class, interacting, learning and developing their relationships together. But it doesn't end in the classroom. Each person will have accountability assignments to complete as an individual and as a family.

Parents & Adolescents Building Our Relationships Together

You've had classes for parents that teach them how to handle their teens. Classes for teens that tell them how to tolerate their parents. But this family ministry resource puts them in the same class learning together.

Eight interactive sessions to strength family relationships.

  • Praise, Honor, and... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Children, Family, Parenting

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Title: Raise Your Kids Right
Author: Martha Stevens

The Greatest Parenting Secret In History!

Your children will love having what they call "real" conversations with you. Family Meetings are a wonderful way to actually instill these life skills and principles in their hearts so that it becomes their own inner star that guides them.

How much easier to handle would your child be? These 2nd graders had no difficulty with these lessons.

Children, like all humans, have Four sides . . .

  • Mental (The Brain) - You send them to school to be educated.
  • Physical (The Body) - You feed, clothe and keep them active and in good shape.
  • Spiritual (Your Faith) - Gives meaning to life. Without it, the other three do not satisfy us.
  • Emotional (The Heart) - It, too, must be educated. Done by the parents - YOU - at home.

Taking care of all four sides produces a "well rounded" individual. As the parent, your obligation is to see that all four sides of your child are cared for and developed. After all, what are parents for? Are you just a caretaker? A warden? No. You are, and must see yourself as...

  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Guide
  • Coach
  • Cheerleader

...all rolled into one.

You want them to be:

  • Self Starters (Need no pushing or prodding)
  • Reaching out to help others, including their own brothers and sisters. (What a priceless quality
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Category: Children, Parenting

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Title: Positive Parenting
Author: Wendy Jensen

Using the G.O.L.D. Standard, Your Family Can Be A Success!

Benefits of using the G.O.L.D. Standard

  • Encourages children to show love for other people
  • Encourages children to become more cooperative
  • Gives immediate corrective feedback for negative behavior
  • Reduces arguing and misbehavior
  • Gives children immediate positive feedback for good behavior
  • Encourages children to demonstrate kindness and acts of service
  • Promotes mutual respect
  • Promotes unity in a marriage and family
  • Motivates children to help around the house
  • Values the power of prayer in your family
  • Reduces whining and complaining
  • Values family togetherness
  • Motivates children to be accountable for their own actions
  • Reduces parental nagging
  • Encourages "quantity time" as well as "quality time."
  • Increases love and harmony in the home
  • Teaches children the value of work
  • Encourages husbands and wives to work together as a team


Tips and Techniques you will find in this ebook:

  • How to teach your child values of character such as love, respect, and service 
  • Positive, fun ways for children to learn accountability. 
  • Personalizing the G.O.L.D. Standard to meet the individual needs of your family 
  • True tried and tested tips to
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Category: Children, Christian Books, Parenting

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Title: 101 Strategies for Long Haul Youth Ministry

Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

101 Strategies to Keep You On Track and On Fire for Only Pennies! Plus an Awesome Bonus!

Long-Haul or You-Haul?

You are critical in the spiritual development of teens. Yet the average youth workers only lasts 18 months. Why the short-haul? Mainly because of the three "Ds."

  • Doubt
  • Discouragement
  • Disappointment

Those three things have youth workers all over the planet keeping U-Haul in business. You don't have to contribute!

101 Full-Blown Strategies...

These are not wimpy little one line quips with no power. You get 212 pages of sure-fire success principles. As Al mentioned above, these are youth ministry tested and PROVEN. And each one comes with insight and ways for you to carry it out in your ministry.

How to...

  • Use interns
  • Stay spiritually healthy
  • Remain balanced
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Plan a youth group reunion
  • Make ministry adjustments
  • Keep burnout at bay
  • Involve parents
  • Imitate Jesus
  • Handle stress
  • Develop student leaders

Encouragement like...

  • Youth ministry gets easier
  • Why you're valuable
  • The power of reminiscing
  • Teach like Jesus
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Risk taking
  • Learning from your
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Children, Parenting

Nurturing Creative Children

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Title: Nurturing Creative Children
Author: Dr. Yew Kam Keong
How to Increase Your Child's Creativity

Every child is a creative being. The challenge we have as parents, teachers and caregivers is to tap that creativity and maximize a child's potential.
This is no small responsibility. The closer we come to nurturing that creativity in our children the greater the potential for raising a global network of happy adults.

Once children reach the age where they are launched into the world via public education they are suddenly burdened with the pressure to succeed.

Parents and teachers alike turn their focus on getting good grades rather than succeeding as a human being. This focus on academic excellence is extremely damaging to children.

Of course, academics are important. But not important enough to bring tremendous pressure to bear on our children. Especially when the cost affects the goal of happy, well-rounded kids.

Parents would never intentionally apply harmful behaviors upon their children. Usually the parent is following the mold begun by his or her own parents, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Is academic success the most important element to a child's development? Or, is it better to expose children to an environment where children are allowed to play and explore the world around them?

How can you introduce the element of creativity to your child-rearing process? Glad you asked. "Nurturing Creative Children" is the perfect guide to helping you identify and

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Home, How To, Parenting

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Title: After Prom Party Guide
Author: Lori Heatherington

How to plan, finance, promote and stage a FUN substance-free after prom party. Provide an environment with fun activities as a compelling alternative to non-sanctioned potentially dangerous parties after the prom.

Learn how to...

  • Write appeal letters to businesses (samples included)
  • Uncover resources for almost everything related to staging your event
  • Throw a party so tempting that teens (who don't go to the prom) will beg to attend
  • Structure the party so that excitement never wanes
  • Select the right venue to accommodate your party requirements
  • Protect yourself, your organization and the school from liability issues
  • Plan the menu - and get them discounted - or free
  • Manage the 'lock in' and ensure that no one leaves early
  • Induce local businesses to donate products for door prizes
  • Identify security concerns and how to prepare for them
  • Get the school administration, the students and the community behind your event to insure success
  • Find the money you need and what to say to people to compel them to donate
  • Download free customizable forms and letter templates that you can adapt to fit your organization's particular needs. more about this...
  • Develop and get the students to agree on 'lock-in' and arrival/departure party policies
  • Create a budget and stick to the plan
  • Choose a party theme and decorate
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Category: Parenting

101 Tips to Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever!

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Title: 101 Tips to Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever!
Give Me 50 Minutes And I'll Give You A Battle Plan For Beating Your Child's Bedwetting Habit

It's quite literally one of the hardest problems families face.

When one of your children is a bedwetter, it can be a very sensitive topic. You want your child to know it's just a part of growing up and that there's nothing wrong with them. You have to crack down on siblings who like to give them a hard time.

It's hard to understand. You make sure they don't drink any liquids before bedtime. You make sure they use the restroom before lying down to sleep. But the accidents still happen.

What's the problem? Is it normal? Can you do something to help your child?

Finally there's a manual with all the answers. Finally your child and you can beat the problem together. One step at a time with...

101 Tips to Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Forever!

Greetings Friend,

You don't have to be a doctor to cure your child's bedwetting habit!

When your son or daughter is too afraid to go to a sleepover. Or too afraid to go on the family camping trip. You just know something has to be done.

It hurts to see your child so ashamed and embarrassed. You do your best to make sure it's just "our little secret." But the burden of believing you have a secret none of your friends can know... is incredibly hard on your child.

You're the parent and you want to help. Well I have good news for you. Let me ask you...

Who Else Wants Their Child To Feel Tired When It's Time For Bed, Not

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Category: Parenting

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Title: Super Science Fair Projects
Author: Madeline Binder

Phew! You can breathe now!!!
YES, the Super Science Fair Projects eBook is the answer to what you've been searching for on the net!

What clues are waiting for you in The Super Science Fair Projects eBook?

  • Winning science fair strategies.
  • What is an abstract. The 5-sections of an abstract and how to write one.
  • What is a hypothesis and how to write one.
  • What are the expectations of the Judges. Sample of a Judges scoring sheet.
  • Well... as you can see... Super Science Fair Projects is the most detailed eBook that exists on the planet!
  • Topic Research and how to do it.
  • Tips on how to write your Report. What are the sections of a Report.
  • The purpose of a Science Log and how to keep one.
  • The 6 - Steps of the Scientific Method. Detailed step-by-step on what needs to be done for each section.
  • Resource page with live links on the net ... one for students and one for parents.
  • Lots of illustrations.
  • How to write your conclusions of your experiment.
  • How to test your hypothesis.
  • How to interpret and record data. What is data? What is the difference between a chart and a table? What is the best type of chart to use to express the results of your data. FREE access to a professional chart program.
  • How to dress at the Science Fair. What to bring?
  • How to do a Presentation before your
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Children, Parenting, Women

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Title: Busy Moms: The Heart and Soul of a Home
Author: Karen Fusco, Pat Brill

Being a Busy Mom has its Challenges!

"Discover How To Nourish Yourself And Your Family..."

  • Teach your kids how to live with passion
  • Realize the importance of having your own play dates
  • Discover how to let go of perfectionism
  • Celebrate and improve the heart of your home
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your child

...learn how to honor the impact you have on your family as a Busy Mom, and do what you do every day with passion and purpose.

With "Busy Moms: The Heart and Soul of a Home" you will:

  • Successfully instill good family values in your child: We compete with many varying messages in the media today. It can be really hard to recognize your own values, let alone teach them to your kids! With this ebook, you will discover how to raise your kids with good values!
  • Learn the most effective ways to communicate with your child: Communication is the key to any relationship, and by reading this ebook, you'll learn how to enhance the relationships with your children with great communication skills!
  • Learn how to spice up your love life: As much as we love them, kids can take up so much of our time. As one half of a couple, you need to work on your relationship too. We share our top tips to help you spice up your love life, while being a great mom!
  • Improve the nutritional health of your child: Kids can be difficult when it comes
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Category: Parenting

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Title: Good Parents Bad Parenting
Author: Lisa Dunning

Why My eBook About Parenting Styles Is Different Than Other Parenting Books

Discover The Three Parenting Styles Most Parenting Books Ignore

Unlike other parenting books that tell parents the one "correct" way to appropriately parent our children, "Good Parents Bad Parenting" defines the three basic parenting styles and allows you, the parents, to choose how to appropriately parent your children.

With every chapter you read, . . .

  • Your confidence as a parent will soar!
  • You will know when someone is giving you bad or good parenting advice!
  • You will amaze your friends and family when your child behaves appropriately and thrives in school and in life!
  • Purchase "Good Parents Bad Parenting" today and experience in one parenting book what Lisa Dunning, MA, MFT has shared with parents and their children for over 10 years!
  • Other parents will ask you, "What is your secret? Why are your children so well behaved?"

Good Parents Bad Parenting
Table of Contents:

  • Your Child Is Still Defiant!
  • When Your Child Does Not Meet Your Expectations
  • To Hit Or Not To Hit - What Is The Answer?
  • Three Parenting Styles
  • The Divorced Parent
  • The Death Of A Parent
  • The Cycle Of Abuse
  • Stay At Home Parenting vs. Financial Concerns
  • School Bells Are Ringing And Your Child Is Singing The
... Click here to read the full description!

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