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PCOS Unlocked Ebook

PCOS Unlocked
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Ebook cover: PCOS Unlocked


Title: PCOS Unlocked

Overcome PCOS Easily, Inexpensively, and with Positive Health and Weightloss Benefits, For Good.

PCOS Unlocked is brilliant in its simplicity. It gets to the very root of your problem - to the underlying health problem causing all of your symptoms - and gives you a direct, no-nonsense plan for solving it that will get you on the road to better health immediately.

In this Manual, you'll discover:

  • What caused your acne, weight gain, infertility, and other hormone symptoms. Hormones are tricky! Fortunately I understand them very well. I break down the causes and influences of PCOS for you in plain, no-nonsense English.
  • Why most doctors have PCOS all wrong. Doctors often misdiagnose women who have PCOS with something else! Even when they do catch it, they almost always fail to fix the underlying problem causing the PCOS.
  • How diet and lifestyle help heal you. Some doctors won't talk to you about food and PCOS, but that's wrong. Eating the right foods is one of the most helpful secrets for overcoming PCOS.
  • How to exercise to beat PCOS. Not all exercise is created equal! Certain exercises heal your hormones and help you overcome PCOS.
  • How birth control affects PCOS. Most women don't know it, but here you'll learn: birth control has a big impact on your hormones and your health. I show you how to overcome problems from birth control.
  • How to understand test results. Did your doctor run tests on you, but you don't know what they mean? Or you want to get tests done? Here I explain everything you need to know about hormone levels and blood tests.
  • How to be permanently healthy. No, no one's health is perfect. But PCOS Unlocked isn't about a short fix you have to make up for later. It's about becoming healthy for a sustainable, long, and happy life.
  • Which supplements and herbs can help. Certain vitamins and herbs have been shown to reduce PCOS and support clear skin, hormone balance, and weight loss.
  • Why I wrote this guide. I had PCOS for several years before I mastered the science and cured my own PCOS. I wrote this guide because I want to spare you the same trouble.
Ebook cover: PCOS Unlocked
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