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Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ebook

Overcoming Hypoglycemia
Ebook cover: Overcoming Hypoglycemia

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Title: Overcoming Hypoglycemia

"Don't Let Hypoglycemia Deprive You Of Enjoying A 'Normal' Life - Ever Again!"

At Last...There's A Way To Find The Solution You Are So Desperately Looking For....

  • 2 good reasons why you should keep a food journal. 
  • "Here's Just A Tiny Glimpse Of The Topics Covered...."
  • The No. 1 question most folks have when it comes to hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. (
  • Why you should insist on a 6-hour GTT and not a 5-hour one. 
  • An inspiring motivational exercise that will help you effectively banish all of your negative thoughts that prevent you from having peace of mind. 
  • The ONLY times eating sugar is actually good for you!
  • Aside from taking a GTT, what other methods can you use to determine whether or not you're suffering from this condition? As a hypoglycemic, what type of cooking should you avoid at all costs? 3 compelling reasons why you must take supplements in addition to your main meals.
  • This perfectly legal 'wonder' drug miraculously zaps your cravings for sweets and starches....without any side effects whatsoever!
  • The 3 main types of hypoglycemia and which type you're most likely suffering from.
  • The secret impulse that literally forces you to say 'yes' to a candy bar or chocolate whenever you feel the hunger pangs gnawing at you. 
  • How to successfully overcome your anxiety and banish negative thoughts from your mind, by following an easy, yet extremely powerful exercise listed here
  • A simple household ingredient that can provide you with much more relief from a recurring headache than your average painkiller. 
  • Why it might not be a good idea to consult a doctor to confirm your hypoglycemia. 
  • 8 essential rules of food planning that are *crucial* to your speedy recovery from hypoglycemia. Leave out one of them and it could hurt your chances of recovering. 
  • A fantastic FREE resource you can use to calculate the exact caloric content in your meals. (No more wasting precious time struggling to figure out how much food you need to consume!)
  • The single best site on the Internet where you can order your very own supply of healthy multivitamins at an affordable rate - no matter where you live.
  • 2 ingredients that are lethal to a hypoglycemic. 
  • 3 powerful nutrients that limit the effect of glucose on your blood sugar level. This is vital to a hypoglycemic as it helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the food. 
  • A popular water-soluble, B-complex vitamin that's proven to instantly stabilize blood sugar and effectively eliminate craving for sweets, alcohol and carbohydrates. 
  • How to create a healthy food plan that's suitable for both vegetarian and non- vegetarian hypoglycemics. Most food plans only focus on non-vegetarians, but this one works great for everybody!
  • How snacking on chocolate bars can actually make you FAT and worsen your condition! (If you thought those delicious dark brown bars were great energy- boosters...think again!) 
  • Ever wondered what was the best brand of meal replacement shake available on the market?
  • 5 common herbs that effectively help you combat depression.
Ebook cover: Overcoming Hypoglycemia
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