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Reviewed by Alec Avalos on 2015-04-28
My Rate 5
Good book, the fact that plants wanna kill everybody give it a touch of reality to the story.

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Title: BrotesMortíferos
Author: Alec W. Avalos
Language: Spanish

En el año 2308 descubriremos que no estabamos solos en el desconosido universo, ni siquiera éramos la especie más habil en el planeta. En el año 2308 los Evors estarán listos para completar su tarea, cualquiera que esta sea.

Los Ceruniannos, una especie de seres vivos extremadamente idéntica a nosotros abordaran este planeta, pues el suyo habrá sido arrebatado de sus propias manos. Obligados a buscar otro planeta, los Ceruniannos llegaran a la Tierra para vivir junto con nosotros. Pero el pasado de Ceron será revelado.

Ezra, un ex-trabajador del CIB te hablará de los sucesos ocurridos con los Evors, plantas evolucionadas que se volvieron en contra de las ex-especies dominantes del planeta, los humanos y los Ceruniannos. Junto a él descubrirás qué es lo que quiere esta nueva especie vegetal, suponiendo que no sea demasiado tarde.

¿Qué sucederá con Ezra y Baio? ¿Alguien estará a salvo de los mortíferos Evors? ¿Qué es lo que estas criaturas quieren? ¿Por qué esperaron tanto tiempo para mostrarse? Sólo hay dos maneras de descucbrirlo; esperar al año 2308 y arriesgarte a no sobrevivir en el mundo destruido del futuro o puedes leer el libro ahora desde la comodidad del año

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Ebook Type: ePUB
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Category: Women, Nonfiction, Novels

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Title: Monique
Author: Fox Emerson

Monique is a memoir based on a true story about a north London prostitute and drug mule.

The story follows the life of Kelly-Anne who is forced into prostitution at a young age and abused by many men and women.

When Kelly-Anne becomes pregnant, she must make a life-changing decision that will change her life. Her boyfriend/Pimp has other ideas, he wants to continue to control Kelly-Anne and will stop at nothing to keep her on his short leash.

As Monique, Kelly-Anne becomes addicted to cocaine and pot and trafficks drugs and money across European borders. She continues to be used by people.

But does she have the courage to break free from her past? Can she break the cycle that is forever keeping her a prisoner?

When her daughter is born, Kelly-Anne knows that her child's father will do everything he can to get her back. Her new partner Cookie has other ideas. For the first time, Kelly-Anne has found someone who isn't using her and wants her to have happiness. She begins to dream of a future that will make her and her daughter happy.

Can she break free?


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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Novels, Romance, Women

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Title: Benign Flame
Author: BS Murthy

Benign Flame: Saga of Love is a plot and character driven literary novel in the classical mould set in the Indian middle-class setting. This romantic fiction interspersed with eroticism endeavours to nuance man-woman chemistry on one hand and woman-woman empathy on another and at another level it delves into many a facet of human psychology.

It's absorbing story encompasses the twists and turns in Roopa's life brought about by Sandhya her friend in lesbian love, Sathyam her apathetic husband, Raja Rao, Sandhya's man, whom she madly loves, Prasad, Sathyam's friend, who desperately woos her, Tara who tries to tempt her into the world of vice.

The denoument of Roopa's life wherein she finds herself in laision with Raja Rao is best described by Spencer Critchley, an American critic thus - "It's a refreshing surprise to discover that the story will not trace a fall into disaster for Roopa, given that many writers might have habitually followed that course with a wife who strays into extramarital affairs"

Who said the novel is dead, Benign Flame raises the bar 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Romance, Fiction, Novels

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Title: What's Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology
Author: A.C. Greenlee

The paranormal men of your wildest fantasies and darkest nightmares are coming to the light. Engage your very own harem of sexy alpha males and sensual heroines that are guaranteed to leave you on the edges of your seats and dripping with need. In eight previously unreleased stories, you will meet characters like Jackson Casella, a shape-shifting Dragon with mafia ties. Julian Stryker, a vampire ex-cop with more than just a chip on his shoulder. And Dominic Hemlocke, a dashing, demon butler who just can't seem to keep his hands off the lady of the house. From enigmatic dark angels to the devil himself, your every wanton desire lies within the pages of a steamy, diverse anthology from award-winning and best-selling author A.C. Greenlee. 

Night is falling. 

Where will you be after dark?


Included in the What's Done in the Dark Anthology:


Lucifer's Kiss

The Demon Butler

Dragon's Bane

Black Cat Comfort


When Monsters are Near


Blood Oath



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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Young Adult, Fiction, Novels

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Title: Broken Voices
Author: Winona Rasheed

Broken Voices is a young adult fiction read, a novel. Turn the pages and meet Ella Rose Abbott who is not your typical high school student.

Enrolling into a new school in Washington DC,  brings about a lot of challenges as she tries to keep a secret hidden from her peers. She is different, even though she appears normal on the outside, looking like the rest of the 9th grade students in her class; However, her inability to speak and hear brings out the bullies around her, making her Freshman year in high school  uncomfortable.

This book deals with peer pressure, bullying, being handicapped, social issues, teenage drama, and new friendships, which Ella Rose learns to cope with.

In the privacy of her home and when she is  around the only person she trust at school,  she can be herself with her handicap as she speaks with her hands and her broken voice.

Fitting in becomes an issue when she has to read lips and use sign language to communicate and when she stands up to her worse enemy.


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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Romance, Novels

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Title: My New Master
Author: Amaris Oppenheim

This is a contemporary romance/erotic story with some paranormal elements. Molly doesn't really think her life is going the way she wants. She is a 30-year-old waitress and she just wants some stability and a break in her life. This is a short story about her and a mysterious woman who may not be completely human. After her old car declines to start, she's compelled to walk home alone with just her handbag and and a couple groceries. On her way home, she decides to take a shortcut, and use a way through an ally, and  nothing good comes out from that decision. She is greeted with some bad men who want nothing more to ravage her. But, she's saved by that mysterious woman and our story begins there. What's a girl to do in a situation like that? This is a story full of lust and passion, sex and romance, all twisted up with some paranormal. 


This book contains adult language and mature content. This ebook is for sale for those over eighteen ONLY.


Download now and enjoy!

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Romance, Novels, Fiction

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Title: First Class to New York
Author: AJ Harmon

The debut novel by USA Today Bestselling Author AJ Harmon. Part of the Amazon Top Rated Romance Novel collection First Class Family.

A 40 something year old widow goes on a once in a life time vacation to New York and flies first-class for the first time.

She is hoping this will be a new beginning for her after the loss of the love of her life she desperatley needs hope, afraid she'll spend the rest of her life alone.

By accident she stumbles into what might be a second chance at love. A New York real estate tycoon, Matt offer's to show her "his New York".

Will she let him into her slowly healing heart or will he use her for fun and break her fragile heart for the last time?

A 4.2 star rating on Amazon after 492 reviews.

This book is about Janie's two week trip to New York and no one ever creates a happily-ever-after in that short of time. Her story continues in First Class to Portland, book 2 in the 9 book series.

You'll want to follow Janie back to Portland and discover the rest of her story.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
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