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Category: Christian Books, Religion, Nonfiction

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Title: Crumbs under the table

"Crumbs under the table" is a book of daily readings of Scriptures (KJV), commentaries, insignts, observations and something to think about for each day.

There is an entry for each day of the year and entries sometimes suit the religious calendar. Entries in Early February surrounds the theme of love followed by enteries that are suitable to the Lenten season and easter. There are passages and reflection in keeeping with the times when mothers day and fathers day are celebrated. Independence and emancipation have scriptures focused to these times and so too are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Some great passages in the bible are also examined. these include the parables of jesus, the Lord's prayer, passages from the psalms, the letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation, the fruit of the spirit.

The page for each day ends with "Something to think about" and this is based on the passange of Scripture for the day and the commentaries and reflection for the day.

Crumbs under the table is designed to be a book for daily reading but if read in a short session it covers the fall of man when Adam failed and the redemption of man that is provided by Jesus Christ and man's ultimate hope of living in heaven.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Christian Books, Nonfiction, Self Help

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Title: Baby Steps:A Personal Journey with God through a Lifetime of Pain and Heartache
Author: Diane K Chamberlain

Baby Steps: "A Personal Journey with God through a Lifetime of Pain and Heartache" is a memoir of the author's life, as she faced a lifetime of pain and heartache.

Jouney with the author, as she faced multiple knee surgeries, due to a congenital problem from birth. If that wasn't enough, Diane walked through very difficult moments of counseling, for a past sexual abuse, while experiencing the loss of many things in her life, including the loss of children.

Little did the author know; that God had a plan for her life and as each loving desire became a thing of the past; God began to exchanged each difficult moment, for a new heart...a heart that would now understand the hurts and pains of others.

Diane has also added a journal that she kept, during her counseling for sexual abuse  and has also added a final section titled "Dear Reader," where Diane comes down to the level of the reader, as a means of bringing hope to others who are going through their own journey of pain and heartache.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Nonfiction, Self Help, Health

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Title: An Exposé on Tyranny Written by an FBI Consultant: Liliana Gardner is the Spokesperson For An Operation Working to Start a Social Movement to Safeguard the Liberty and Safety of Society
Author: Liliana Gardner

The book An Exposé on Tyranny Written by an FBI Consultant is the culmination of a 5 year operation meant to discover solutions to many of the social problems in our society. The FBI is particularly concerned with the increase in factors influencing a rise in the mental health disability rate, factors influencing desensitization, and factors threatening the safety and liberty of society. The book is meant to provide direction to the nation and to the world. The book begins with the story of the author's experience as a missionary with a mission president who the FBI found in an investigation could have been tried for attempted murder for how he treated the female missionaries. Then it contains a section on dreams and visions of the author and others that the author feels are important and relevant. The last section contains components for a revolutionary change of heart. The book contains product recommendations for help with addictions, mental health disorders (products that don't have side effects of making people suicidal, homicidal, and psychotic like the side effects of many of the current mental health drugs) and diseases related to inflammation such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, fybromyalgia and more.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: History, Nonfiction, Women

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Title: World War ll London Blitz Diary Series 1939-1945
Author: Ruby Side Thompson

Ruby Side Thompson and ordinary woman living in London during World War ll. This diary is volume ! in series of 4. It encompass's 1939 and 1840. It is her diary written in her own words and is authentic.

This is important documentation and will have appeal to those who are interested in the effect war has on the average citizen. 

"Friday 9-1-1939 - War started today. After another week of lies and duplicity, Hitler launched into actual warfare this morning."

So begins the diary of my great grandmother Ruby Side Thompson, a middle aged Londoner in a very dissatisying marriage who lived through the blitz and recorded it in daily entries in her diary. She writes about the horrors and bombings and raids that occured every day. Her diary was a place to release her frustrations both with the war and her marriage. 

 This is very heady stuff for history buffs to read what happened written by someone actually there. Her point of view is often politically incorrect and meant for just herself. 

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Category: Religion, Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Title: Walking With Jesus - The Joy Of Living In His Love
Author: Scott Shannon

Walking With Jesus - The Joy Of Living In His Love is the result of my experience as a volunteer Christian minister for almost 30 years. It is a work of love that should be of interest to all Christians.

Throughout my ministry I have encountered so many Christians who are filled with hate or fear. Some do not truly understand what being a Christian actually means. Others are "Cafeteria Christians" who pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe. Still others are simply misinformed about our religion.

My book is primarily based on the words of Jesus. He has told us what to do in order to have even a hope of salvation. He has also told us what not to do. If we follow his teaching we can become transformed as Authentic Christians.

When we become Authentic Christians our lives are filled with love; for God, for ourselves, and for ALL others. This love that fills us permeates our daily lives in everything we do and everything we say. This gives us a truly joyous life.

Most importantly, when all that we express is love, we discover that Jesus is a constant presence in our lives. We can turn to Him at any moment with a problem, with gratitude, with praise, or with repentance for something we have done or said that is not loving.

If you want to become an Authentic Christian then I urge you to read this book.

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